Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Andrew Peterson

Last night, Jeremy and I went out on a date - Yea! We went to eat at Fazoli's and then went to see Andrew Peterson in concert at a nearby church. Andrew Peterson is a Christian singer that is a little folksy. He usually has a number of band members with him, but not this time. He was promoting his new album by giving free concerts around the US. So, it was just him, two guitars, and a piano. We ended up buying the CD for only $10. What a deal - a concert and CD for $10! I would highly recommend you find an album of Andrew Peterson's to listen to. It is a uplifting experience to listen to his music. So, that's my plug for Andrew Peterson.

Otherwise, not much is happening. Elections are coming up if you haven't noticed that. I am about fed up with all the commercials and news time that is dedicated to junk about the candidates - locally, statewide, and nationally. If they were honest and serious, I would deal with it, but they really aren't. The other day, a man with the Obama campaign knocked on our door. He asked who I was voting for. I said I was undecided. I am not really undecided, but I really don't think it is any of his business. Okay, that is it. My timer rang for baked chicken and potatoes. I'll go see if it is ready. Have a great remainder of the week.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Friday night Jeremy and I attempted a date night. Because of strange start times for the movie Fireproof, we were only able to go out to eat. So, we went to Steak n Shake. I was craving a good hamburger and shake. On the way there, we were at the stoplight of Sunbury and Morse Rd (very busy place). While we were sitting there at the light, we witnessed a collision between a car attempting a left turn and a car going straight. It looked like it all happened in slow motion; it was very weird to actually watch something like that happen. We made it safely, and I ate my hamburger and milkshake. I realized that I must be used to the 1/2 sugar-1/2 fat ice cream because the vanilla shake was really rich! I almost couldn't finish it, but you can't really waste ice cream, can you? When we returned home, Jeremy studied for his mid-term exam, and I watched whatever was on TV Friday night.

Saturday, Jeremy got up early and went to take his test at Columbus State; I slept til 10:10am!! I have felt tired all week and am still getting over some of this ear infection stuff. I played volleyball from 2-4pm with a group of people. It was a lot of fun. We played 3 versus 4 most of the time. I love playing with lower numbers because you get more contact with the ball, and there is less of a chance of getting in everyone's way. I am extremely sore today though and had a headache last night. I think that is what happens to overworked muscles. It is a good sore though. :) Jeremy worked security at the Ohio State vs Penn State game. He is usually stuck watching an entrance and missing the game. BUT this time, he was on the OSU sideline making sure no one was hit by the boom camera, so he had to watch the game. I know what a sacrifice. Apparently, Lebron James hung out down on the sideline too. Jeremy didn't have time to strike up a friendship with him though - maybe next time.

Today, we went to church, came home, ate breakfast for lunch, and then Jeremy headed out to do security at the Crew game. I think I am going to work on school stuff now. So, until later...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Health returns slowly

So, my ear is congested still, or I am partially deaf because I don't hear my students very well. However, I don't have pain radiating through my head thanks to amoxicillin. I played Chutes and Ladders Vocabulary today with my students (this is my own creation using the Chutes and Ladders game board). Most of my students had never played Chutes and Ladders before. What is this world coming to? I think that all kids should be playing board games, so that they learn how to play them and learn game etiquette - how to wait their turn, how to lose, how to win, and how to be civil. It was fun to play, just a learning experience for all of us. I don't really have much else to say. I am looking forward to playing volleyball with a group of people this Saturday afternoon. I lifted weights while watching Oprah yesterday in my living room and ran outside under the beautiful blue skies today. I think that's it. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My first sick day

It is always fun to wake up at 2:30am because your ear is aching so badly it pulls you out of a deep sleep. I am obviously being a bit sarcastic, but this is what happened to me last night. I ended up getting up and working on sub plans since laying down only seemed to make my ear ache worse. I went into school at 6am, printed off work for the kids, and came back home. I managed to get an appointment with my doctor at 2pm so I could get on some antibiotics. The rest of the day, I did school work, read The Shack, worked on sorting Colorado pictures (still), and bought groceries when I picked up my prescription. The only good thing about an earache is it doesn't necesarily put you down (like the flu would); it is just uncomfortable. I will head back to school tomorrow all drugged up. Ahhh, isn't life great?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update

