Monday, December 28, 2009


On Christmas Eve, we went to Westerville Christian Church for the Christmas Eve service.  It was very nice.  We have not been in Columbus on Christmas Eve because we are usually back home with family.  We enjoyed the time to spend the time worshipping with our church family. 
Merry Christmas (late).  I realized that my last post was nothing about Christmas, and it has quickly come and gone.  This is how we spent our Christmas season:

On Christmas day, we packed up the car and headed out by about 7:30am.  We had wanted to get to Jeremy's parents' home by about 9am, so we could celebrate family Christmas before Maynard needed to go pick up Jeremy's aunt and cousins from the airport.  It was a rainy morning, but we decided it was better than ice.  When we got there, we waited (as we usually do) for Jennifer to get up and ready for the day before Christmas could begin.  (To her credit, she was up working on Christmas stuff til the wee hours of the morning.)  We had a great time opening gifts one by one.  I find this takes longer, but at least you get to enjoy the process of seeing what everyone thought to give.  Jason gave us a two CDs of group from a local Minneapolis church; they are kinda bluegrass-ish.  I liked what I heard.  He also gave us a calendar that the company he works for makes; he works for Studio on Fire in Minneapolis - click on the link if you want to learn what he makes or what letterpress means.  Jennifer made me a really cool mosaic bottomed serving tray.  I am so impressed by people that can craft something.  I suppose if I tried, I could to, but what a gift to want to do that.  Maynard and Gloria gave us (among other things) a Flip video camera to record our precious moments.  Be prepared... video clips may soon be coming to the blog!

We went to the big family Christmas around 4pm for dinner and celebrating.  It is always fun to hang out with the family.  It reminds me of when my extended family gets together - lots of laughter, much conversation, and a very loud volume!  We had ham, creamed chicken sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, corn, and various other dishes.  We had a best of 3 tournament of Catch Phrase.  And, of course, we opened gifts.  By the time the night was done, it was 10:30pm, and I was exhausted, but happy.

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