Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekly update

Apparently, rather than a few times a week, I now post once a week... better than nothing, right? This past weekend Jeremy and I attended Lasting Flame Marriage Seminar held in Wayne County. The speakers were Steve and Annie Chapman. I thoroughly enjoyed my time. They were funny, easy to listen to, and made good points without shoving it all down your throat. There was a date night on Saturday. Jeremy and I went putt-putt golfing, ate supper at Jake's, and had dessert at Dairy Queen. There were a few things I appreciated that they said:
1) If you want to love like you used to love, then do what you used to do. It was a good reminder to continue to put forth effort in your relationship
2) We are in a divine duet with God. He will do his part and we need to do ours.
3) Work to out serve your spouse. Find a way to share their interests. They sang a neat song about a couple where the chorus had lines like, "It may look like nascar, but it feels like love" and "it may look like dancing, but it feels like love" In other words, doing things outside of what you enjoy, feels like love to your spouse because you took time to do something they enjoy.

This week has gone by quickly. It is already Wednesday evening. I would like to ask for prayer before it gets too late. My Grandpa (my dad's dad) had a stroke earlier this week. He and his wife live in Kansas. My dad and his siblings are working to make decisions about what the next steps may be. Grandpa is paralyzed from the stroke on his right side and his esophagus isn't working. So, there are definite issues to work through. Pray for Grandpa (Sam is his name) that he may feel God's peace even when he may feel lost in his own body. Also, pray for those making decisions. I hope everyone has a good end to their week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm still alive

For those of you who are wondering, I am still alive, just haven't had a chance to post recently. I have been like the Energizer bunny since spring break ended. I went back to school on a Tuesday. I had only three days of school because I went to a professional development workshop with Sandy in Pittsburgh on Friday. This sounds great, right? The thing is it is just less time to get more done. I had to have sub plans ready, lesson plans for next week ready, pack, do some laundry, go to the grocery store, and do at least a little of my online class I am taking. I headed out on Thursday after school to meet Sandy in Wayne County. We continued driving and arrived in Pittsburgh around 8:30pm. Sandy had brought angel food cake and spoon dip in honor of my birthday (which was that day). Delicious ... and oh, so thoughtful! On Friday, we went to our workshop, which had been shortened from 8:30 - 4:30 to 8:30 - 1pm. Sounds nice, huh? It was in some ways, but I would have liked to use the extra time to learn a little more about our topic - "Nonviolent crisis intervention." Instead, we headed out of there, relaxed at our hotel, got a bit perplexed directionally on our way to IKEA, and then ate at Bahama Breeze. First, IKEA, contrary to what I thought, was very cool, but super overwhelming. Second, Bahama Breeze is a delicious restaurant. If you go, you must try the Tostones with chicken appetizer; we got it without the chicken and it was still good. On Saturday, we went to the Carnegie Art Museum and Natural History Museum. LOTS of things to see and little time to see it all. We ate a picnic lunch outside the museum in a beautiful eating area and headed home. Most of Sunday afternoon, I worked on my assignments for my online class.

It is now Wednesday, and I am way ahead of schedule on the online classes for this week - one element to complete. I have started working on the test over simple machines for next week, and feel more balanced this week. Tomorrow, Jeremy's dad will be in town, and we have the pleasure of having dinner with him. Afterwards, we may head to the Dave Ramsey Town Hall for Hope event that will be shown on the big screen at our church. It should be interesting. This weekend, Jeremy and I are going to a marriage seminar at Central Christian High School. It will be the first formal marriage thing we have attended since getting married. Hopefully, it will help us to love each other in new ways and reinforce what we have been doing.

I hope all is well with everyone out there still reading this. My Colorado friends have had snow recently - maybe even skiing still!! We in Ohio are getting rained on - surprise, surprise. Stay in touch. Those whose blogs I read, keep blogging; it helps me feel connected :) Until next time

Monday, April 13, 2009


I love Easter. I kinda forget that every year, but what a great day to remember and celebrate our Lord's resurrection from the grave. Writing that makes me think about the hymn that goes: "Up from the grave he arose; with a mighty triumph o'er his foes; he arose a victor from the dark domain, and he lives forever with his saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!" Just imagine that with a pipe organ playing in the back.... oh, Easter day. :) I found this B.C. cartoon that I thought was really cool... that's a fragment of what we experience as Christians!