I had a three day weekend. On Friday, Jeremy and I cleaned the house and went for a walk before I worked on school stuff for a few hours. I packed my bags and headed to Ashland, Kentucky for a reunion with Molly and Kendra, my first roommates after college. We hadn't seen each other since before I had left for Colorado, so we had a lot of catching up to do. I made the 2-1/2 hour drive down, which was well worth the time. Both of them are pregnant. Kendra is about 30 weeks along; Molly is more like 24 weeks. I thought their bellies looked about the same, but what do I know. We neglected to take a picture on Friday night when we looked good, so the picture I am posting is on Saturday after we have laid around most of the day, went for a short walk, and did not shower. In other words, we do look better than this! :) I came home on Saturday night.

Today, while Jeremy did the YohShow at the Awakening at church, I helped Blair (the youth pastor's wife) with the two year olds class. We had about 8-9 kids. They were all really good, and that is such a cute age. This afternoon we went to Andrea's house for a little get together with some people we hadn't seen since returning (and some we had). It was a good time to reconnect. I am always just a little sad at how seldom these gatherings happen. I think we are always playing catch up. It is still worth the effort when there is an opportunity.

So, all in all, it has been a good reconnect time with friends this weekend. I am a little stressed out about school this week. I am proctoring for the OGT during my first period planning; therefore, I will not have the time I usually do to prepare for the day. Please pray for my sanity this week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short week = Long week

Yes, those are equivalent in my world. I feel like when we have a short week, they feel sooo long. I think it is because I anticipate the week to go quickly and plan activities for the three day weekend. So, it is dragging by at an unbearable pace. On a positive note, the week has been good. I mean there has been no major discipline issues, the kids have been on task, it has been fairly stress free. I suppose that beats out a stressful, but quick week. On a funny note, we played UNO today because we had a mixed up schedule at school. In my fifth period class, the student who won performed a very intense celebration dance. I told him he should be penalized for excessive celebration like they do in the NFL. Regardless, it was fun to see such enthusaism.

Jeremy has learned of a possible job opportunity. It is nice to have something in the works. I think that a new possibility is always uplifting. Please pray for guidance and patience on that.

Our cars are old. I am trying to admit this to myself and having a hard time. The Toyota is a 1996 (my graduation year); the Honda is a 1999. I feel like they should not be that old. In reality, they are old by car standards. This has been brought to my attention because the muffler on the Honda was loose. We took it to get fixed, ended up having to buy a whole new muffler, and learned the brakes were down to the metal. The price was not right for us, but I certainly want brakes on my car to work . Then, the Toyota went in today for an oil change and came out with a new radiator hose, as well as a laundry list of things that should be fixed in the near future. I am pretty sure at this point the mechanic felt sorry for our bank account and didn't push to fix everything! On a positive note, they should run for a few more years after we get it all fixed. Otherwise, life is good.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I was tagged by my fellow MVSer, Emmy Lou. She has a great craft blog (knitting and spinning along with other things) that I enjoy reading and looking at even though I do none of this crafty stuff! (Check out her link; if you like her stuff, she sells it on and you can get to her store by clicking here or through the blog.) I am supposed to write seven facts about myself and then link with seven other blogs; however, I don't know seven people that have them time, but I guess I do know a few. At any rate, here are my facts...

1. I miss Colorado and even (gasp!) the San Luis Valley. It grows on you, being able to head to the mountains any time you want.
2. I might actually like teaching. I left teaching last year to see if I would miss it. Although there are some things about this year I could do without, I think I like a lot of parts of what I do.
3. I want to have some kids. No, I am not pregnant. No, I am not planning on becoming pregnant soon. I am just stating a fact.
4. Some days I really hate exercising, even though I have done it almost 5 out of 7 days of the week for my entire life (well, since at least junior high).
5. I am scared of heights. Yes, I am admitting it. I am scared of heights when they involve steep drop-offs with no rails. Yet, I enjoy hiking mountains, climbing to high locations, and peering over waterfalls.
6. I bake cookies just to eat the cookie dough more times than not.
7. Sometimes, I think I should turn myself in to What Not to Wear, so I can get a new look, but I would be scared they would take away all my comfortable t-shirts and jeans. (I can look good when I want to, but it can be a lot of work.)

