Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love Is...

This week my goal is the next part of the verse ...
Love is not jealous, does not brag, and is not proud
I think this seems a little bit easier than last week, but I am sure that I will find the challenges. For instance, I am jealous of teachers who really don't have to plan lessons because they have the luxury of teaching the same thing they did last year. I have never had this luxury, but it seems harder to keep up this year. I am not only planning lessons, but the harder thing... creating curriculum from other books (some books are too high level and some are way too basic). Anyway, I do have some work to do. I am also jealous of the ease of which my brothers can invite my parents over for the evening because they live so close. For me, it is a great production to get to Dalton or them to get to Columbus. On the other hand, it is a whole lot easier than it was when we were in Colorado!

Life is going fine. Tomorrow, I go get a flu shot for the first time I can remember. They say because I am pregnant, I should get all the protection possible from these germ-y kids! Hopefully, the side effects will be mild. Jeremy helped out last night folding clothes and grilling chicken; it was so nice because yesterday zapped me of energy. (No, this isn't the first time he's done this, but I was just really appreciative!) One Tree Hill started up last week for anyone that is into that teenage soap opera (that would be me). The time switched to 8pm and I missed part of it. If you haven't been watching it, don't take this as a recommendation; this is for those who got sucked in first season like my friend Sandy and me. So, that's about it for us. I have a 4 week check up next Monday to see how Baby Yoh is progressing. That means belly shots for you. Hope all is well in your world. Have a great week!

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