Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Would Think...

With all my free time, I should have been blogging, but alas, I was not. This past week of school was completely not normal. We did not have a full day of school once. On Monday, we had a scheduled early release for teacher's meetings; Tuesday was a 2 hour delay; Wednesday and Thursday were snow days (#5 and #6); and Friday was a 2 hour delay. Whew! I have started going back to bed on 2 hour delay days. I am usually up and showered before I actually hear about the delay, so it is usually the debate - do you just get up and do stuff, or go back to bed? Bed has been winning the debate lately. I do wake up with my hair doing funny things, but do I really care? No, not really, and a curling iron can do wonders! We did manage to cover some material on the three short days we were there, and the kids really weren't too bad. Jeremy on the other hand had to go to his night class at Columbus state on Tuesday night - crazy! He did get out of latchkey on Wednesday afternoon, but he had to go for an extended time because of a 2 hour delay on Thursday. I think those days always disappoint him - I go back to bed, and he works double time. On my snow days, I baked snickerdoodles and giant fan tan bread, and then, I tried not to eat it all! I did an advanced tae-bo video with Billy Blanks; I thought I would die, but I didn't, and I have been paying for it for the past three days. Yes, it is super exciting, my snow days life. I had no good books to read and did not venture out to get videos, so I have to admit, I was a bit bored! That is a first. I hope everyone is safe in this weather and keeping warm. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January's Last Week

Jeremy and I went home (Wayne Co.) this weekend for two reasons. Originally, we were planning to go for my niece's 6th birthday party. But something else came about that made it pertinent that we went home. Last week, Jeremy's grandma was taken to the hospital because of shortness of breath. They ended up doing X-rays and a CAT-scan. The doctor discovered that she has pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. Basically, this leads to a hardening of the lungs. Neither of these conditions are curable or slowed by medicine. When we went to visit, she was in the ICU for intensive monitoring and on an oxygen mask. Her condition was compounded by a blood clot as well. It was good to see her. She seemed in good spirits despite her situation. His grandpa was there as well. He had just gotten a haircut and looked like a young man! Jeremy's grandma is still spunky enough that she had to remind her husband that she had been telling him for weeks to get it cut! I thought it was funny. The good news is she was bumped down to a different unit on Monday. Please keep her in your prayers.

From the hospital, we headed to my parent's house for the festive, hectic, and loud birthday party. Jen and Paxon were the only two not in attendance because Paxon was running a fever, and they didn't want to pass anything on to the other kids. It is so fun to be with all the kids though. Jeremy commented that Cale seems to be recognizing him. I noticed the same thing. The kids warm up much quicker - probably because we come home more often. I ran around chasing the little boys, read stories to the girls, ate supper with the adults, watched a movie in the quiet of the basement with the birthday girl, and ate a huge piece of Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I am posting some pictures so that you can enjoy the fun as well. Sophie really wanted to cut her own cake. She had the privelege of using the HUGE knife!!! I love the pic of my mom with the two "baby birds" wanting a snack. They are the cutest!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Mom and Dad Ediger

This weekend was a long one for me and Jeremy. On Friday, Reynoldsburg had a planned day off school; Olentangy (Jeremy's latchkey place) had school called off because of the frigid cold temperatures. So, we hung out. Well, I mostly cooked all day. My parents were coming to visit. For Christmas, each of us kids gave them one night out with us as a couple - no kids! So, instead of taking them out, I cooked for them. I always think that it is a good excuse to try some new recipes. You can see the table set for the big Greek Night. I made a Middle Eastern Vegetable Relish and Hummus served with fresh veggies and pita bread. Then, we had a Greek salad, Greek pork tenderloin with cucumber yogurt sauce, roasted red potatoes, and marinated and roasted vegetables. All this ended with Pear Custard Pie. I must say it was delicious... and a lot of work. It was fun to just sit, eat, and talk for 2 hours, which is I think the time it took us to get through all the food. They spent the night. On Saturday, Dad bundled up and went for a walk (1.7 mi!!!) before breakfast. Mom and I bundled (see pic to left) up later in the morning and went on a 2.5 mi walk on the bike trail. We actually started peeling layers off while we were walking. My parents took Jeremy and I out to eat at Cheesecake Factory - yum! - for lunch. After that, they headed home. It was a great few days of company.

