Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I forgot to blog about this comment by a student the other day....

At school, students are not allowed to wear hoodies (although plenty of them do). I was in the hallway and passed a student I didn't know wearing a hoodie. I asked him to please put it in his locker. When he didn't respond, I said, "Do you have a locker?' He answered in the negative. Well, of course, this is a lie since every student has a locker, but I decided not to argue that. So, I just said, "Then why don't you leave your hoodie at home since you have nowhere to keep it here." His response (get ready...) "Oh, so you want me to walk to school in the cold without my hoodie and get swine flu?" It left me almost speechless.... I think we really need to let the CDC know that our best defense against the swine flu is apparently a hooded sweatshirt. Keep that in mind if you have been unable to get a vaccine. Just one more helpful hint from the youth of America!

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