Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday... Work Day

Saturday was another home improvement day for us.  My brother (Nate) came up and offered more of his day than we had predicted.  He brought up the oldest two kids, so Jen wouldn't have all four by herself.  Nate and Jeremy started pulling off the bathroom countertop around 10:30 in the morning.  They had the new one installed by 1:00.  They next duty was installing the new faucets.  Then, they began tearing up the flooring and removing the toliet.  This is where they ran into trouble.  The metal ring was rusted straight through and seemed to be unrepairable.  They tried what they thought would be a quick fix from Home Depot to no avail.  Nate left around 7pm, hoping for the best.  We were both thankful for all his help.

In the meantime, I took the two girls to Highbanks Metro Park to go to the nature center and run on the trails.  It was a lot of fun.  They ran and ran and ran on the trail.  I walked - no running for pregnant aunt!  We came home, and they started Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie while I picked up pizza for lunch.  We colored for awhile, watched Finding Nemo, and then they played hide-and-seek while I laid on the couch.  It was fun, but I was totally exhausted!!! 

It was a good, productive day.  An update on the bathroom... Jeremy found the perfect solution at Lowe's, fixed the toliet, installed the flooring, and reset the toliet. Yeah, my bathroom is back for my late night trips to the potty :) 

Friday, November 27, 2009

So much going on!

I'll start with Thanksgiving... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  We went to Salem Mennonite's Thanksgiving day sale.  It is one of my favorite things of the year.  We bought some tasty treats and enjoyed the time to catch up with people.  We moved to my parents' house next for Thanksgiving feasting.  It was quieter than normal - not from lack of kids though.  We got the little boys fed quickly and coralled them upstairs for nap time.  The girls play so well together - no supervision necessary.  We actually had some adult talk time during/after the meal!  We laid around - stuffed to the brim - for a bit before needing to head on to the next party.  We went to Jeremy's grandpa's home next for an extended family gathering.  There were lots of ooohhhs over my ever increasing belly.  We were too full to keep eating, but it was good to reconnect with family.  We returned to Columbus by 8ish than night.  It was a good, tiring day.  (I went to bed by 9, I think.)

In other busy news.... we were able to get new carpet installed from our main floor up into the baby's room on Wednesday.  So, Tuesday night we had a friend volunteer his services to move furniture into the kitchen (which is tile) and our room (which we didn't recarpet).  On Wednesday, the carpet was installed.  It looks good - clean!!!  It is still light colored, but it just feels good.  We rearranged the furniture to have a more spacious set up to eventually accommodate baby stuff (pack n play, floor mat, etc).  I am still getting used to it, but I think I like it.  Our friend returned on Wednesday night to move all the furniture back - fantastic!  We also met with a window guy on Tuesday.  He kept it short, sweet, and to the point.  The price was better than the last place, so I think we are going to go for it and get new windows too.  (The tax credit - 30% - is a great incentive as well.) 

We finished up our labor and delivery classes on Monday.... I am sure we will be pros at it when the time arrives - no problems, no questions, no worries (you can always dream!)  It did help us get on the same page, and we did learn a lot!  This coming week we have a tour of the maternity ward at Grant Hospital and a breastfeeding class to go to.  Having a first baby is a lot of work/education!  I have another doctor's appointment on Monday, and then every week after that until the big day - only 5 more weeks til the estimated date of arrival :) 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  There are only 4 more weeks til Christmas.  Remember in the midst of all the busy goings to take time for each other and to praise our God for the gift of His Son. 

Friday, November 20, 2009


Thank you for prayers after yesterday's blog.  Today was a little better.  I had a chance to talk to some of the problems from yesterday when we weren't both frustrated with each other.  It went well.  Plus in my last period class, a student said, "Mrs. Yoh, why are you always so happy?"  At least I can recover with God's help from a lousy day.