On Monday, we went to the YMCA to work out at some time in the late morning, did laundry, and then headed to Lowe's. We worked at pricing some things for a few house upgrades at some point. Then, we went to eat at El Vaquero , which is a fantastic Mexican restuarant here in Columbus. Today (Tuesday), I headed back to work and Jeremy scrambled to get all his homework done before class tonight. I hope you all are having a great week.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Love It

I love the snow! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally, today, there was a beautiful snowfall that actually stuck to the ground. We have exam week at school (which by the way, is going well), so the high school has a mixed up schedule this week. They let us leave at 2pm because of the snow - added bonus! I will say I was very nervous driving home; after our spinning accident going 35 mph, I am very cautious. I made it home though and put on my snow boots that I just got at Christmas. I shoveled our driveway and both our neighbor's driveways. It was fantastic. It made it more enjoyable - and easier - because the snow is so light and fluffy. Now, I am inside, planning to make Honey-baked Lentils and rice for supper. (This is one of the few lentil recipes that was a keeper from our time in Colorado. It is in the More with Less Cookbook if anyone is interested.) So, I hope everyone is safe, and also enjoys the white fluffy stuff while it is here because soon it will become gray slushy stuff that not even I enjoy! :)

Side note: I just realized this is my 200th blog! Wow! There are a number of people who know a lot about us. Crazy.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes, I am a blogging slacker. I am not sure what happen since my two early posts last week, but here I am again. Last week was a tough week at school. I would just like you to keep Reynoldsburg High School in your prayers. We had 3 fights on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday. This is not exactly typical for us, so I think we just need a lot of prayer power! The staff is unusually nervous/on-edge as well with the anticipated budget cuts. Please pray for peace as decisions are made both by adminstration and the union. It is a difficult situation that will either get worse as the year progresses or better; it really depends on the levy in May. Otherwise, my science class had a great week reviewing for mid-terms which are start tomorrow (Tuesday). It is a good week in a lot of ways - shortened schedule for students, extra work time for teachers, relaxed dress code, etc. In other ways, it is stressful trying to locate all my students who are taking tests in regular classes or in the library or giving my own exams. I am sure it will all work out, and I can really use the extra planning time. We, here in Columus, did not get the promised 3-5 inches of snow this past weekend, but from the sounds of it, many other people got their fair share - enjoy it, snow is a beautiful gift from God. I think that is it for now. I hope everyone has a great week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We watched the OSU game last night. I will admit that from 9-10pm I took a break to watch One Tree Hill. It was a great episode, and I don't regret it. I watched third quarter and was very disappointed in the Buckeyes performance. With that, I decided to go to bed - more times than not, if I go to bed in big sporting events, I hear that I missed big things. I was hoping that this would be the case. In some ways, it was. Jeremy stayed up - like a real fan - to cheer them on. It was close, and I would say that we were not embarrassed, just a little disappointed. Hope everyone else enjoyed it.

I did have a full day of school today. The freezing rain did come, but it arrived at about 8:30am, and left an icy coat on cars, roads, and sidwalks. Thankfully, by the time I left school, the roads were wet, but not icy. That's it. Until later.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome Back

School started up for both Jeremy and I. Jeremy will get it double time this week as he starts at latchkey and Columbus State classes. As was expected, 5:30am came very early for me. I felt very prepared, however, since I had gone and over break and had prepared and copied what I needed. That helped calm my nerves; it is like the first day after school when you have been gone for 2 weeks. We talked about Christmas break in my classes for the first few minutes. It is crazy what some of these kids get for Christmas! I was excited when I could buy a new pair of running shoes with my Christmas cash. One kid got 4 pairs of sneakers for just chillin' in; I am talking Jordan's and expensive shoes! Crazy! Jeremy said he noticed the same thing with his latchkey kids. He said he was talking with these boys and they said how they all got Wiis, video games, etc. One of them asked Jeremy what he got, and he said he got a sweater and some socks. The little boy looked at him and said, "It's okay, Jeremy. When you're old, you don't get fun presents like we do." Funny and true :)

In other news, Ohio State takes on Texas tonight; we are hoping for the win, but will settle with a game that doesn't leave us embarrassed. Also, there is a winter weather advisory out for our area from 4am - 9am tomorrow morning; I am wondering what this means for school.... I'll keep you informed. Have a great week in 2009!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

We continued the tradition of gathering together with ONU alumni (and other honorary people) out at Andrea's parent's house at Atwood Lake. It is always a good time. I have realized that I am not the young person I used to be though. I don't dance all night long and work on my singing. Instead, I played Trivial Pursuit and headed to bed by 1:30am - hey, I thought it was late! It was a smaller crowd than normal - less boys for Jeremy to hang with - but a fun time nonetheless. The picture to the right is the group of girls that were there. In addition, there was Jeremy, Brian (Andrea's boyfriend), and Brad (a mutual friend of all). We woke up, ate a delicious breakfast, and then headed home around 2pm. On New Year's Day, we ate pork and saurkraut with our small group. It was good to see them after the Christmas season. Now, we are relaxing before heading to bed. I will probably get to bed before Jeremy since football is on non-stop today!
Happy New Year Everyone. We hope you have a great start to 2009.