Saturday, October 31, 2009

Parents Visit

My parents (as I mentioned in the nursery update) came to visit this Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we hung out at the house. I made turkey-spinach loaf with baked potatoes and salad for supper with peanut butter pie for dessert. We put together the crib and just sat and talked. On Saturday, we decided to go "hiking" in Highbanks MetroPark. It is a beautiful place to walk and a nice change of pace from road walking. Despite the weather, we headed out around 10:45 to the park. When we got there, it was overcast and damp, but not raining. It was a good, brisk walk. Last weekend was definitely the prime time to go walking to enjoy the leaves and the sunshine, but today, it was still nice. We ate at El Vaquero - this is quite possibly our favorite Mexican restaurant in Columbus, and maybe anywhere. After a leisurely lunch, we parted ways. Mom and Dad headed home, possibly to blow leaves into a pile. Jeremy and I to pick out new lighting and sink fixtures for our bathroom. Jeremy is in the midst of installing our lights - I think we chose well. Our fixtures will go in after we get new laminate countertops (date to be determined). Tonight, we will eat pizza and watch either college football or a movie (it depends on if there is any good movie rentals available). I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Nursery Update

My parents came to visit on Friday night through Saturday lunch. They brought a crib and changing table - a nice, used gift from my brother. My aunt had made Jeremy and I a queen-sized flannel comforter for our wedding gift (if you are not jealous with that statement, you should be because a flannel comforter is a little piece of heaven!). She gave my mom the leftover scraps from the comforter. My mom thought she would turn them into throw pillows for our bed, which was a great idea. Three years has passed and still no pillows, but she made a baby blanket out of the scraps instead. It is great - so soft, natural colors, and perfect. I am excited to put it on the floor for baby Yoh to lay on. Thanks, Mom! (You can see the blanket draped over the crib rail.) So, the nursery finally looks more like a nursery. We have a glider rocker, crib, changing table, bookshelf, and dresser.... and one measly picture yet to be hung. So many ask about the theme for the nursery. I have no idea. I don't intend on registering on any fancy bedding, just sheets, for the crib. My one picture has about 9 farm animals on it. I like it, but don't really want a farm animal theme. I would be okay with an animal theme however - you know, wild ones and domesticated ones. My mom has a framed embroidery project with the alphabet and different animals just sitting in a closet at her house. She said I could add this to my wall art. I remember this hanging up when I was growing up, so I'll probably pick that up at some point. (Perhaps she can just wrap it up for my baby shower!) That's it for now. We need to touch up some worn paint on the changing table, but otherwise, the nursery is ready for the baby. Well, almost....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I forgot to blog about this comment by a student the other day....

At school, students are not allowed to wear hoodies (although plenty of them do). I was in the hallway and passed a student I didn't know wearing a hoodie. I asked him to please put it in his locker. When he didn't respond, I said, "Do you have a locker?' He answered in the negative. Well, of course, this is a lie since every student has a locker, but I decided not to argue that. So, I just said, "Then why don't you leave your hoodie at home since you have nowhere to keep it here." His response (get ready...) "Oh, so you want me to walk to school in the cold without my hoodie and get swine flu?" It left me almost speechless.... I think we really need to let the CDC know that our best defense against the swine flu is apparently a hooded sweatshirt. Keep that in mind if you have been unable to get a vaccine. Just one more helpful hint from the youth of America!

First Class

We had our first Labor and Delivery Class on Monday night. I have been meaning to blog sooner about it, but time has gotten away from me. The class is held at the hospital for 5 weeks every Monday night. There are only 3 other couples in our group, and only 2 of them came on Monday. They are really nice though. Their due dates are 12/5 and 12/6, so they are a month ahead of us. Our instructor is really nice. We did things like write down questions that we had about the last month and delivery. We watched a movie showing a few different births. We learned about the hospital's policy or guidelines for delivery. We practicing breathing through a "contraction" (obviously, not a real one). They say it can help to rub your stomach during a contraction. So, I rubbed my stomach while Jeremy timed my minute long contraction. Then he rubbed my stomach while timing my minute long contraction. It will be interesting when I am in labor how much I want him to touch my belly. In general (like when I am mad or sad), I would rather not be touched... perhaps labor is different. We discussed this on the way home :) We learned stuff though about the phases of labor and what to expect. It was good, but exhausting to go from work and then class for 2-1/2 hours and then back to work the next morning. I was definitely tired on Wednesday.

