Friday, May 30, 2008

Catching Up: Part 5 (final edition)

Monday - Race Day!!!
So, this was the reason we stayed in Boulder. We wanted to run the BolderBoulder 10K race - that is 6.2 miles for those who don't think in the metric system. I had seen it mentioned in a magazine in November or so, and thought, "We are here. Why not do it?" Ummm, maybe because I don't really enjoy running any sort of distance. Some other people in the house got on board, and we thought, "We have plenty of time to train." That was true; however, this training didn't really happen. I had started running some, and was up to two miles when I twisted my ankle during volleyball. I continued conditioning by riding the stationary bike, but that's just not the same. Needless to say, Jeremy, Claire, and I were not really prepared - as in none of us had run more than 3 miles (and that was only Jeremy) during our training. Kendra did run more than us and is a cross country runner, so she doesn't really cound as one of the unconditioned.

Our start time was 8:29:10. We were there in plenty of time. There were over 54,000 registered runners - about 48,000 showed up on race day. Kendra took off with the gun start; she was aiming for about 7 minute miles. Jeremy and Andrea took off next. Claire and I brought up the rear; we were aiming to complete it in under 90 minutes. It is a lot of running. It was a pretty area to run in, and there weren't as many hills as I suspected. We took a fast paced walking break at mile 2 just to pace ourselves. Then, we had a bathroom stop at mile 4. We ran the rest of the time. It is a long ways! Kendra made it - even with the crowd - with about a 7:30 min mile. Jeremy and Andrea made it at about a 9:50 min pace (about 61 minutes total). Claire and I made it (with walks included) at about a 11:50 min pace (about 73 minutes total). We all did better than expected. I don't have a huge desire to run in the near future. Nor do I feel a deep need to run another 10K, but I am glad I finished it. (Claire has a picture of us, but I will have to get it from her before posting it. Stay tuned.)

We showered quickly at the Boulder unit's house. Then, hopped in the car for the 5-1/2 hour ride home. That is a long time to be sitting in the car after running. We still had a little bit of an evening before heading to bed and back to work. That is the end of the catching up blogs. I will start blogging in "real time" from now on (or pretty close to it).

Catching Up: Part 4

Today we ventured to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. It is northwest of Boulder about 30-45 minutes. I would say that this place is gorgeous!!!! It really reminded me of my trip to Glacier National Park. I think because of the grandness of it. We were lucky enough to have arrived on the day that the Trail Ridge Road had opened up. The road had been closed due to snow. We drove straight up to the highest point. By the way, the road is the highest elevation paved road in the United States. It was a beautiful drive without to many switchbacks in it because we were mainly traveling along the mountain ridges (hence the name, trail ride road). When we arrived at a visitor center, we hopped out of the car. There was a trail that went up a bit and then gave an impressive view of what was on the other side of the mountain. We were at 12,004 feet. The trail had "stairs" which made it nice, but there was still a lot of snowpack to trudge through as well as many puddles from snowmelt. (You can see the path back to the parking lot in the picture to the left.) It was cold up at the top; I would venture to say about 20 degrees colder than at about 9,000 feet. This is us to the right. I definitely had the most clothes on and was staying pretty warm actually.

On the way down the mountain we stopped at a few pull off areas. At one stop, we saw Longs Peak. It is the 15th highest mountain Colorado at 14, 255 feet. I posted a picture of it to the left. Apparently, it is one of the more difficult hikes ot complete. At a pull-over a little farther down, we had a great view and some fun animals to watch. The chimpmunks are well-fed and a little friendly, but not as friendly as some I have seen. There were also some birds that we watched for awhile. Sometimes they would chase the chimpmunks for no good reason.

After we descended, we headed to another area of the park to do a short hike. You can see us near Bear Lake to the left. Andrea, Jeremy, and I hiked to Alberta Falls. The trail was hard, but not because it was steep. It was partially snow covered, and it is really hard to hike in snow; you feel off balance and slide a lot. We made it to the falls. (See picture to the right.) It was a pretty neat falls, but I think the view of the mountains was even better. I don't have a good picture to post of the mountains though. There were snow covered peaks in the background and evergreen covered mountains in the foreground.
As we left the park, we saw some elk lounging in the grass. We also saw the Stanley Hotel. I had no idea the significance of this place. Jeremy knew it though. It is the hotel in I The Shining. Some of you may enjoy this.

