Saturday, February 10, 2018

Snow and Other Stuff

I love to post pictures of the girls in snow.  Everything is such a stark contrast against the white snow.  People look happy and carefree.  So, even though I know we have some snow pictures, each set reminds me of the beauty of the snow and why I like living where there are seasons.So, here are some from our snow day on Wednesday.  Which was awesome!  Our previous snow days found me exhausted, sick, and loaded down with work from school that needed done.  This one, I was able to just enjoy, relax, and refresh.

IMG_4211     IMG_4214IMG_4220     IMG_4219

Some other things I have neglected to post from the past few weeks…

We went to Game Night at Lehman’s Hardware.  The attendance that night was low, but we had a blast.  We played Tenzi, a new dice game.  We tossed some bean bags to try and learn cornhole. 


We indulged in hot chocolate and snacks.  We played a rocking game of UNO.  And we played some rounds of BINGO.  Madison and I even won a prize!  Ellie received a consolation prize, which was unexpected and very nice of those in charge.  And we posed behind some cut-outs.

IMG_4195     IMG_4196

Jeremy has to do these balloon tests for work sometimes.  My understanding is he sends helium-filled balloons 250 ft up in the air and takes pictures from a distance of them.  It is supposed to simulate a cell tower, and the effect on the visuals in that area.  (You may want to ask him about it in case I am totally off on my understanding.)  He brought a balloon home for the girls to play with, look at, and admire. (It was cold out, so we didn’t have as much fun as we could have with it.)

IMG_4197     IMG_4198

Finally, Madison has been taking informal sewing lessons with a friend from church.  She has really enjoyed learning.  We are planning on getting a sewing machine for her, but we wanted to test her interest level.  I would say “very interested” at this point.  She is planning on sewing a pillow as her first project.


Family Fun at SkyMax

One gift Grandma and Grandpa Ediger gave all the cousins and kids for Christmas was a trip to Sky Max Trampoline Park.  So the first Saturday in February, we all made plans to meet up to jump.  There was plenty of room to move from place to place in there.  We could jump from sky ball to sky ball – or in most cases we crawled, clung, and hoisted ourselves.

We could play dodge ball – adults against kids… the kids were pretty good, the adults administered only a little mercy.

We could aim for the bulls eye – easier said than done.  Notice the two approaches to try to get there.

We could simply jump, flip, twirl, rebound off of, and toe touch our way around a string of trampolines.

We could try our hand at slam dunks.  Sorry that they are dark and kinda fast, but you can still see it.

It was a good time.  Some of us felt our age by the end! 
IMG_4872We finished our day with CiCi’s Pizza Buffet where we celebrated Sophie’s brithday with a donut cake!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Favorite Videos

I haven't perfected the art of posting videos to the blog, so I haven't done it much over the years.  Either blogger made it easier, or I got smarter, but either way, I conquered it this weekend (mostly).  So, I wanted to post these videos - some of our favorites - from long ago.

Madison learning to ride her bike.  Check out her impressive save at about the 8 second mark!

Madison had a little trouble with the "sm" sound.  We had a little fun when she let us know how "smart" (or was it "fart"?) Daddy was!

Ellie talking on her phone - a remote.  I don't know what she was saying or who she was talking to, but it was a good conversation.  She still likes the phone!

Ellie doing the "Monster Boogie" in her Halloween outfit.

Ellie reading a book.  At around 40 seconds she falls off her chair.  Her reaction cracks me up every. single. time.

We found this hidden gem from Ellie.  She apparently video-ed herself (multiple times!).  I don't know if this was a prayer or what, but it was the last clip of about 5 of things she was glad about or thankful for.

Sometimes, there was a little rivalry for video time.  In this clip, we had been videoing Ellie relishing her first (?) corn on the cob experience.  Madison wanted to make sure we knew that she, too, could eat her corn!

But the girls have always had fun together.  Meal times, even now, get long because they can't stop making each other giggle.  I forgot how young it had started!

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane.  I take a lot of pictures, but when I have a chance to go back and watch these clips, I can't help but wish I would take a few more videos mixed in with my pictures!

Winter Olympics Throwback

As a tribute to the upcoming Olympics, I dug these videos out of our archives.  This was from four years ago.  Madison and Ellie were watching the figure skaters and were trying to mimic their moves.  You can see in Ellie's video that she tries to "lift her leg" in the air for the spins - doesn't quite work and she couldn't quite figure it out!

Saturday, January 27, 2018


We invited Grandma and Grandpa over for waffles, spoon dip/dutch honey, and white sauce one night last week when Jeremy was away.  It gave me time to talk with them.  And gave them lots of time to read lots of stories to the girls, especially Ellie!  Not much to say, except I think these pictures capture a lot of what it means to be a grandparent.

IMG_4172     IMG_4170

Snowball Fight!!!

We had a great day last Saturday (yep, a week ago).  The temperatures had increased a bit, and the sun was actually shining!  Ellie wanted to go out to play in the snow, and I forced Madison to go out.  I had been on a walk already and needed to clean the floors.  So, the girls bundled up and headed out into the winter wonderland. 

They worked very hard all by themselves out there.  The snow was good for packing, if not a little temperamental.  They stuck with it though.


And produced some pretty fantastic snowmen.

IMG_4175     IMG_4177

They asked if I would come out and help them make more snowmen.  So, I put on some snowpants and ventured out.  We built a tall tower together.  Then,they noticed the neighbors were out two doors down – two girls of similar ages from church.  Their dad ventured over his girls.  I mentioned we were going to start building a fort if they wanted to help.  Pretty soon we had three good sides. 

Then, Jeremy appeared!  We built another modified fort. 


Then, we decided it was a perfect set-up for a adults vs kids snowball fight!  (Scroll down to see a short video of the fight in the next blog post.)

IMG_4181IMG_4188   IMG_4186

Jeremiah (neighbor dad) defected to the kids side to help them with snowball formation … and to sling a few at Jeremy! 


It was a lot of fun!  By the end, our clothes were soaked through from the wet snow and our my shoulder was sore from throwing.  We came in hung up the wet clothes and had some hot chocolate.  Saturdays are good days when you play.

Snowball Fight 2018