Friday, May 29, 2009

Anyone out there?

I know you are probably asking if I'm still out there. Well, I am... and so is Jeremy. It has been a long time since I blogged (10 days, to be exact). That race must have really taken it out of me :) Life has been moving along for us. Jeremy has been on an emotional roller coaster with the Cavs wins and losses. I, on the other hand, can't stay up to see the end and am not nearly as invested as he is. I do know they pulled it out last night and can hopefully do the same tomorrow.

School is winding down for me. I have 2 days of regular class, then 3 exam days (1/2 days for students), and 1 teacher work day. It is fun to be able to countdown to the end of something, but you also sometimes just feel like you are counting down. For those of you have the job that never ends (in other words, no summer break), I am sure you countdown for vacations and have a taste of what I feel. I played Trivial Pursuit Review with science questions with my classes yesterday. It was like pulling teeth in one of the classes. The other two classes worked very hard to learn and review. As a reward to those who worked well (and because I am tired of fighting the others), we are watching Fat Albert today and Monday. So, yeah, I am ending with some tough stuff. On exam day, we will have another review before the exam to brush up on science. I have actually been pretty impressed with what they have remembered from the year - chemical bonds, periodic table, chemical/physical changes, types of energy, and more. Hopefully, they do just as well on the actual test as they did on the game.

Jeremy is also looking to an end of his school. He goes longer than me though by about 3 days. He has a very large project due in one class that is not very easy, and another final project in the other class. He is feeling as motivated as I am to push through to the end. He will survive though and earn his professional certification for GIS. I am proud of him. Well, I hope all is well in everyone's worlds right now. Feel free to email or post comments to stay in touch.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Race

My parents came on Friday night. We had lasagna for supper - carb-ing up! Jeremy and I went to play volleyball with some friends. Mom and Dad came to watch; it's been a long time since I've played with fans :) It was a lot of fun to play. We cut our night short - only one hour of playing - because we had to race the next day, and we had company. We chatted awhile before heading to bed. In the morning, we woke up, ate a bit of breakfast, and headed downtown. There were so many people - estimates of over 45,000! There were lots of people wearing hot pink wigs in honor of Heather Pick, a newscaster here in Columbus. Jeremy, Mom, and I lined up toward the back of the pack. It took 4 minutes just to get to the starting line after the gun went off. Jeremy went ahead of us and made it to the finish line in 30 minutes. Mom and I ran the whole time and made it in 35 minutes. I was very proud of her and me. I think she was about two steps ahead of me the whole time. She said it didn't even feel that she was running very far because there was so much to look at. We grabbed water and bananas before meeting up with Jeremy. When we got home, we showered and everyone headed out to B.d. Mongolian BBQ for lunch. It was a new experience for my parents, and we hadn't been there for awhile. That afternoon, I took a much needed 2 hour nap; reportedly, my mom did the same thing when she got home as well.

Sunday was Senior Salute for the senior youth at Westerville. It is a nice night of recognition for them. Otherwise, I took it pretty easy on Sunday. Hope everyone has had a great start to this week. It looks like our beautiful weather will continue a few more days!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Week in Review

So, I made it .... and so did Jeremy. It was a good week - nothing bad, nothing exceptional. The weather, as you all know, has been up or down. I am sitting covering a fellow teacher's class noticing the blue skies, barely moving leaves, and sunshine. I hope tomorrow morning stays rain-free. My mom is coming to run (or walk or jog) in the Race for the Cure 5K with me (and Jeremy....but he'll be way ahead of us!) tomorrow morning. I don't feel like running in rain and it is more fun to be with that many people on a nice day. My parents are coming to stay the night tonight. Jeremy and I are playing volleyball with a group tonight for awhile; my parents will get to be "fans" - not really, but they agreed to go watch and volleyball is really hard to give up. Hope everyone is having a great week. Enjoy the weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was a busy and memorable weekend. Jeremy and I headed home to thank our mothers for who they are and have been to us over the years. We went to my parents on Friday night to have a little alone time with them before all my siblings and their children arrived. It was good to be together and share the evening chatting. I always enjoy staying overnight because I know the next morning I will get to go on a walk with my mom. It is our time to reconnect and spend together. We did that on Saturday while Jeremy worked on school work at the library and Dad went to the office. We also went to the library and the bulk food store to pick up cheap meat and cheese. We had funeral burgers (one of my favorites!) for lunch. Around 2pm, Nate, Jen, and their three kids rolled in. A bit later, Luke, Steph, and their two kids arrived. And finally, Ben, Steph and their kid arrived. Dad had arranged for us to cook so mom could have the night off. I don't think she really knew what to do with herself :) It was a delicious meal - pulled pork, smoked chicken, macaroni and cheese, cheesy potatoes, salad, roasted vegetables, cole slaw, chips, two peanut butter pies, two milky way pies, and a strawberry pie. Whew!

Jeremy and I went to his parent's house on Saturday night. I didn't make it to the end of the Cavs game, although the rest of them managed to stay up. We went to Grace Brethren on Sunday morning. It was a nice service - good special music and baby dedication. Afterwards we shared a meal at Smithville Inn - baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, homemade noodles, and biscuits. It, too, was delicious and plenty of food! We sat and chatted for awhile at their house before heading to see Jeremy's grandpa for a bit before going home.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves. We are blessed to have families who love us and enjoy one another. And specifically mothers who have blessed us with their love and their lives.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Weekend

Ahhh... the weekend. Friday night Jeremy and I cleaned house. Yep, what a romantic date night! I tell you what, even though neither of us was too siked to do it, we just plunged in. After cleaning, we ordered pizza and watched Super Size Me. I realize that is a crazy combination, but the movie was good and kinda funny at parts. Because we cleaned Friday, we didn't have that task to do Saturday morning which was great. Instead, I slept til nine. Jeremy started packing. He went on a hiking trip with Mike and one of Mike's friends. I am excited for them as Jeremy has been waiting to back pack since his spring break in March. They headed to Mohican where it was a bit sunnier than the south option. I got to go play 2 hours of sand volleyball (2 on 2) in gorgeous weather! The clouds cleared out, the sun shined, and the temperature was a perfect 60F. Amazing. I worked on laundry, baked some banana bread, and watched 27 Dresses (for the third time) for the rest of the night. I have no big plans for tomorrow - finish up my online classes, fold clothes, work on monthly budget, and grocery shop, and of course, a rocking church service.

An update on my Grandpa for those in prayer... apparently, he had a turnaround on Wednesday. The doctor saw some positive signs. So, I think Grandpa is going to go to a rehab center to work on his speech, motor functions, and swallowing. He will have to have a feeding tube, I think. Please continue to pray for the family though as decisions continue to be made. Thanks for all your love and prayers