Those are my seven facts. You may have already known many of them; if not, you learned something about me. If you want to share seven facts about yourself, I would love an email. I have tagged ...
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If you have been tagged just follow these rules, it's fun!
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Have a great Thursday. I have to go make spicy chicken soup for supper and quit killing time. Toodles :)

October, 2nd Week

I can't believe it is the second week of October and only 2 weeks away from the end of my first nine weeks back at school! Wow, time sure does fly. I feel like my individual school days fly by as well. This is a good thing, not because I don't like it, but because it keeps things moving. Today, I made chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies with my science classes. One of my classes in particular was the best at working together. They are my lowest functioning intellectually, but probably my best workers. In contrast to other classes, they helped each other hold measuring cups when spooning peanut butter or oatmeal. They would do one task, look at directions as a group, and then move on to the next step as a unit. It was actually amazing to watch. If only adults, world leaders, and families worked in such harmony!

Otherwise, Jeremy is getting the hang of his GIS classes. He took his first quiz online. There was an hour time limit, and I'm not sure how much he used, but I think time limits on online quizzes could be a test of typing skills and not knowledge. What do I know, I have never taken an online course. He had a long morning at latchkey because there was a scheduled delay; I haven't heard how exhausting it was to be with the kids two extra hours, but I am sure he'll have some stories when he gets home from round two. He had the opportunity to go to the City of Columbus offices for GIS and look around. He said he didn't know what he was really looking at, but I think it was probably interesting to see what this certificate could lead to.

Last night we ate at Fujiyama, a great Japanese steakhouse near us. It was so delicious. If you have not ever had this experience, I highly recommend it. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catching up once again

Once again, it has been a long time. I was reprimanded by a friend for my lack of blogging.. in my defense, she isn't keeping a blog for me to read :) This week was exhausting and that is my excuse. School has been okay this week. I had my first test over atoms and their structure this week. I was impressed by the grades. I will say the test was not hard, but it did cover the information we have learned, so I was proud of my kids. I also had them work on presentations about a family on the periodic table. They worked in pairs to do some minor research, make a poster, and orally present their findings. It was a good experience for them to get up in front of everyone and have to say something, and everyone said something. So, my goal was acheived. I had parent teacher conferences on Thursday from 4-8pm. It was one of the busiest conference nights I have ever had. I was busy from 4:30 - 7:15 with no breaks. On Friday after school, I headed to Dalton. My brother, Ben, and his family (Steph and Cale) were moving to their new house this weekend. I figured I owed Ben for all the times he has helped me move and also I hadn't been home since Labor Day. I worked for about 6 hours on Saturday cleaning walls and floors for them. It will be fun to see what their place looks like when I come back to Dalton the next time. My dad is still healing from his back surgery. He is showing great progress; in fact, on Saturday morning, he walked for 2.2 miles! That is quite a feat. I told him that is farther than I walk in a day right now! It is encouraging to see him feeling better. On moving day, I had a lot of fun seeing everyone again. Nate and Jen brought their kids out on Saturday, too. I miss the time I had when I lived in Ashland to hang out with them almost daily. Steph and Luke were also their helping, so I was able to spend time with their two kids. And Cale was staying at my parents while his parents were moving. Some of my little nephews are great about flashing their grins, and you can't help but smile back. I came back on Sunday after lunch.

Jeremy has been working at the two elementary schools he helps at for the latchkey program. Also, on Tuesday, he headed to Smithville to help his dad with Shepherd's Guide stuff. He stayed overnight to help Ben with some intial move stuff then on Wednesday. He did not return with me this weekend because he started getting a cold on Wednesday and felt wore out and sick still on Friday. So, he stayed here instead of spreading germs to small children. He seems to be doing better today - lots of rest, I think. I am sure watching the Buckeyes win on Saturday didn't hurt his recovery either :)

I don't know what this week will bring. Hopefully, Jeremy and I will have a few more nights to spend together. I will work to blog a few nights this week, so that my blog is not so wordy. I hope everyone is doing well.