Catching Up: Part 3

Jeremy and Taylor went to have fly-fishing lessons at the Bass Pro Shop in Denver. The lessons were free; they had just bought fly fishing poles; and they needed some help. The lessons were about 2-1/2 hours long. I think they learned some things. Jeremy said he learned he needed to keep his elbow in when casting. Andrea and I hung out at the house. She woke up super early; I slept in a bit. Then, we went for a jog - 50 minutes! I will confess that we ran about 32 min and walked the remaining 18. We kinda slowed down after the first 30 minutes. Andrea runs faster than me, so I had to really work to keep up, but she was kind and accommodated me.

At about noon, we headed into Denver for the Rockies vs. Mets game (at least I am pretty sure this is who they were playing). We had bought $4 seats in the bleachers. I thought the seats were pretty good. The only improvement they could make is putting backs on the bleachers so you have something to lean against. It was a beautiful day - warm, but not hot, with a nice breeze, but not wind, blowing. I definitely applied the sunscreen though and was glad I did. The Rockies lost 2-9, but we did see 3 home runs.

In the evening, we just relaxed. We grilled burgers and hung out. We played some Trivial Pursuit, read books, knitted, talked, etc. It was a good day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up: Part 2

On Friday, our friend, Andrea, from Ohio came to visit. (Some of you may know her dad, who was the other pastor at our wedding.) She flew into Denver, rented a car, and met us at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The Garden is so beautiful. I have already been there, but each time I am in awe of the rocks. We slowly walked around one area of the park, talking, taking pictures, watching the rock climbers, and enjoying the day. This is Andrea and I to the left in the picture perfect rock. (See the picture of Jeremy and me on the right column.)

We left Garden of the Gods and headed toward Pikes Peak. Andrea wanted to drive up the road, and we were good with that. Last time Jeremy and I were in Colorado, we hiked up to the summit and had a wild ride down (my dad was driving, if that let's anyone know what it was like!) It had been awhile since I had actually driven to the top. It costs money - $30 for a car of 3 people. BUT... when we went to pay, they said the road to the summit was only open to about 10,000 feet because of the snowstorm. Yes, snowstorm! We decided to do it anyway, and it was only half price. So, up, up, up we went. We arrived at the stopping point (where they check your brakes on the way down) and got out. It was snowing and blowing and COLD! (See picture top right.) We went into the small gift shop to look around before heading down. As we were getting back into our car, they got word that the road was opening up to above tree line, about 11-12,000 feet. We headed up to this point. It was even colder and more windy, but we did have a better view. (See view bottom right.) The picture on the left is of us at the highest we could go.
To conclude our day, we headed to the original Chipotle on Evans Street in Denver. (Jeremy and I had visited there about a month ago, but Andrea wanted to go. Jeremy really can't turn down the opportunity.) We went on a great day! The general manager happened to be working. In fact, he was the one serving us our food. When we sat down to eat, we commented to each other that he must love his job because he served with such gusto. Jeremy and Andrea went outside to take a picture while I went to the bathroom. When I came out, they were reentering the restaurant getting ready to start a tour of the first Chipotle! The general manager gave us the history of the building (a former ice cream parlor), took us to the kitchen and told us about the original 6 burner stove with oven that is no longer used (we also learned that the creator of Chipotle was a trained French chef who used braising - a French cooking technique - for the meat served), manuevered us back to the small walk-in cooler, and then led us downstairs through a trap door in the floor. Under the building is where they keep their dry goods and do their accounting. The ceilings were so low, Jeremy had to kneel on the floor during our talk about organic, free range meat that is used at Chipotle, and how Chipotle is no longer connected to McDonalds. In the end, we gained great knowledge, had to work to stop laughing, and received a free Chipotle t-shirt. (Front of the shirt on top left, Back on bottom left.)
We stayed with the Boulder MVS unit Friday - Sunday night. There are three guys residing in this large townhouse. Boulder is a beautiful location, surrounded by mountains, and very green. More about the weekend in Part 3...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catching Up

