Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Silence is Broken

It has been a quiet week of blogging - as in, I haven't. Those of you who check daily, thank you for your diligence. I don't even know what happened this past week. Jeremy was on spring break, and I believe, thoroughly enjoyed it - no studying, no small children to watch. I was at school on our first normal bell schedule in about 2 weeks! It actually makes the week go more quickly when you can just move through the day as normal. Right now, we are learning about energy - kinetic and potential, conservation, and types. It is quite exciting..... I can at least pretend :) My little nephew, Cale, was in the hospital Thursday - Saturday. He had some kind of flu/intestinal thing that made him severely dehydrated. Thankfully, he came home Saturday night and is recovering. It is always scary when a child goes to the hospital. I think they must feel very confused and disoriented, especially when they don't understand what is happening. So, this is really boring, but it is an update, right? I have one more week until spring break. During this week, I will give blood, play a staff vs student volleyball game, have parent-teacher conferences, go to small group, and get my book club book read. Whew, I am tired already! Jeremy heads back to latchkey worker extraordinaire and smarty pants college student. Hopefully, he can find his groove again. We hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Weather

I'll start with Friday night because I think it was kinda cool for Jeremy. The youth pastor he works with knows a guy who works at Nationwide Arena. He invited people to come play basketball on the court that was put down for the Women's NCAA bball tournament. So, Jeremy and eight other guys went to play in the big arena. He said it was pretty cool, but a lot of the lights weren't on and some guy kept flashing large camera test flashs at them... something about getting the cameras ready for the game? He also said because it is so big, your depth perception is off. I imagine it would be.

Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful day God gave us and went to John Bryan State Park to hike and enjoy the day. It is considered one of the most beautiful parks of western Ohio. It was pretty. There is a big gorge and a few waterfalls. We did the 5 mile trail along the rim, dipping down to the river area as well. It is where the Little Miami runs. There were many boy scouts there, but not so many that it felt crowded. We also did a little drive through tour of Yellow Springs. It reminded us of the artsy towns in Colorado we would visit. We didn't stop and spend time there, but it had some really cute looking shops and tons of local cafes. We did go to Youngs Dairy. It is quite the destination. They have Jersey Dairy cows that you can go see and pet them, as well as the goats and calves. Then, you can eat the delicious flavors of ice cream made from the milk of the cows on the farm. You can also order other food from the restaurant. The also have a Putters and Udders area, a mini-golf course. We just petted some animals, ate a hot dog, and slurped up some milkshakes. Very good day.

Today (as we did Friday and Saturday) we continued watching the March Madness games. We were still tired from our big expedition yesterday and did little to enjoy the weather today. Sad to admit we are out of our superb hiking shape from Colorado (note a hint of exaggeration there). I hope everyone has a good week ahead. Look for God in the little things, and thank Him for the blessings of life.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Foccacia Bread

I tried out my first recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog today. It was for Foccacia Bread. It was delicious! It was also pretty easy - 10 min prep, 30 min rise time, 20 min bake time. Just passing it along for anyone willing to try a simple yeast bread - little kneading or other yeast bread type stuff. Enjoy and enjoy the blog; it is great! Check it out by clicking the link (the blog name) above.


Today, I was driving to work today, singing along with the radio. I felt my ring finger, out of boredom/habit. And that's when I realized, my wedding ring was .... MISSING! Yes, missing, MIA, lost in action, nowhere to be found. I freaked out, just a little bit. I speed dialed Jeremy, hoping to catch him before he left for work. I didn't know if it fell out on the driveway as I was loading my bags in the car; I was certain, however, that it was not lost anywhere beyond the house/yard or the car. Jeremy turned around and scanned the driveway without luck and headed to work. I sat and thought about it. I hardly ever take it off - not when I make cookies, not when I wash dishes, not when I lift weights or run. (This is due to the fact that after I got my engagement ring, I left it for a brief moment in the staff bathroom at school when I took it off to wash my hands. Learned my lesson!) I did take it off to put lotion on. So, I emailed Jeremy and told him to check the love seat and the pocket of my navy hoodie. Bingo, found! It was such a relief.

As I went on a walk and enjoyed the beautiful day God had given me, I started thinking about this. It reminded me of the parable of the lost coin. The woman looked and looked and looked for a coin because it was precious to her. It made me think how precious and valuable we are to God. And how much it must trouble and worry Him when one of us "goes missing" or strays away from Him. I realized that this must be such a burden, and I am so glad that God is bigger than us to handle it, but also that He has never really lost us - but it is us who have lost the way. I don't know. I don't often make Biblical parallels to my life and often wondered how others (especially pastors) seem to be able to do this at the drop of a hat. So, it was just a cool thought. Hope everyone had a great start to their week.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yeah, so I don't have a lot to blog about, but I figured those of you who check often might enjoy at least something. The week continued with less excitement than it started. No more stakeouts - thank goodness. On Saturday, Jeremy and I cleaned the house. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when it hasn't really been done for a couple weeks (maybe a month), it is a big deal. It feels like I can walk barefoot again - and it might pass my niece's white glove test. (When she visited here a few weekends ago, she commented on the dusty blinds.) At any rate, it made for a working Saturday morning, but I did get to sleep in. I also finished the book Marley and Me. It is an excellent book. Contrary to my normal pattern, I gave in and watched the movie first. I would not recommend this. The book and the movie are both good. The problem was that I kept picturing Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson when John Grogan and his wife look nothing like them! Jeremy and I had a date night also on Saturday. I made shrimp stir fry using the recipe for chow mein found in the More with Less Cookbook. I added more veggies than it called for though - celery and mushrooms just don't cut it for me. The sauce was excellent and one I'll use again. We ate by candlelight on our good dishes to have the restaurant feel. Then, we headed to the dollar theatre to watch Doubt. It was a decent movie, but I am glad I didn't pay more than $2 for my ticket. That was it for our night out, but it was needed.

