Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, I am feeling a little frazzled this week. I had one IEP meeting today. (IEPs by the way are a government form I have to fill out yearly on every one of my caseload kids which contains among other things goals and how they are currently performing. They are a lot of work, and sometimes I wonder if they do any good.) I have another one tomorrow morning, two tomorrow night, and an additional parent conference. If you haven't figured it out, tomorrow (Thursday) I have parent teacher conferences from 4-8pm after a full day of school, followed by a full day of school. It is exhausting. I am pretty much ready for the meetings. I am usually fairly relaxed when it comes to meeting with parents, but I have a few touchy areas to talk about with some of the parents. So, I am just praying things go well.

My neice, Sophie, is scheduled to come Friday night for a sleepover. I have no idea what this will entail since she is supposedly formulating a list of what she would like to accomplish with her aunt. I will say that when she went to Grandma's for a sleepover, her list was long, and she checked things off as she did it... sounds just like me :) I look forward to spending time with her; I am pretty sure I haven't had this chance since before we went to Colorado. On Sunday, my brother, Luke, is preaching at Salem. I am looking forward to hear what God has laid on his heart. I have been praying that he speaks articulately and with confidence. While I am doing all this, Jeremy is starting to get sick, trying to keep up with mega amounts of homework, working at the latchkey program, and job hunting. This weekend, he is attending a youth leader's conference here in Columbus that is Friday - Monday. We'll see how often our paths cross. I type all this to say, We're feeling busy. Is anyone else?

Thankfully, I feel at peace with life most of the time - even with all that is hectic. I have been working on memorizing scripture - one verse a week. The first week I learned Joshua 3:5, which is so cool: And Joshua said to the people, "Consecrate yourselves because tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things!" Isn't that cool to know that promise? I have started to randomly say it just as a reminder that God is big and will do amazing things. Well, soon I will begin just randomly, so I am signing off. Have a good rest of your week and look for God's amazing things.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Week in Review

I don't really even know what went on this week. I feel that it drug by and was a blur all at the same time. My students are doing a great job working on this project that is an assessment of what we learned about force, friction, and motion. It is the first time that I have seen them really try to problem solve/demonstrate pretty much on their own. We have been working the last two days and then said they needed another day! Wow! On Tuesday, they are going to present their demos to the class. That should be the most interesting part. Jeremy headed back to work at latchkey after a day off on Monday. He said the kids were angels on Thursday for some unknown reason, but he wasn't really complaining. :) He started a new class in his quest for his GIS certificate. Apparently, it involves a lot of homework - ugh! In other news, he made some more job contacts, no openings necessarily, but contacts never hurt anyone. Please pray for those possibilities. I hope everyone has a great weekend

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

What a holiday! It is one of those times when you think, Do I want to give in to all this commercial hullabaloo or not? And then you think, What's wrong with an excuse to actually go out on a date? At any rate, Valentine's Day is pretty low key around our house, and if it wasn't for Jeremy, it may be forgotten all together. We went to a Thai restaurant on Thursday night and rented the movie Fireproof on Friday night. The Thai food was fantastic. The message of the movie was excellent; the acting left something to be desired - it was still worth watching. We thought we would avoid the busyness of the actual 14th by celebrating on those days. So, on Saturday, I went to work at school and Jeremy played racquetball with Mike. BUT... he also made me a card and had thought ahead enough to get a small box of chocolates. I wrote a note to him in return. Do we sound like a boring, old, married couple? I hope not because we do love each other; there is no need for a holiday to remind us of that, right?

At any rate, I feel much less stressed out after going to work yesterday - I was able to write (or get a good start on) 4 out of 5 IEPs that are due in the coming weeks. On Friday, I stayed until 5:30pm getting lesson plans and worksheets done for this week, so I am feeling much better. Today, Jeremy was able to play in the men's basketball league at church. It was close game that his team won in overtime. It was good to see his teammates again; we had basically been out of touch with them since the last season two years ago! Tonight, I am taking it easy. Jeremy has the day "off" tomorrow, but will be working on school work. I have to go to school. The high school has accumulated 6 snow days, and they decided it was necessary to make them up as soon as possible - blech! I will work to write as this week continues. My blogs have been sparse since returning to Ohio. Apparently, teaching is not nearly as exciting as volunteering and traveling around Colorado! I need to take some pics to improve this blog as well. I'll work on that, too. I hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loss and Living

Well, I decided to take time to blog. It has been a hectic week. Jeremy's grandma had been moved from the hospital last week to a step down unit in Canton. While there, her condition continued to worsen. They had difficulty regulating her oxygen. Additionally, other organ systems were shutting down. On Friday early morning, she went to be with her Lord and Savior. We headed home on Friday after school. We joined a majority of Jeremy's family at his grandpa's house to begin grieving and celebrating. On Saturday, Jeremy headed back to his grandpa's to help fix some things and be with everyone. I went to see Sophie who had stayed at my parents' house the night before. While there, we delivered cookies to my other brothers. It was really good to see the rest of my family as well. I went back to be with Jeremy around 4ish. It was healing, I think, to spend time with all the relatives and reminisce about their lives growing up so close to their grandparents. Very late Saturday night, Jennifer and Jason arrived from New York to join us. On Sunday, we had calling hours from 2-6pm. It was a time to meet many, many new people. Many had great stories to share about knowing Verena. There was supper provided afterwords, which was such a blessing to everyone. On Monday morning, we went to the funeral service. There were many tears, much laughter, and a start of the healing. Dean and Verena had been married for 60 years this April, and I think one of the hardest things for everyone, is thinking of Dean being alone. God is bigger than we think though and knows that Dean will have a support of the most caring family around. Please keep the family in your prayers in the coming weeks.