I had a teacher tell me today that I have really started to "pop" this week in particular. I tend to agree with her assessment. I said that's good because my parents are going to come visit and haven't seen me in person for about a month, so I might as well give them something to look at! Hope everyone is having a great week. It is already Thursday tomorrow; enjoy the last two days.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I made it through this week. I went to school on Monday feeling like I was getting a little better, but by Tuesday my head was starting to hurt and my voice was shot. So, I decided to take Wednesday off of work. It is not a typical strategy of mine, but somehow it is understandable to people when you are pregnant :) So, I used the pregnancy card; I don't often do it, but I did. I slept late, laid around, and went out of the house only once. (know it was a beautiful day, but I was sick!) I went to Grove City (about 30 minutes from the house) to stand in line to get the H1N1 vaccine. Yeah, I am now vaccinated and so is little baby Yoh. It was not too bad of a wait because I got there an hour early. As I waited, the line grew and grew and grew; it was a little ridiculous. Waiting outside to go in was not a challenge though because, as I said, it was a perfect day. I went back to work on Thursday and Friday, and I think I can safely say, I am getting better! I decided that every work week should be Monday - Tuesday, work; Wednesday, off; Thursday - Friday, work. I think that is an even better arrangement than a Monday or Friday off. I know that means no three day weekend, but it also means never working three days in a row. Just think about it ...

Not much else to report. Jeremy had a dentist's appointment, went to work every day, joined a local gym, took a bike ride, and made chicken pot pie for us on Wednesday. Today, he is working security at the Buckeyes game. Hopefully, he will stay dry and warm; it is really not a very pretty day. This coming week doesn't bring a whole lot of excitement... painting bathroom cabinets, getting in touch with carpet guy, and small group. On Friday night, my parent are coming for a visit and bringing the crib and changing table from my brother's house. This will be the first nursery thing we have done since this summer. I think it is one more way to adjust to the baby that will be arriving in 10 weeks. That's right, I am 30 weeks pregnant. The baby weighs (according to random books) about 3 pounds and stretches about 17 inches from head to toe. It also can open its eyelids, has eyelashes and eyebrows, can differientiate voices, and see light changes. Keep growing, baby, keep growing!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Bump Update

Well, it is that time again... baby bump time. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow, and for once, I am a step ahead of the game.
So, to refresh your memory, this was me on September 30th at 26 weeks, 5 days.
I feel like I am really getting big in the last week or two, but maybe it just feels that way. Here is me now on October 18th at 29 weeks, 2 days. I looks more like my baby is just creeping higher up. Who knows what the little tyke is doing! I do know my waist is now bigger than my husband's, and I am definitely gaining weight at each appointment. My baby is also kicking and swimming, and moving. I think he/she is rarely quiet, except while I am up in front of the class teaching. Well, that's about it as far as the update goes. Until next time (2 weeks from now)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Productive Day

Today Jeremy and I went all over the place. I slept in, drank liquids, and am still fighting the temptation to cough and talk without hoarseness. We drove to a carpet warehouse to get the carpet we had been looking at for 1/2 the price - way to cut out the middle man! We can get it installed and all for about $1000 less than the carpet store could do for us. We placed the order. We went to Menard's (save big money at Menard's) in Lancaster. We wanted to check out the laminate countertop for our upstairs bathroom. We found some we liked, but didn't order any. We went out to eat because we were hungry (and in honor of Sweetest Day??) at La Cascada because it was in the Entertainment book. (We joked that those are the only places we ever go to eat - if there is a buy one, get one coupon!) From there, we checked out the shoe selection at Famous Footwear. Oh yeah, in between there we went to Old Navy for some jeans for Jeremy. Finally, we headed home. We got home and relaxed for a brief moment before Jeremy said he wanted to go check out some things at Lowe's. So, I put my shoes back on, and we headed out. We got another estimate on the same countertop and found out you can save big money at Menard's... like $60! (So, we'll have to go back to Menard's at some point.) We found vanity lights we like, as well as new faucets for our sink. We'll get those later. Finally, we purchased some dark brown paint to update our base cabinets in the bathroom. We'll see what all happens, but our home is slowly getting updated....