I think what I'll do is post a couple different entries about our past week. I don't have the time to post it in its totality right now. So, here is the first entry.
Mennonite Voluntary Service National Retreat
May 20-23
Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp
Divide, Colorado
We headed to the camp about 1pm on the 20th. We made a stop at the Boulder Running Company to pick up our race day packets. Then, we dropped by REI (because, really, who can resist?); I bought a camel back cleaner with drying rack and two pairs of hiking socks. We arrived at camp around 6pm (a little late, oops). We had a great burrito dinner. Let me say this - the cook, Mary, at camp is one of the most amazing people ever. My mom is an excellent cook, but it does take a special talent to cook 3 big meals a day for 80+ people many days in a row and have the food taste amazing! After dinner, we could choose to do some contra/square dancing. I, of course, opted to join the festivities. Claire was the only one from our unit to join me. It was a lot of fun. I actually caught on to the various dances after the first practice round or so. I had many dance partners that night because my dance partner (Jeremy) was not feeling well - probably exhaustion, sun, and heat from the bike ride catching up with him. We stayed in Emmintal again.
The next day (Wednesday) we had a speaker, Anton Fisher. He was pretty good, and I appreciated his thoughts on community/simple living. In the afternoon, I went jog/walking in the camp; Jeremy went fishing (caught another small one!). Then, we went to an afternoon session also led by Anton. After supper, we had a sharing night. Each unit shared about their unit in whatever way they wanted. For example, our unit brought pictures (on a flash drive) to share about different aspects of unit life in La Jara. Other units chose a few stories and maybe acted them out. Others thought of other creative ways to give us a picture of what their life was like. It was really cool to hear about each location; I think there are 18 different MVS units across the US. I was encouraged by the way that the units were interconnected with the supporting congregation in their area - being invited over for dinner, asked to do activities with families, swapping vehicles, and finding general support. We don't have that here in La Jara because the church kinda fell apart right before our arrival. Hopefully, the unit will find a church to be more connected to.
On Thursday, we had a session in the morning with Anton again. We had small break out groups that talked about what any community/relationship needs to be: 1) passion/vision, 2) intimacy, and 3) commitment. As a unit, we talked about how these needs are/aren't being met. It led to good discussion. We decided, out of this, to try to have intentional unit worship on Sunday mornings two Sundays a week. What we envision it to look like is something like... singing worship, sharing and praying with/for one another, and joining another church via the internet. It should be good. In the afternoon, David, Emmy, Jeremy, Matt (from the Boulder unit) and I hiked Old Baldy - in the snow!!!! Yes, it was snowing, and quite heavily at times, most of the day. When we got to the top, the wind was absolutely frigid! I included a picture of Jeremy seeking shelter (bottom left), the hike up (featuring Emmy, top right), the view from the top (top left), and the camp director's house as the snow falls gently from the sky (bottom right). In the evening, we had a worship time led by volunteers. It was nice to sing hymns, have guitars, pianos, and mandolins, and worship together. We played a crazy game of Catch Phrase before heading to bed.
On Friday, we ate breakfast and packed up. We left camp around 10:30am. We met up with Andrea, our friend from Ohio, at Garden of the Gods. You will have to wait til part 2 for pics and info on this...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend in Santa Fe

Friday night, Jeremy and I were doing laundry and packing stuff to be taken to Santa Fe for the big weekend out.

He and I left on Saturday morning about 7am with a car full of wood, tents, luggage, and therma-rests. We made it to Albuquerque to pick up Mike from the airport by about 10:30am. It was great to see Mike again. We ate at Chile Wind (or something like that) in a very small town between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We met an interesting woman at the table next to us. She was in one of the "cowboy pictures" on the wall. She told us all about Sass Ranch - a place where you dress up like the old west, ride a horse, and work to shoot at targets with a muzzle loader shotgun. I don't know about it, but it was interesting to hear about. She would randomly jump into our conversations... it was like having a fourth person at the table :) We went to Mellow Velo to pick up the road bike that Mike rented for the century. From there we went to the Plaza in Santa Fe where it was Community Services Day. This meant that there was free parking, live music, lots of people, and many non-profits with booths. The Plaza has good character, but expensive shops that weren't worth shopping in for me. They also have a hotel named La Fonda. (That may make some of you Napoleon Dynamite fans chuckle.) We met up with the rest of the group, who left about 1pm, at the campsite in Hyde Memorial State Park. We set up camp in a short time, stood under a shelter for a brief rain shower, and then climbed in the car to return to Santa Fe. We walked around the Plaza one more time before heading to the Olive Garden to "carb load" before the big ride - yes, even Claire and I, the non-riders, carb loaded! The Olive Garden is delicious and a somewhat expensive treat. We returned to camp in time to build a fire and roast some marshmallows before turning in for the night. Campsite featured below right. Just a note: It is still cold at night. My sleeping bag kept me pretty warm, but the lack of a mattress, or much of a cushion, from the concrete we were sleeping on, made the night a little longer than necessary.