In addition, it is also a great time to be with family again. On Friday, we headed to th
e Wayne County area to spend quality time with both our families. We had supper with Jeremy's parents and then watched Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night. I highly recommend this movie. Don't except a lighthearted, pick-me-up movie, but at the same time it is not a complete downer - just a lot to digest. Saturday morning, my brother (Ben) and Jeremy worked on our Accord. It needed a few things done and thought the DIY way might be the better choice financially. Plus, it never hurts to have some quality time with family as a part of the package. While they did the car repairs, Cale (Ben's son) and I hung out. We went for a 3 mile stroller ride looking for lawn mowers along the way - they seem to be Cale's passion right now! We saw a few of those, plus a leaf blower, some puppies, and even some squirrels. It was a good workout for me, plus I think Cale was enjoying the ride - eating corn pops and being outside. In the afternoon, Jeremy went on a long, hilly bike ride with his uncle, while I made paper bag bunnies with my neice, Sophie. In the evening, we had a Mexican fiesta to celebrate my brother (Nate) and sister-in-law's (Steph) birthdays that were a few weeks before. It was delicious. During play times, the babies came out, the bears were scattered, the boys wrestled, and the hit of the party.... the rented gray bunny named Gideon! My mom started renting a bunny about 4 years ago on Easter and the kids love it! You can see Cale and Paxon with Gideon in the pic above right. Before bed, we had a little egg hunt in the basement - a small space with so many kids; next year, we will have to head outside. See them all heading down to hunt to the left. We headed to bed and awoke to Easter breakfast at Salem Mennonite Church. This was followed by Easter lunch (and birthday cake for me!), a little PIG outside, and some catching up inside. (That's Sophie - my neice - and I blowing out my two candles in the picture.) Mid-afternoon we headed to the Bricker Easter time. We missed the main meal, but ate some desserts (again) and leftovers. We watched some of the Masters on TV while hanging out. We headed back home around 6ish. It was good to be home to our quiet house....

I am enjoying my last day of "freedom" from work. I am really not looking forward to returning to school and teaching all about work, power, and simple machines - sounds riveting, doesn't it? Nevertheless, it will be here tomorrow and by next week it will feel like I was never gone. For my last day, I went to my BodyPump class at the gym and watched the movie, The Women, which was surprisingly pretty good. I didn't realize that it was a remake of a 1930s film. I also rented Seven Pounds which we might watch tonight. I started a new book (Yesterday's Embers by Deborah Raney) last night also; I'm trying to eek out all the relaxing I can. Jeremy returned to work today. He made Rice Krispie Treats for the afternoon latchkey time; apparently, it was bring your favorite treat day.... as though we all didn't have enough treats this weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, March is gone, and April has arrived with a mix of weather in these first few days. Yesterday, it was cold with light flurries (no accumulation) here in Columbus. I went for a walk in the afternoon though, and really enjoyed the opportunity to bundle up a bit again. Sometimes, I am more motivated on those cold, brisk days than on warm, sunny ones. Today, the sun is beaming at us and the temperature is supposed to warm up to mid-50s with 60s tomorrow! Wow, crazy.

I am on spring break this week. I always think this is a good and needed break from the students, but at the same time, I wonder if I really want to be teaching. I love, love, love the freedom to do my own thing - roll out of bed at 8ish (sometimes 9ish), exercise in the morning, window shop, grocery shop at down times, etc. I feel as though this week is flying by, and I have not done half of what I wanted to do - put Colorado pictures in albums, get lesson plans done for next week, fold laundry, watch movies (some at the theatre, some at home), and more. But I have done other things - purchased a much needed vacuum (same one as you, Ben and Steph... Consumer Reports Best Buy and on sale for $100 off at Sears! - Kenmore Progressive), logged in to my online class (HQT Science... yuck), tried on some jeans (did not purchase), ran, lifted, hosted book club, picked new book for book club (The Slow Moon by Elizabeth Cox), went to small group potluck, and am blogging. I still have things to look forward to - visiting in-laws, hanging out with my family, celebrating the Resurrection of my Saviour, and doing nothing one more day after the craziness of it all (Monday!). So, that's that.

Jeremy has started his Columbus State classes again. As always, this means a lot of computer time for him, and less chill time with me. One of the classes has weekly assignments. The other one has smaller weekly assignments with a culmanating project which he needs to create. The end of this quarter in June marks the end of his GIS certification program. It will be quite an accomplishment.

Luke, Steph, Lilli, and Sam came overnight this week to spend time with us. I made Salmon pattie sandwiches with roasted red potatoes and asparagus for supper. Lilli at more asparagus than I knew any 2 year old to eat! We headed to Rita's for a little frozen custard to top off the meal. In the morning, we had Breakfast Sausage Casserole and fruit for breakfast. Afterwards, we all headed for a day at the zoo. It was a perfect day for the zoo - sunshine, but not hot! The kids had almost as much fun as the adults. They headed home at around 2pm. Jeremy and I rested the rest of the day - kids are exhausting.. in a good way! It will be good to see them again this weekend.

In other news, if you could continue to keep my cousin's little boy, Owen, in your prayers that would be great. He is about 6 weeks old now and weighs in at 3 lbs, 9 oz, which is a little more than a pound of improvement since birth at 26 weeks old. He is in a open air crib, drinking milk, and has less oxygen given to him. The most recent ultrasound of his head shows the fluid on his brain has not decreased or increased with the shunt. This is both a blessing and a concern. Mandy (his mom, my cousin) is back at work for a few days, and Quentin (his dad) is fighting a viral infection. Pray for all of them as they are apart for a brief period of time. Praise God for nurses who have a passion to care for such tiny, tiny babies with love. I hope others are well and feel free to post comments at any time. Until next time (probably after Easter, and hopefully with some pictures)...