The good news is that because we were running around most of the day we didn't have to sit and watch the slow, torture on the football field - yeah, you know the game I am referring to. Maybe next week will be better. Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, October 16, 2009


So, I haven't posted all week for a few reasons....
1) It was spirit week at school because of homecoming. This is great idea and I usually love it. For some reason, the students struggle with this week. I think it is different than a normal week and they think that means they get to act different too. For example, they could dress out of dress code for a week IF they were participating in spirit days. This became merely an excuse to wear whatever they want. (Normally, they have to wear dress pants/khakis, and polo style shirt.) So, they were off the hook in class! Exhausting.

2) I started getting a sore throat on Sunday night. So, I fought against that all week - having to talk all day long when your throat is not up to par is difficult and draining. On Wednesday, my throat hurt to swallow. On Thursday, I could swallow, but I couldn't hardly talk, and I could feel my nose starting to stuff up. Blah!

3) We were busy most nights - carpet lady came to take some measurements, small group one night, etc

I am posting today because I have the day off. It was a scheduled day for the school (something about COTA day for professional development in the past; now, a day off). This is why I didn't take a sick day earlier in the week as I may have normally. I have an appointment with the doctor at 11:30am. I am sure it is just a cold because that is what it feels like, and I don't have a fever along with it. My OB wanted me to go just to be cautious. So, if it's just a cold, I am going on a hunt for cold medicine you can take while pregnant. Otherwise, I'll be resting, drinking (water), and enjoying my day off - a welcome day, even if I am sick! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Bundle up, it sounds like a cold one!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funny Things

Some days I come home from work and tell Jeremy the "question of the day" from my students or the funniest thing I heard. Here are a few from this week...
1. When learning the cell theory (all living things have cells, all things have one or many cells, and all cells come from cells), I had some questions.. One student, figuring all things had cells and therefore all have the same structure, asked, "Do ants have hearts?" Honestly, I had no idea, nor have I ever thought about it. I said, "I think they have a circulatory system, so they must have a heart, but I really have no clue." (Here is the answer, in case you are wondering: The heart - the ants heart is a long tube.It pumps a whiteish blood from the abdomen to the brain.The blood spills out over the brain and oozes through the body to the abdomen.It then reenters the heart.As the blood flows, it nourishes the cells in the antennae,leg muscles,and other organs.) Also, along the cell theory in regards to the third part (all cells come from cells), one student said, "Where did the first cell come from?" Great question, and one I had no answer to. I simply said, "I have no idea." The truth being that God had created what we now know as cells and therefore the first cell came from God, but public schools don't allow for that.

2. Today, I went into a room to talk to a teacher about a student. She said, "Oh, look at your belly!" I hear a group of boys quietly carry on this dialogue in the back of the room: "There's a lot of pregnant teachers here." to which the reply came, "They're getting a lot of action!" I must say I NEVER thought of even THINKING that about my teachers when I was in school. It made me giggle to myself though :)

3. The other day, a student said, "Does it hurt when your baby moves?" My response, "No" "Well, what does it feel like? Does it feel like an alien is in your belly?" "Ummm... yes, I guess it does kinda feel like an alien is in my belly." The next day..."Do you still feel the alien in your belly?" Yes, now on to cells....

4. When learning that a scientist discovered that only animals come from animals and plants from plants.... I explained how we already know that. Animals can't come from plants - we are just as smart as that scientist! One student raised his hand and said, "I was reading on the internet about a woman who got pregnant from a horse? Is this possible?" I explained that this could not be true considering only animals of the same species can breed and humans are not the same species as horses, and this could not be true. I also said that it is easy to read things on the internet and believe they are true, but not all of it is true.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


This weekend Jeremy and I got away. That's right - just the two of us and not on the road to a commitment in another state. We haven't done that since we went to Denver while in Colorado. We chose Cinncinati as our destination city because we hadn't been there together and it is fairly close, but it is not Columbus. We left on Friday after Jeremy got home from work. On the way down, we stopped at Jeffersonville Prime Outlets to see if there were any good deals... none that we couldn't pass up. We arrived at La Quinta Inn around 10pm and settled in for the night.

