Saturday, November 17, 2018

November Randomness

Little things are sprinkled throughout the month that don’t really need a whole post, but it is fun to note and remember.  Here are a few of them.

One night we went to the library for a talk about Wolves.  They actually talked about wolves and foxes.  It was very interesting.  Also, they brought a wolf (named Luther).  So, cool!


Madison had a birthday party at a salon.  Pretty fancy stuff.  The girls had a lot of fun getting nails and hair done.  Here was their “glamour shot.”


Some artwork happened – nothing amazing necessarily, but fun to look at.  Ellie did the girl on the whiteboard.  Madison had to disguise a turkey for school.

IMG_5858     IMG_5859

There were two nights of performances at our house based on a book about the pilgrims’ experience on the Mayflower.  The first night was a little rough.  The second night, they prepped by prerecording some parts to be played in the background.  Their outfits were less authentic night two, but it was fun to watch. This is them with “Aunt Mary” in the picture.


School pictures – This was a good year for both of them Smile


Fall Party

Every year, Luke and Steph have a fall party.  It is a gathering of friends and family.  Over the years it has gotten pretty big.  This year they decided to keep it to immediate family and a few close friends with a total of 40.  It would have been a difficult decision considering family takes up 24-28 of those people.  I enjoy the time we have to hang out, explore the woods, share a meal, and hang out around a campfire.  A smaller number was a more intimate setting for everyone.

The next night they generously allowed their home to be the site of our Sunday school fall gathering.  If every single person would have come, we could have had almost 90 people.  (It is a ever revolving door of attendees…)  It ended up being more around 40-50, I think (but I am really bad at estimating numbers).  It, too, was a good night to be together as a chruch family, to get to know one another outside of the church walls, and to hear about how life was really going. 

Here are just a few glimpses of fun for the kids at both parties:

IMG_5819     IMG_5829IMG_5825     IMG_5830IMG_5832

It is good to gather in small numbers and large.  In fact, it is, I believe, vital to building relationships and community.  So, here’s to fall. 

Now, bring on winter and find ways to party inside … or on the slopes as you sled!

Turkey Trot

The first weekend in November there is the Rich Delessandro 5K, but I just call it the Turkey Trot.  I don’t know if that is its official nickname, or if I just say that because there is a mascot turkey that runs around.  Sandy convinced me – after MONTHS of needling – to sign up.  I finally did.  I had done it last year, but was just feel less motivated this year.  In the end, I am glad I signed up for it. 

Marilyn, Sandy’s mom, knitted (crocheted??) these super cool hats for us.


Saturday rolled around, I shuttled kids to where they needed to be – Madison: birthday party; Ellie: grandma and grandpa’s.  (Jeremy was helping a friend frame a house in Columbus this day.)  And I headed up to the starting line. 

I found Sandy and Rachel arriving about the same time as me.


Then, it was time to begin.  I had a good time; it is always so much easier to run with a group of people and with people cheering you on. 

IMG_E5822     IMG_E5823

I was able to finish with a better time than I did last year (I completed the race in 33:15 with a pace time of 10:43).  This year, I completed the race in 32:50 with a pace time of 10:35.  Hey, every little bit counts!  I also felt stronger, and less winded, than I did last year. 


Yeah for us!  And a shout out to Sandy who started 5K with this one last year, and walked 18 5Ks in 2018 (maybe 19).  So cool!

IMG_5850      IMG_5815

Trick or Treat

I know it is mid-November, but I still think it is worth posting about Halloween.  This year, I used the blog to look back on all the costumes my kids had been every year.  It was a fun journey from cows, pumpkins, purple dinosaurs/monsters to ballerinas, turtles, and flower fairies to name a few. 

This year, Madison originally wanted to be a Native American.  She saw soem fabric with a Navajo style print and really liked it.  I felt a bit of a dilemma – was this cultural appropriation? did I care since her intent was non-malicious?  Ugh. So. Much. Thinking.  To top it off, Ellie picked to be a cowgirl.  Now, I had a cowgirl and “Indian,” which made it worse.  Lucky for me, the topic of Native Americans came up in a discussion with Madison and we were talking about how the pioneers treated them and took their land.  She said, “We did that to them?  I don’t think I want to be a Native American anymore.”  Dilemma solved by my sensitive soul. 

So, what did they go as?

Trick-or-Treat #1 – Gettysburg Area

Madison was invited to a birthday party with an extended inviation to families to come trick-or-treat afterwards.  Although it was a bit misty, Ellie really wanted to go to walk house to house.  Madison went as a witch.  Ellie as a cowgirl.  (Not super excited to take a picture at her big girl birthday party with her little sister…)


There was a large group of girls who piled in and out of the covered pick-up, while the parents walked behind enjoying their time as well. 

IMG_5779  IMG_5783


Trick-or-Treat #2 – Living Water Church

This is the one we do every year.  It is a trunk or treat in that (usually) the cars are decorated in themes and people pass out candy.  With the rain, they moved the event indoors.  It was still nice, just a little crowded!  This time Madison went as a gypsy.  Ellie went as a cowgirls. 

IMG_5790     IMG_5792

Grandma Yoh joined us.


And we visited Grandma and Grandpa afterwards at their house.


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ramseyer Farm

We have been back here at least three years in a row now.  It is a fun family farm – agritourism at its best.  Each year they have added, moved, or done something different.  This year, they moved the peddle cars and build a huge corn “sandbox” in a barn.  Everyone – young and old – can have fun in this thing.  I forgot my good camera, so we just have iPhone pictures.

How tall?

IMG_5720      IMG_5721

Little photo ops:

IMG_5717     IMG_5718IMG_5750   IMG_5752   IMG_5755IMG_5745   IMG_5746    IMG_5748This is the big corn bin.

IMG_5733     IMG_5732

The rocking horse

IMG_5740   IMG_5742   IMG_5741

The tire playground, rat race, and cars

IMG_5726     IMG_5725IMG_5729     IMG_5724IMG_5722     IMG_5743

We have decided we like going on Friday nights when everyone else is gearing up for Friday night football.  The weather was a bit misty toward the end, but overall just overcast. 

At the end, we picked out two pumpkins for carving.  We knocked this out the next day.  (Just do everything fall-like in one weekend was our motto, I guess.)  Madison and I worked on the cat one; Jeremy and Ellie on the scary face one.

DSC_2600     DSC_2604DSC_2601    DSC_2608

Other random fall fun to cram in this post – Wendy’s kid’s meal fun and Camp Luz fall fest crafts.

IMG_5691     IMG_5692IMG_5764     IMG_5765

We enjoy the cooler days of fall.  The changing leaves, and sunsets that remind us how good life is.