Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged. Time is flying by! This week in science we made Flubber on Monday. It was pretty cool. I would recommend making flubber with any kid you know. Jeremy had made it Friday with his latchkey kids, so he recommended it to me. Today and tomorrow, we are watching the Disney movie, Flubber, starring Robin Williams. It is funnier than I remember; it has been a long time since I saw it.

This weekend Jeremy, his parents, and I are driving to New York City to be with Jennifer and Jason (Jeremy's siblings) for Thanksgiving. It should be fun, but the 9 hour drive does not excite me. We haven't seen Jennifer and Jason since last Christmas, so it is a welcome trip in that way. I need to pack tonight. We are also trying to clean out the fridge. We ate leftovers tonight. I made apple bars with the plethora of apples I bought on sale last week. They should be delicious, and I will share with my co-workers tomorrow.

I realize this is a really boring blog. I hope this was not too boring.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Day

Yesterday was a GREAT day! I took the day off to go with Jeremy to a financial advisor about his 401(k) that is quickly diminishing in size. We slept a little late, went to the appointment, and had lunch. I went for a chilly walk in the afternoon - day 5 of exercising... in a row!! Then, I rented two chick flicks - Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and 27 Dresses. I really liked both of them, but I am a sucker for the chick flick. Jeremy went to the hockey game to do some of his security thing. I went to small group.

Today, I went back to school, and it was a GOOD day. My kids behaved well and did work for the sub yesterday. Today, we worked on volume of a liquid using a graduated cylinder. They measured a specified amount, brought it to me to check the accuracy and either got my signature for approval or had to go back and re-do it. It appeared that they were having a lot of fun - getting down at eye level, watching for the bottom of the meniscus to hit the correct increment on the graduated cylinder (lots of vocabulary words in that sentence). The sub that was there for another teacher (who I share the room with) said she wanted to call me Queen Yoh because I just sat on my "throne" as they brought graduated cylinders to me. I thought that was a cute metaphor. It was a relaxing and enjoyable time. I came home and did a yoga strengthening DVD - day 6 of exercising ... in a row! (I really need a reward for making it a week, but I don't know what that would be that costs no money and is not food which will conteract the exercise benefits....)

Jeremy had an interview for an internship for a GIS position. He said the interview went as well as he could have hoped for, and that, unlike other postings, he will know within a week one way or the other. Please pray for confidence and patience regardless of the outcome.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My How Time Flies

I thought I just blogged and then I realized that that was Tuesday - 5 days ago! This week was really long for me, but I guess that happens. My students were good; it was just long. On Friday, I used this techie gadget called an ELMO in my science class 3rd period. (See picture to the right of what ours pretty much looked like.) I was late arriving and the science teacher was covering for me until I was released from a meeting. So, she had bought this thing for her class. It made 3rd period so fun! All it does is project your actual paper - colors and all - through a projector onto a screen. I also put the calculator under it so that kids could see me (my actual finger in 3-D!!) pushing the buttons. Yes, it takes very little to get excited. We also took time to put faces, IDs, shoes, and other miscellaneous items under it. Teaching would be so fun if everyone had an ELMO. :)

Jeremy and I went out on a date on Friday night. We headed to Lucky House for some Chinese food. We haven't had Chinese food, or eaten out at a nicer restaurant, since last month. It was good to be able to just sit and talk without any distractions. I know for many of you the distractions are kids, but we don't have kids, and I still feel like we have very little time to talk about more than what stresses me out at work, and what Jeremy has been up to all day. So, this was a real treat. Saturday, Jeremy went to a training on communicable diseases, while I washed clothes. I also went for a walk in the drizzle and planned meals for next week. Fairly productive, but relaxing day. Today (Sunday), is cold, cold, cold and windy - bad combination for motivation to do a whole lot of anything. We are home from church and a youth leader training. Jeremy is studying for his upcoming mid-term, and I am blogging - trying to be motivated to do some school work.. yuck. Hope everyone has a good week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I don't really have much to blog about, but I realized it had been since last Thursday when I posted anything; be prepared for randomness.