Sunday... The riders awoke early - don't ask me how early because I didn't awake. They packed up their stuff and took off for their pancake breakfast. They said they started the ride later than planned at about 8:30am. Claire and I were up and headed out of the campsite at about the same time. While they worked on biking 100 miles in the blue, blue sky, Claire and I started hiking the Hyde Circle Trail. This trail boosts amazing 360 views of mountain ranges and valleys. At the trailhead there is a sign that says please stay on trail. So, we walked right past it and "stayed on the trail" until I said, "Man, this is really steep. It reminds me of where the water would come down the mountain. Do you think this is the trail?" Claire said, "Yeah. I don't know. Maybe that sign meant 'don't go here, stay on the trail'" So, we hiked back down (about 10 minutes or so) to check it out. Sure enough, we were supposed to head to the left and not straight up the mountain side! (See pic of the confusion at the upper left.) It was about 1000 foot climb to the top (8400 feet at the trailhead, 9400 at the top). It was pretty tough; I was breathing pretty hard; my hamstrings and butt muscles were definitely working! The view from the top was blocked by the evergreen trees on the mountain because we weren't above tree line. (See me at the top on the left with the amazing view.) Oh well, still okay and good exercise. We continued the circle around and took about a 1/4 mile trail off to the left to see a waterfall (gushing falls to the right) before heading back to the car. The hike was about 4 miles and took about 2 hours. The sky was still gorgeous, but the wind had started to pick up - not a big deal to us, but I felt bad for the bikers who were going to have to fight it on their ride. We then headed to Santa Fe to lounge in the park by the large Catholic church and wait for the call that the bikers were done. So, we read, napped, snacked and did nothing from about 12:30 - 3:15 when the call came... "Hey, we are at the last restaurant stop and still have about 20 miles to go. It will be at least 5 or so." Uhhhh, we do we do? We debated for about 30 minutes about our options (laying around was getting a bit boring) and decided to fill the van up with gas and then find the finish line. It took forever for us to find the finish line! Santa Fe is a very confusing city. As we waited for the bikers to arrive, we cheered for the other participants coming in. It was a beautiful day and a pretty fun wait. They made it in around 5:30ish, I think. They all completed all 100 miles of the ride - I am very proud of them! See finishers to the left! We loaded the car (Claire, Jeff, Kendra, and I) and headed home. Mike and Jeremy went to a hotel to hang out before Mike had to go the airport on Monday. Our car, with me driving, somehow managed to get on the wrong road at some point and take the longer, more scenic route home. So, we didn't get home until 10pm! We did see a beautiful sunset over the mountains and the mighty Rio Grande.

So, that's it. Hopefully, Jeremy will blog about the actual bike ride because I know nothing. I will post pictures of our trip as soon as I get a chance, so please revisit this entry. We leave tomorrow around 1pm for Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp where we are going to the MVS National Retreat through Friday. Then, we go to Boulder through Monday where we will work to run the BolderBoulder 10K on Memorial Day. So, this may be my last blog until at least the beginning to mid next week. Hope everyone has a great week.

Really Quick

Hey! Just wanted you to know that we went to Santa Fe, had a great time. We did some hiking. Jeremy completed all 100 miles of the century bike ride. I know we have pictures to post and more to say. I probably won't get to it until late tonight or tomorrow morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Softball and more

Okay, I had to take a little breather before blogging about softball. I was a bit fired up on Wednesday night - Jeremy says I was "mad at the world." Really, I was just mad at myself. The short of the long is that we lost (if you couldn't figure that out) 1-16; the game was called because the point spread was so high. Just a little explanation... we are right now playing pre-season tournaments (until mid-June) to see which league we should be in - A, B, C. Somehow, we are playing in the "B" tournament right now, but I think we are more of a "C" team - we want to play, would like to win, and want to have fun. Wednesday night's team should be in the "A" league - they are pretty good, super cocky, and not fun to play against because of it. Excuses aside, we didn't have a great night against them. I had two pop fly outs at bat; Jeremy was more successful with one daring triple and I can't remember his other hit. I played right field and missed a hit to my side of the field. I just get frustrated easily when I am not good at something - I know, just play to have fun and I'll probably get better doing it! Enough ranting. We have another game on Monday night; we'll see what type of team we get.