Today at church, Jeremy was in charge of Food Olympics for the youth service. It was incredibly messy - throwing cocoa puffs at whipped cream covered faces, tossing frozen french fries into a bowl, and eating oreos off of (clean) plexiglass. Oh, the joy of working with youth who are willing to do (almost) anything. I hope everyone had a great weekend. May you enjoy the week to come.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Stakeout

So, yesterday was VERY exciting. We had taken my car in for an oil change and somehow managed to walk away from the shop paying a large sum of money and having new rear brakes -ugh! That is (fortunately) not the exciting part. When we came home from picking up the car, there were two Columbus policemen standing outside of the townhouse across the stree with their guns drawn. We parked in our drive in came in, only to watch the scene unfold from our kitchen window for the next 2-1/2 hours. A second police car arrived on scene. One or two policemen went to the back of the condo to prevent a back door escape. Soon, a third police car arrived. These guys talked on their cell phones, blocked the road with their car, and moved the other two cars so that they weren't able to be seen from that house. Our next door neighbor thought he might want to leave his home at one point and started to venture over to, I assume, ask if he could leave. The one cop shouted, "We aren't just hanging out here, get back in your house." After about a good 1-1/2 hours, things started happening again. One of the police got behind the cruiser and pointed a rather large gun at the door (see picture to the left). Then, more men started emerging from seemingly out of nowhere, but these guys were decked out in camo, bulletproof vests, and carried large guns. We soon noticed the SWAT vehicle coming down the street (see picture to the right). They proceeded to put police tape across our driveway and fan out in all directions. They shielded the residents from the connecting homes to get them to safety and then they yelled, "Come out with your hands up!" - just like on TV! Some very scrawny white man came out. In the picture to the left, the SWAT team is handing off the guy to the CPD; I tried to choose a picture where most of the faces don't show. Notice the police tape in the foreground that was in our driveway. Neither of us remember the guy that emerged, and we don't think he was the resident of that townhouse. The cars sat there with him in handcuffs for about another 15 minutes before the police tape was taken down and the street resumed to its normal, safe, laid back, cul-de-sac atmosphere. We still have no idea what was happening and why it was deemed necessary to bring the SWAT team in, but everyone was safe as far as we know. I have (obviously) included some pictures of what unfolded below. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday night.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I made it almost through the week. I enjoyed today of teaching because I had a really good lesson AND I didn't even teach!! I talked with one of the biology teachers about having her students come and present their biome posters to my kids today. They made some great posters with tons of pictures and had done a lot of research; I figured they would be good a being brief and different than me. It went pretty well, I have to admit. Otherwise, I have had two really late nights of school. On Tuesday, our REA (union) had a meeting that went from 4:30-6:30pm. It was very tense and emotions were running high. Let's just say that our district needs a lot of prayer right now. We are hoping to pass a 15.6 mil levy in May which sounds nearly impossible and looking at pay freezes. It makes for difficult times. On Wednesday, I stayed til about 5:30pm getting help writing my IPDP - a plan for my professional development which needs to be in place in order to renew my license which happens next year. So, although it seems like just a formality, it is important.

Jeremy had a great time at the youth conference. There were some great concerts - David Crowder band and others... can't remember off the top of my head. He said the speakers were good as well. And they got a number of free things - books and such.

We are both fighting colds and hoping to get to this weekend to rest up. I have an all day event I volunteered for on Saturday, but that leaves Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday to relax. Jeremy will hopefully get a jump start on his homework that seems to consume most of his free time. In other news, we both got out to walk or run in the beautiful day! I am looking forward to a few more of those. I hope all is well with everyone. And if you have time, drop us an email or add a comment. Have a great Friday!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I made it :) I picked my niece up on Friday. We made Flubber, watched Barbie and the Diamond Castle, and then headed to bed. Saturday started bright and early at 7:40am. I made pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. We chilled for awhile with Ice Age the Meltdown and did a little bit with her webkins. Then, we got some things at the store to make banana bars and a crafty aquarium project. She worked on making cards while I showered and packed. We then drove her home. She talked and talked and talked the whole ride home! I hung out with Sandy Saturday night which was a lot of fun. I haven't really spent much time with her for quite awhile, so we just sat and talked about life. You need that every once and awhile. On Sunday, mom and I went on a walk before heading to church. My brother, Luke, was preaching and I wanted to hear what God had been saying to him. It was a great message about accountability. I was so glad I was there to hear it. We had lunch at church before heading back for the kids' naps. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Kendra (one of my Kentucky friends) was back in town visiting her parents, too. I went to see her, her husband and their 2 month old baby. It was great. I am now at home, relaxing with The Amazing Race.

During all this, Jeremy has been at a youth leader's conference here in Columbus. He goes all day and comes home to sleep at night. I have no idea how this is going since I have yet to see him for more than 10 minutes on Saturday morning. I'll let you know later.

On a different note, I have a situation that I would really appreciate your prayers. My cousin and her husband were pregnant and expecting on June 3. They delivered, however, this past week. Their little boy, Owen, is only 26 weeks. He came out breathing, weighing 2 lbs, 4 oz, and measuring 14 inches. He has to remain in the NICU til his delivery date, and he has the normal complications of a premie of 26 weeks. Please keep this family in your prayers. God knows what is best, but they need to feel his love and healing hand in amazing ways in the months to come. Thanks.