Friday, November 27, 2009

So much going on!

I'll start with Thanksgiving... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  We went to Salem Mennonite's Thanksgiving day sale.  It is one of my favorite things of the year.  We bought some tasty treats and enjoyed the time to catch up with people.  We moved to my parents' house next for Thanksgiving feasting.  It was quieter than normal - not from lack of kids though.  We got the little boys fed quickly and coralled them upstairs for nap time.  The girls play so well together - no supervision necessary.  We actually had some adult talk time during/after the meal!  We laid around - stuffed to the brim - for a bit before needing to head on to the next party.  We went to Jeremy's grandpa's home next for an extended family gathering.  There were lots of ooohhhs over my ever increasing belly.  We were too full to keep eating, but it was good to reconnect with family.  We returned to Columbus by 8ish than night.  It was a good, tiring day.  (I went to bed by 9, I think.)

In other busy news.... we were able to get new carpet installed from our main floor up into the baby's room on Wednesday.  So, Tuesday night we had a friend volunteer his services to move furniture into the kitchen (which is tile) and our room (which we didn't recarpet).  On Wednesday, the carpet was installed.  It looks good - clean!!!  It is still light colored, but it just feels good.  We rearranged the furniture to have a more spacious set up to eventually accommodate baby stuff (pack n play, floor mat, etc).  I am still getting used to it, but I think I like it.  Our friend returned on Wednesday night to move all the furniture back - fantastic!  We also met with a window guy on Tuesday.  He kept it short, sweet, and to the point.  The price was better than the last place, so I think we are going to go for it and get new windows too.  (The tax credit - 30% - is a great incentive as well.) 

We finished up our labor and delivery classes on Monday.... I am sure we will be pros at it when the time arrives - no problems, no questions, no worries (you can always dream!)  It did help us get on the same page, and we did learn a lot!  This coming week we have a tour of the maternity ward at Grant Hospital and a breastfeeding class to go to.  Having a first baby is a lot of work/education!  I have another doctor's appointment on Monday, and then every week after that until the big day - only 5 more weeks til the estimated date of arrival :) 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  There are only 4 more weeks til Christmas.  Remember in the midst of all the busy goings to take time for each other and to praise our God for the gift of His Son. 

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Emmy Lou said...

Happy late thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a good one, I can't believe it is only 5 weeks till baby makes an appearance! CRAZY!