Otherwise, Jeremy is gearing up for the big ride this weekend. I think he is just excited about seeing his friend Mike as he is about riding. Hopefully, the riders can find their groove and complete all 100 miles. It is supposed to be a beautiful day. I think Claire and I are going to go hiking while they bike; I have no idea where at though.

I helped with commodities yesterday. Commodities are like the government's food bank that they pass along to us to distribute. There was a volunteer group (7th graders) that came and helped put 450 boxes together with lots of food - 3 cans of juice, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 pkgs noodles, diced tomatoes, granola bars, tuna, and more. Ben and I estimated it to cost a minimum of $30 at the store. People can come and pick up a box for free if they make under a certain amount of money. We are supposed to do this once every six weeks. It has been seven months since the last time because of the transition of directors in the food bank. We didn't have a very big turn-out yesterday. We passed out about 175 boxes. As we get back in the rhythm of commodities, I think more people will come. It may help cut down on the food bank clients as well. I will try to add pictures some time from this event. Ben took pictures, and I have to get them from him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am really writing this on Wednesday, but since the day isn't over, I didn't want to title it "Wednesday." Last night (Tuesday), Jeff's family bought pizza for us. It is always a treat to get pizza. We sometimes make it for ourselves, but ordering it takes all the work out of the meal. They also bought ice cream - some extreme chocolate kind and cow tracks (same as moose tracks, but with little chocolate cows). The food bank was busy today for me. There weren't that many people, but there were a lot of boxes of food donations. It is the week for the post office food drive. People are really generous, which is great. I was designated/volunteered to sort the food by type (meat, vegetable type, etc). It makes the time go quickly; there is just a lot of bending over to sort. Jeremy had a presentation tonight. He said it lasted about 5 minutes, and it went well. I think that's it. I'll update you on the softball game we have tonight... hopefully, it will be a little closer game.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So, the newness of the game has worn off, now I just want to win. I realized that I am a competitive person who doesn't enjoy losing even when it's something I'm not a pro at. Last night we lost - big! The final score was 5-19. Bummer. Here's the recap for those who are interested...

Cool night, but thankfully, the wind had died down. We had on our new uniforms - heather blue shirts with a volkswagon station wagon emblazoned on the front with a splash of orange. (I will take pictures sometime!) Jeremy started as our pitcher. It is a rough job, pitching, especially when you have had no practice time. During the two innings he pitched, there were a number of walks, but he was trying to find his rhythm. There were also some good hits from the other team that went between in-field and outfield, which we never compensated for by moving up. I just don't think we were very "on" in the field. At bat, we did pretty well. I hit over the in-field for a single and was pushed to third with the next batter. We had three outs before I made it home. Jeremy had a great hit to the outfield - a tie-goes-to-the-runner triple where Jeremy hung on to the base with his toe. Others had some good hits as well; we just couldn't find our groove. It was late (10pm) by the time we left the field. Then, 11pm by the time I wound down enough to crawl in bed. This morning we went to the gym to lift weights, and I am definitely feeling the late night. (Yes, I do realize that to some this was not a late night, but my body has been accostumed to a 10pm sleep time for about 7 years now.)

In other news, I have a job back at Reynoldsburg when we return in August. I knew I did, I just didn't know which school in the district. I will be at the high school, still teaching special education in some capacity... waiting to hear about my exact role. Jeremy has a possible job back at his old place of employment, but is looking into some other possibities as well. We are still enjoying our time here, but I am thinking about what all needs to be done before I start back to school. (Jeremy is much more laid back about it all, and this balances me out.)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend and stuff

