Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So, we can't even keep up blogging here everyday ... and I am not even working! But maybe you don't really want to read about us everyday either. Anyway, here is the update:
One of our friends hosted a small going away party at her house on Sunday night. I have no pictures except for this already cut cake picture. (see right) It was good to just hang out with people again. We don't do that nearly as much as we should, and now that we are leaving we realize how little we did it. There was lots of laughter, food, and conversation. We are definitely blessed to have such great friends in Columbus - this group and beyond!

My neice (who recently welcomed a little brother into her family) was promised a night with her aunt before we left. I managed to work it into this last week. She came over Monday and just returned today to her house. It is always so fun - and tiring (little kids have lots of energy!). We went to the zoo, baked cookies, colored, watched a movie, and went to see the giant bug sculptures at Inniswoods. I included a picture because she is so cute!

Moving update... this weekend we did a number of things around the house - put in the basement shower, fixed the trim our puppies had destroyed, did some touch up painting, and packed a few more boxes. Now, I need to pack a lot more boxes. Our official "move out all the furniture and boxes" is Friday (the 3rd) in the afternoon. So, it is becoming crunch time. I think that is what I am going to do right now.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Babies Arrive

Yea!!!!! We officially have our first two nephews. (We already have 3 adorable neices!) My brother, Ben, and his wife, Steph, had their baby at 2:23pm on July 25. He was a big and beautiful baby boy weighing in at 10lbs, 5oz. (See picture to the left of me with him.)

My brother, Nate, and his wife, Jen, had their baby at 10:57pm on July 25. He is a beautiful baby too, and "only" weighs 7lbs, 4oz. (See picture to right.) It was a great experience to be there for them both. They were in the same hospital and just down the hall from each other; it was a busy hallway with all the traffice we created. I can't wait to see how these two grow.

After visiting the babies one more time this morning, I went to one of many (I am sure) going away lunches for Jeremy. It was fun hanging out with all his work buddies. They are a terrific group of people.
As for moving, I finally rounded up a few boxes from the local Meijer store, but now I don't know where to start. I think the easiest thing to pack would be the kitchen; however, we do need to eat in the next week, and I still have food here I can cook. So, I guess I need to pick a different room and just go to it. We'll see what happens.

We'll keep you posted as the week continues; thanks for reading.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life goes on

Welcome, Wedenesday....

Well, I did not head to the homebase because there were no babies! Steph, one of my sisters-in-law, did schedule to go in last night at 8pm to begin the process. (She is already overdue.) My other sister-in-law, Jen, is just in a holding pattern until she actually decides to have serious contractions. So, life goes on and the waiting continues.

I called for boxes from grocery stores today. Wal-mart tells me I have to come in between 11pm-midnight to get boxes. Jeremy and I are going to have a late night date box hunting on Friday. Pretty hot date if you ask me - one that not many people have thought of either! I think it will be much easier to actually just pack it all up if I have enough boxes to do it. Maybe I am just looking for a way to put it off :)

Otherwise, not much new news - writing newsletters, walking dog, canceling utilities, etc is all in a day's work for me now. Until next time...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little introduction

Welcome to our first attempt at blogging - Jeremy was smart enough to figure out how to set it up. I am home enough to try to write :) So, this is where we will keep you fairly updated about our adventures in Colorado while we serve with Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) (-learn more about MVS at http://www.mennonitemission.net/). More detail will come about our actual positions.

Here is a brief timeline ....
August 4 - leave Columbus; visit with the Yohs in Smithville and Wooster
August 5 - visit with the Edigers in Dalton
August 6 - head to Michigan for orientation (5 days)
August 10 - head out to Colorado via Kansas and Oklahoma to visit Erin's extended family
August 15ish - arrive in Colorado and begin adjusting

An update on some things....
1. Our house officially has a renter for the time we are gone - those worried we will never return to Columbus ... we will at least have to return long enough to extend the lease :)

2. Our dog, Mily, has a home with a family with two young kids and a fenced yard - she will go there tomorrow... we are very sad, and very happy at the same time

1. my sisters-in-law who are both probably going to have their babies today - I am headed there shortly
2. packing our whole house in the next 11 days and fitting it into the storage unit

Check back tomorrow - I might have more to say :) In the meantime, have a great Tuesday!