Friday, October 16, 2009


So, I haven't posted all week for a few reasons....
1) It was spirit week at school because of homecoming. This is great idea and I usually love it. For some reason, the students struggle with this week. I think it is different than a normal week and they think that means they get to act different too. For example, they could dress out of dress code for a week IF they were participating in spirit days. This became merely an excuse to wear whatever they want. (Normally, they have to wear dress pants/khakis, and polo style shirt.) So, they were off the hook in class! Exhausting.

2) I started getting a sore throat on Sunday night. So, I fought against that all week - having to talk all day long when your throat is not up to par is difficult and draining. On Wednesday, my throat hurt to swallow. On Thursday, I could swallow, but I couldn't hardly talk, and I could feel my nose starting to stuff up. Blah!

3) We were busy most nights - carpet lady came to take some measurements, small group one night, etc

I am posting today because I have the day off. It was a scheduled day for the school (something about COTA day for professional development in the past; now, a day off). This is why I didn't take a sick day earlier in the week as I may have normally. I have an appointment with the doctor at 11:30am. I am sure it is just a cold because that is what it feels like, and I don't have a fever along with it. My OB wanted me to go just to be cautious. So, if it's just a cold, I am going on a hunt for cold medicine you can take while pregnant. Otherwise, I'll be resting, drinking (water), and enjoying my day off - a welcome day, even if I am sick! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Bundle up, it sounds like a cold one!

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