I am going to try to do a little better about blogging this week, but I am not making any promises. Not a lot happened this weekend, and that was okay with us. We will be busy the next two weekends and this gave us a breather. On Friday night, Jeff's parents and brother arrived for a visit. I think they will be here until Tuesday or Wednesday. We worked on putting together a 1000 piece puzzle that we had started a few weeks ago. Jeremy and I worked on it for probably about 2 hours, and we actually found some pieces that fit together. Although puzzles are pretty intense, they do give you a feeling of success when you find pieces that fit. Saturday, Jeremy went on a 26-mile bike ride in preparation for next weekend's big ride. It was super windy and they (he and Kendra) fought the wind for most of the ride. I walked into town to run my errands - bank, post office, and video store - and fought the wind. Crazy stuff! Saturday late afternoon we went into town for softball practice. We practiced fly balls (fielding them, not hitting them), grounders, and batting practice. It was short and sweet. On Sunday, Jeremy and I went to church in the morning. Then, we went with David, Emmy, and Claire to a woman's house who we will all be housesitting for later this month and into next. There are two dogs - easy to care for - and a yard that has been transformed into a garden - lots and lots of watering! We (as a collective whole) hope we don't kill her plants. The rest of the day we just relaxed, ate supper, and had the big house meeting. The rest of the week we have a few things scheduled which I will try to keep updates posted about - 2 softball games; I'll be working more at the food bank; Jeremy has a presentation; and then we camp in Santa Fe

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Set the stage: somewhat overcast with bright pockets of sun, cool wind whipping through the air
Characters: our competition... sharp, uniform baseball shirts, some teams with the classic striped baseball pants; our team... pants of any shade and type, various white colored shirts with giant numbers being marked on the back with permanent black marker, no uniformity in outfit
Set the mood: team is filled with nervous energy - how will we do? do we know what we are doing? man, I really hafta go the bathroom. I am shaking just a bit. where am I playing at, coach/teammate?

Game 1: our team did better than I anticipated. We managed to keep the opposition at bay for a few innings. We improved by the inning, getting more people on each base every time at bat. Our fill in pitcher, Will, did a great job directing the ball over the plate in the strike zone. Jeremy and I were not in the outfield, just extra hitters. I got two base hits; Jeremy had one questionable strike-out and one pop fly. In the sixth (and final) inning, the other team plowed past us because of a few walked runners. So, we lost, but we looked pretty good doing it. (I don't really remember the score.)

Game 2: (Same set-up as game 1... players' jitters down a bit, but excitement is still in the air) This time I am at third base; Jeremy is playing left field. The team we play is good - consistent hitters, a pitcher that can pitch tricky balls, and we struggle to connect with the ball. Our outfield is doing pretty good, catching some fly balls, throwing balls to get runners out on base, and connecting. Jeremy caught a few long hit balls (but... underestimated a ball hit by a girl that went over his head... oops). I caught a beautiful throw by David from outfield to third to get a runner out. I also attempted to catch one line driver with my left forearm - who needs a glove?? It hurt really bad, but I think I may just have a welt and no bruise; we'll see. I had two pop fly outs at bat, and one TRIPLE (due to one overthrown ball). Jeremy had a base hit and a pop fly. Our team came back from a 8-1 deficit in the bottom of the sixth inning to lose only 8-5. I managed to tweak my bad (trying to heal) ankle during my sprint to third base. When I got home I iced it, hopefully, it didn't too much damage.

So, that's the play-by-play. If you have a chance to visit on a Monday or Wednesday night, you could see our team in action! Think about it :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Catch up

Time has gotten away from me. I was waiting to blog until I could post some of Jeremy's pictures from this weekend, but that will not happen until at least tomorrow. So, here it is...

Jeremy and the guys trekked to Colorado Springs, stopped at REI for the anniversary sale, and indulged in Chipotle before arriving at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp (RMMC).

Emmy and I, on the other hand, just chilled at home. We watched 27 Dresses, a pretty good, and not completely predictible, chick flick. We also put in Uptown Girls so we could say we had a movie-a-thon. Emmy painted her toenails; I did not.

Jeremy and the guys rose and shone to drywall - or so they thought! Actually, the camp had to have some inspections done before the drywalling could begin. So, the men worked to tear apart a porch. Jeremy was given the job of running a 90-lb jackhammer for most of the day, while David and Jeff worked on tearing down wooden support structures and removing the debris. They had a cinnamon roll break mid-morning; I only mention this because the woman at camp makes wonderful cinnamon rolls! Jeremy went down to tiny pond at camp to test out his fly rod. Corbin (the camp director) told Jeremy they had just put some trout in the pond. Big news: Jeremy caught a fish!!!! I will post a picture when I can. It is not huge fish, but I think it is still worth noting and is exciting.