Jeremy and I went to the 30th birthday party of one of our friends (Stacy) on Saturday night at Hoover Grill. It was a fun time. There were about 20 people or so there. It is good to have a social life again.

In school, my kids took a test - a hard test (over chemical bonds, chemical reactions, and physical and chemical changes) - on Friday. Most of them got As, Bs, or Cs. I had two Ds and no Fs. I was very proud of them. This week we are learning about mass and volume, using graduated cylinders and scales. Hopefully, all the hands on stuff will be a good thing. I don't have any good stories I can tell off the top of my head, so this is about it.

Jeremy's grandma had knee surgery this past Friday. Apparently, it went pretty well, and she is home recovering. His grandpa was also in the hospital for other health problems, but he, too, is home. Please pray for energy for their "kids" as they take care of them.

Tonight we have dinner with the older people in the church, the youth, and our small group. It is a potluck style event. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable. Unlike at Salem, we rarely have fellowship meals at Westerville Christian Church because it is so large. The rest of the week is pretty low key. Jeremy is doing some youth group work tomorrow with Nick. On Thursday I have a really late night volleyball game again... it's like they think I am a college kid! On Saturday, we have the opportunity to go to a "Bond, James Bond" Party.. which is really just going to the theatre to watch the newest Bond film with friends. We'll see about that. Okay, that's it. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Short Week

This week of school was only three days long which is wonderful, right? In general, yes. I think it still feels like a full 5 days somehow. The students have been relatively good. My science kids have a test tomorrow (Friday). So, today we played Trivial Pursuit with the test topics. Hopefully, that got something out of that. I am really worried that they don't know this information very well. I think I taught it in an understandable manner, but maybe didn't spend enough time on it. I just can't think of enough creative ways to do the same thing to reinforce a topic. I think that is the hardest part; I am always searching for resources.

Jeremy's time at the Y latchkey program is always exciting. He managed to beat some 4th graders in Connect 4 this morning. I learned there he knows a sure win strategy :) He also had the opportunity to play paper football with a "Dennis the Menace" kid in the afternoon. Oh, the things he gets to do - and get paid! Please keep praying for his job situation. We are still waiting to hear about one of the jobs that he applied for previously. There are also some internship opportunities that are coming up starting in January. In security news, he could work the Metallica concert this Sunday night, but he thinks it would be a lot of work... could be fun (with the earplugs), too! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day

Our polling site is one that is being broadcast around the world. There is a Japanese station there, Columbus stations, and more! We have not been to vote yet, but apparently there is 1-1/2 hour wait right now at 8:30am. We plan to go a little later in the morning.

This weekend we went home on Saturday for my little nephew's 1 year birthday (Sam). It was so fun because my whole family was there. I am posting some pictures of this. Sam is the one on his new firetruck. Paxon is playing "horsey" on his daddy's legs. Cale is a bit older with the ribbon in his mouth. Lilli is getting up close and personal with the camera (then she wanted to "see Lilli" on the digital screen). Chloe is munching on crackers. Sophie is grinning for the camera. And those are all my adorable neices and nephews who make our family gatherings so entertaining and so crazy!
We stayed at my parents' house that night. On Sunday morning, I went to breakfast with Sandy. Then, we went to Salem Mennonite for church. We headed out after church to meet Jeremy's parents and grandparents for lunch. It was Gloria's birthday lunch which was another reason we were headed home. After a leisurely lunch, we went to Mohican State Park and hiked to Lyon's Falls. Lyon's Falls is a drip coming off the side of this rock overhang. The trees were gorgeous that towered at the top. We also stopped at the Gorge Overlook to take in the varied colors of fall. It was a cool day with less sunshine than I expected, but still a great fall day.