We slept late (8:30ish), ate breakfast, and left for our day out. We went to the Gap Clearance Store in Hebron, Kentucky first. I had heard there were good deals on their pregnancy clothes and I wanted to check it out. I found a pair of brown pants and two sweaters for only $24 for everything! I need to do a little repair on the sweater (be prepared, mom, to help), but otherwise I think they were pretty good buys. Jeremy did not get so lucky. We headed to lunch - Chipotle... shared a burrito. Then, we went to Newport on the Levee, which is like Easton on the Ohio River. We thought we would check out the movie selection. I wanted to see Fame; Jeremy would have gone, but I wanted to do something we would both enjoy.

So, we decided to splurge and go to the Aquarium. It was really neat. We decided that neither us had ever been to an Aquarium before. I mean, we had been to them at the zoo, but not a place that is nothing but an aquarium. It wasn't too crowded, just a few groups of kids. I found a group of frogs I could kiss :), but I have already found my prince, so no need to kiss them! (I know, but I had to be a little cheesy!) In one place you can go "into" the shark cage. You watch a movie on a screen and stand on a platform that rocks and shakes as the sharks swim around you in the ocean and bump into the cage. It felt very real and convinced me I didn't ever want to be in the ocean in a shark cage. The cute thing is that this little boy - 3 years old or so?? - would stand on the platform and cover his eyes and wait for the shark to hit the cage and then he would laugh so loud; he loved it! In another section of the aquarium you could walk over the alligator tank and see them below you through the glass floor. Another little boy about 3 or 4 stood at the edge of the bridge area and would go to take a step and whimper. He was petrified to cross the glass bridge over the alligators. I asked if he wanted some help; he immediately said yes, and let me pick him up and carry him across. It was very cute :) We also enjoyed the jellyfish room. It had a number of different kinds of jellyfish and really cool tanks holding them. Some of the tanks allowed you to change the color of the light and therefore the color of the jellyfish that reflect the light. Right before exiting, you look above the tank that houses the sharks, sea turtles, sting rays, and fish that you saw from the tunnels and peepholes below. You could look through a periscope to see below the water through the eyes of the fish!

After the Aquarium, we went to eat at Montgomery Inn, a famous rib place in Cinncinati. The one we went to overlooks the river. It was a very unique dining experience because of the river, circular restaurant, and greater experience. The ribs that Jeremy had were (according to him) delicious - juicy, thick, and falls-off-the-bone. I ordered blackened salmon with sauteed veggies. (I don't like ribs or bbq sauce.) My salmon was delicious! As I was eating my veggies, I noticed a strange looking herb on one of my zucchinis. I said to Jeremy, "Look it looks like a bug!" I was just kidding until I looked closer and noticed it really was a cooked bug! (FYI, this pic is not the actual bug, but I do have a pic on my cell phone if you want to see it!) I finished my salmon and left my veggies. When the waitress came to take our plates, I mentioned the bug and showed it to her on the side of my plate. She had a disgusted look on her face and said she would show the manager. When she returned, she had taken my meal off the ticket and offered us each a dessert of our choice. We were stuffed already, but who turns down dessert! So, I ordered strawberry shortcake, and Jeremy ordered profiteroles. Huge portions came our way! My strawberry shortcake was delicious. There were three profiteroles on Jeremy's plate. These are cream puff shells filled with vanilla ice cream (from Graeters) and topped with thick hot fudge. We were unable to finish what we ordered, but it was worth the effort. :) Even with the bug, I would still recommend Montgomery Inn, the food was amazing.

Sunday, we went to IKEA before heading home. We checked out the kitchen set-ups, and I was once again a little jealous. We bought two tiny tables to replace our coffee table, but that was it. We got home around 4pm. Jeremy is at his LIFE group (youth group small group), and I am here blogging. Hope everyone has a great upcoming week.