The ladies (Emmy, Claire, Kendra, Alice, and I) climbed into the minivan at 7am and headed to La Junta for a Mennonite Women's Conference. It is about a three hour drive; I was nominated to drive and enjoyed the way it made the trip go quickly. There were maybe 50 or so women there, mostly older ladies. The speaker talked about the early Anabaptists, the Russian Mennonites, and one church in Ethiopia, and the adversity they each faced. Then we talked about our own sufferings and how these things related. She was a good speaker. We ate good food - homemade salads and marianated chicken breasts. We headed home around 4pm after visiting the Ten Thousand Villages in La Junta. We stopped in Walsenburg at a great yarn shop - well, it looked like a great yarn shop if I knitted. Emmy, Claire, and Kendra all bought yarn. We arrived home around 7:30pm and relaxed the night away.

Jeremy and the guys woke up, ate some breakfast, and headed out to hike. They hiked Raspberry Mountain, which I have never done before. Jeremy said there is a great 360 view from the top. (I'm not sure if he has pics, but I will post them if he does.) They headed home and arrived about 5pm or so to the house.

I woke up, watched Patch Adams, went on a 2 mile prayer walk around town (just walked and prayed - my church for the day), and came home to lay in the sun for a few minutes. It was a gorgeous day.

We had a house meeting that night after supper. We will not miss house meetings when we move home; Jeremy and I both agree on that! :)

Monday - Tuesday...
(Are you bored with the reading of minute details yet?) Work has been work for me this week. Hunt Ave Boutique had a steady flow of customers, but not a lot of buying customers. That's okay, I guess. I enjoyed trying to communicate with some ladies who only spoke Spanish at the end of the day. They bought a watch, but needed to get a battery. They were asking if they could return it if the battery didn't make it work. I said, yes, but they needed the reciept. Then I said, "But you won't get money, you will get money just for this store." I meant they would get store credit, but I had no idea how to say that in Spanish. They understood and were laughing with me as we talked. At PALS yesterday, we started studying the culture of the Native Americans by making Dream Weavers. It was a good day with most kids on task. Jeremy is working on grant stuff and staying busy in that way at work.

Tonight (Wednesday) we have our first softball games. There is one at 6:30 and a second one at 8:30. I have no idea how we'll do, but it will be fun. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Friday, May 2, 2008

End of the Week

We posted a flurry of blogs at the beginning of the week, and then we died down. Oops. Here is a week-ending post. Jeremy and I are still rigorously going to the gym - 4 mornings and 1 afternoon. Jeremy has the Santa Fe Century Ride (100miles on a bike) coming up on May 18. His friend and former roommate, Mike, is coming down to ride with him. It will be fun to have an Ohio face around :) (Kendra and Jeff, our housemates, are also riding.) Then, on May 26, we both are running in the Bolder Boulder 10K. Our friend, Andrea, is flying out to run with us. (Our housemates, Kendra, Jeff, and Claire are also running.) I am pretty sure that I will not be running the whole race. My goal is to run more than I walk. Currently, I have run a max of 1/2 mile at one time (I accumulated 1-1/4 mi of running by the time my treadmill time was up). Jeremy is doing much better; he is able to complete at least 2 miles if not more. I was running 2 miles and on my way to increasing my miles until I hurt my ankle playing volleyball about 4 weeks ago. I gave up running for about 3 weeks hoping to allow my ankle to heal before I ran on it. I did do cardio on the stationary bike during that time. I have a hard time getting enough oxygen every time I run. I am still contributing some of that to the altitude, but who knows. Anyway, that's us and our fitness goals.

Otherwise, we made chicken pot pie and corn on the cob last night for supper. The corn was delicious. The pot pie was pretty good, too. (A little runny. I can't get things to thicken very well at this altitude.) Jeremy is leaving for Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp today with Jeff and David. On Saturday, they are going to help dry wall what we demolished this fall. Then, Sunday they will hike somewhere in that area before returning home. We women from the house are going to attend a small women's conference in La Junta on Saturday, which is why we are not going with the men. Hopefully, Jeremy will take some pictures of their work to post. Tonight with no men around, Emmy and I are renting the movie 27 dresses and will maybe even paint our toenails. Hope you all have a great weekend.

(I know, this post was really exciting, but at least it was worth looking your time to look at the blog today!)