I am excited for the weekend.  I am headed home to hang out with some college friends and celebrate upcoming baby at a shower with folks from back home.  I am looking forward to the adult interaction.  I have no idea what Jeremy is going to do - watch the game on Saturday, I am sure!, paint trim? paint cabinets? relax? clean? Who knows, it will be a few days of bachelorhood re-lived :)  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today was a rough day on the job.  I wonder how kids get the way they get.  There are a lot of good kids out there.  Like the girl who is a problem in a lot of classes, but said to me today, "I like your class."  Or the way they work so hard to learn science that is so hard, even for the average kid - things like: meiosis, homologous chromosomes, mitosis, PMAT, etc.  It is a lot to ask, and a lot of them step up to the plate every day.  There are others that say, "We missed you yesterday; where were you?"  These are the students that keep me going back to school.  It is hard when you give and give and give, and get nothing in return.  You provide structure to the class, give kids second chances, start with a new page everyday, and they accuse you of being unfair and push the limits in any way possible.  Some sleep through class on a habitual basis, and others you wish would sleep because then they wouldn't be a distraction to those wanting to learn.  I think my students are great, even the tough ones.  I know they want to learn because eventually they work.  I just wish it would happen without arguing about it first.  Every day is a new day and I keep reminding myself of that.  I also remind myself that I only have 19 days til Christmas break, and a good chance of having a 12 week break!  Pray for may sanity and patience for tomorrow.  I just need a little more energy to get through this week.  Okay, thanks for reading.  It is not hopeless, just difficult.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Some of you may wonder what Jeremy does when he works security various places.  This photo is courtesy of his cousins who saw him on the job at the OSU vs Iowa game last Saturday.  It looks like he definitely suffering through a little extra Saturday work.  :)  He has been able to be right on the field for a couple games now.  Although he can't turn around to watch the action, he often has a great view on the megatron screens... and come on, he is at the game and on  the field. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, this week has been good.  Monday started off with a bang.  I met a friend from my Ashland days, Laura, at the Cheesecake Factory for an early supper - salad, white pizza, and vanilla bean cheesecake... yum!  It was good to catch up with her; it had been too long.  After that, Jeremy and I went to our Labor and Delivery Class.  It was the big hospital tour class.  It was good to see the hospital and the process that we'll go through.  And it is a process!  I am used to Wooster Hospital where I have visited many neices and nephews.  There you check-in, get a room, and stay there til you leave the hospital.  Here, you start in the triage room (a tiny, tiny place), then you move to the birthing room (a very nice place from the looks of it), and finally to a recovery room (a little small, but otherwise nice).  It just seems like a lot of moving around.  I am sure it's not that big of a deal, but it was different than what I had known. 

Jeremy had Wednesday off and was kept plenty busy - meeting his old gang for breakfast, getting ready for the Yoh Show on Sunday, hunting for Tofurkey Creme Soda (anyone know where you can this?  He's still looking!), visiting a good friend, and other random things.  It is always nice to have a day off to catch up.  This Saturday he is working the OSU game, so he won't really have a Saturday. 

Otherwise, I am just thankful for the way my daily prayer for energy is answered.  Every morning I wake up and fight to get myself out of bed.  I am just tiiiired.  I ask God for the energy to make it through the day.  This is not because my kids at school are horrible or I hate my job, but I am just tired.  The last two days, I have come home and actually gone for a walk after relaxing on the couch for awhile.  Yesterday, my sweet husband, went with me.  It was exactly what I needed because for some inexplicible reason I was on the verge of tears.  It was good to have someone with me.  So, the weekend is approaching, and I am looking forward to it!  I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday.  It looks to be a beautiful weekend weather-wise; enjoy!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby Bump Update

So, here is the promised update on the baby bump..... As a reminder, this was me on October 18, 2009. That was 29 weeks, 2 days.

This is not much farther along than that - November 7, 2009. That's 32 weeks, 1 day. The baby is (on average) about 4 - 5 pounds at this point. It is unbelievable that I only have 8 weeks left. Many people think that I am still small. I remind them that I am tall AND have a long torso. So, that baby has a mansion to roam around in and grow into. Additionally, I feel like I am getting big. It is harder to get off the couch, in and out of the car, and move in general. Really, though I am feeling good. I am tired, but not sick. I am growing, but don't have any serious body pains. I have an appointment in another week, so I'll probably update around that time. I don't know how much a person grows in the last 8 weeks, but I imagine it is a lot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy Week, Short Week

My work week (not Jeremy's) was short - just Wednesday - Friday. Somehow, it has been tiring.
  • On Monday, we had an all day inservice, which was actually better than most.
  • Tuesday, we had no school due to the buildings being used as polling sites. (The results of the election for Reynoldsburg were not good. Our levy failed for the third try. We will be cutting millions from the district, but $1.3 million from just the high school. I have no idea who/what will get reduced, but it is a bit depressing around here as we wait for news.) I ran around most of the day Tuesday getting things done - groceries, banking, book work, etc. We had the carpet guy come to do measurements so we can get moving on installation soon, hopefully. Then, we headed to small group; it is always nice to connect with people here.
  • On Wednesday, I was back at work - stayed late writing an IEP I had procrastinated on, came home to listen to a sales pitch for new windows ... for 2 hours!! Crazy people just don't understand that some people like to think about large purchases before signing up for it.
  • On Thursday, back at work - stayed late helping some long-term subs in the department figure out paperwork, came home to write science test.
  • Friday - aaahh, Friday. It will be a good day - test and games with the extra time. I am happy for the weekend where we have nothing planned, but where things still need to get done - so I'll be productive, but relaxed :) I hope everyone has a great weekend as well. The weather has been so nice lately - sunshine!
I'll post soon with another baby bump picture (should have been done on Monday, but that's okay). Until next time...