Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ice Skating

Since we missed the chance to skate on the professional ice at the Monsters' game, my mom decided to treat all the grandkids to ice skating at Alice Noble Ice Rink.  It was a lot of fun... with a few injuries.  The boys tend to skate fast and not care how much they fall; they also fall more than they probably should, maybe to cover up lacking skills they over-exaggerate?  I don't know.

Our first bad injury was Cale going down and hitting his head.  It is a serious possibility and why we make our kids wear bike helmets to protect their heads.  Cale just needed some ice and comfort, but it was a pretty good hit.  Lilli managed to bang up knees and elbows pretty bad, but survived.  Her love of ice skating kept bringing her out to the ice.

It was a fun afternoon of cousins chasing cousins, expert skating by Ben and Jeremy, and staying up by Steph and Erin!

That same weekend, we had Megan over for a few nights.  On Saturday night, we went and watched Joellen (from youth group) perform in the musical Singin' in the Rain at her high school.  I had not ever seen this musical, but it sounded like it would be entertaining for the girls and us.  And it did not disappoint.  The girls really enjoyed the dancing, outfits, and singing.  I don't know if they caught all the dialogue humor, but it didn't matter.  While a late night, it was a good one.  It may be the start of high school musical productions for us.

Monday, April 24, 2017


I have found my blogging to be lacking in these past months (years?).  I don't know why exactly.  (On a side note, my program I used to link to this website quit linking.  I don't know what happened and it is incredibly irritating.  I liked the program because I could resize and position pictures much easier. So bear with me, if it seems a little off.)  I still enjoy doing it.  I think I just don't make the time.  I have also found that March is typically the month that gets little love (unless Easter falls during this month).  I take less pictures, and I blog less.  The March doldrums perhaps?  At any rate, here is a post of the fun in March that we had...

We went to a balloon twisting workshop at the library.  I think they have some really fun programs that the girls really enjoy going to.  This was another one.  Technically, Ellie was too young, but they let her join in :)

Gymnastics... Madison took a six week gymnastics class in January.  Ellie thought it looked like fun, so she signed up for March.  It was just her and one other girl in the class, so the teachers let Madison join in for free!  So nice!  They had a great time running and jumping off the spring board, doing the bar, trying headstands, and more.

We took the youth group to a Lake Erie Monsters hockey game.  I think the girls had a good time; it was at least a good experience to go and see something new.  We were supposed to be able to skate on the ice afterwards, but didn't realize til we got there that they had such a limited supply of skates to rent (only 50... and I am not kidding).  So, we didn't get to skate on the ice, which was disappointing for the kids (not so much the youth though).  Grandma DeeDee made it up to them about a week later (see future post).

I chaperoned Madison's class's field trip to the McKinley Museum.  I was excited to go because I had never been there before, but I had heard good things.  It was neat.  There was a natural history side and a science side.  Both had some fun hands-on things for kids.  I would like to take the girls there and explore with them.  Madison poked her head out of a T-Rex, stood atop the steps, and had a fun time riding the bus with her mom.

We had snow!!!  Yep, this was perhaps the second, maybe third snow of the winter.  It was not awesome for packing, but hey, you could still play in it.  We didn't make it long outside because it was cold and windy, but we went out to say we were in it.

We had a March and April family birthday party, which was good, but more stressful than usual because the kids were all stuck inside.  And for some reason, they were all really wound up.  It went fine, just more chaos, noise, and distraction than usual.  Mom made me cream puffs for my birthday dessert!  Delicious.  My birthday is on Easter day this year, so it was nice to celebrate a little ahead of time.

And that is March in a capsule.  April updates will be coming.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Columbus Trip

For the girls' birthdays, we gave them some cash and announced an upcoming trip to Columbus to ... go to the mall!  Madison had this on her Christmas list with a million stars after it.  She thought the mall would be the ultimate place to go.  (We have been to the mall maybe twice to get to Payless; I have no idea where she learned about the mall or why it was so amazing.)

We called up our friends, Mike and Anja, who had visited in October.  Their kids and our got along really well, and we thought they might like a reunion.  So, on Saturday morning we set out for Easton Town Centre.  First stop: American Girl (AG) Store.  Madison and Ellie both brought their My Generation dolls (generic American Girl doll from Target).  When we arrived at the store, we were surprised they were having a special event, the release of a new doll.  So, the girls each got a free cookie, a free shirt for their dolls, and did a craft!  Then, they looked at the clothes, accessories, new dolls, and miscellaneous things they had previously seen in the AG magazines (that somehow started showing up in our mailbox about the time Madison turned 5).  Since they only had $30 to spend, their choices were severely limited.  Madison finally decided to have her dolls ears pierced ($17.20), only to find out she couldn't since the ear mold was slightly different to the real AG doll.  Shockingly, Madison was not really upset and moved on.  Ellie just wanted to go to Build-A-Bear (BAB).

Next stop: Build-A-Bear.  Ellie had heard about this place when one of her preschool friends showed a Paw Patrol dog they had made at BAB.  Ellie cruised through the possible options and quickly settled on a black dog.  The process is 1) choose your animal, 2) pick sounds....additional money... we picked no sounds, 3) stuff your animal at the stuffing machine, 4) place the small heart inside and wish on it before the animal is stitched up, 5) make a birth certificate for your new pet, 6) buy any extras like clothes, food bowls, leashes, etc... we bought a leash, and 7) pay for it.  Since this was an experience, I took pictures of Ellie adopting her first pet.

Final stop: Lego Store.  Since Madison had spent no money at AG store and only purchased a small stuffed bunny backpack charm at BAB, she had cash left for the Lego store.  Both girls are really into building with Legos, especially the Lego Friends series.  Madison pondered her choices: 1 bigger set,  2 mid-sized sets, or a few small sets.  She settled on one mid-sized set and a small set.  She wanted some more animals to play with and this offered that.  She ended up putting them together at Mike and Anja's the next day.

 Before going to our friends' house for the evening, we ate at Red Robin and then headed to Millstone Creek Playground.  It was a hoppin' place, but a big enough playground the kids still had a lot of fun.

We spent Sunday with Mike and Anja.  The kids, Mike and Jeremy took the dog (Lucy) for a walk on Sunday morning.  It was still pretty chilly, and they all came back with cold toys and bodies to warm up before church.  After church and naps for the littlest one (Teddy), we headed on a bike ride/walk to a nearby park.  It was a beautiful day, and it felt good to take advantage of the weather.  We ended the night by eating at a delicious pizza place where the girls spent a lot of time watching the guy toss pizza dough in the air followed by ice cream at Graeters.

Monday, we hung out for a bit in the morning before venturing out.  We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory (FPC).  It is a beautiful facility filled with plants in rooms that mimic different biomes - mountains, desert, tropical rain forest, deciduous forest.

We also colored, created work that paralleled the featured artist's work,

played with a giant light bright,

listened to a jazz band (a first for our kids - and they LOVED it),

and played on the playground outside.

It was - again - a beautiful day.

We enjoy Columbus especially when it includes seeing friends.  I imagine we will go again, but when we can venture to the zoo... one on Ellie's list of "to dos"!