Friday, January 8, 2010

Madison and Motherhood

Well, it has taken more than a week for me to publish a post, but that is not entirely atypical.  This week I haven't had the energy or the time to do it.  I once said (Jeremy continually reminds me) that having a dog with 5 puppies had to be more work than having a baby.  I will disagree with myself, although the puppies were a lot of work and stress.  What is nice about a baby is that (eventually) we will be able to go out with her, but the puppies are not as socially acceptable.  And I am on a tangent .... This has been a week of learning.  Jeremy has been able to be a part of the good times and extremely emotional times with me.  Let me just say that all of this mothering stuff does not come a naturally as people would claim.  The "I love my child and think she is the most beautiful thing in the world".. that part comes pretty naturally.  The knowing what to do when you breastfeed, when the baby cries, how to give a bath, how to survive on little sleep .. that part does not  come naturally.  I am so thankful that Jeremy was here to just listen and support me.  (He doesn't really think that is "doing" anything, but for all you dads/soon-to-be dads, that is a lot of help! 

So, pictures...  I have a lot, but am only going to take time to post a few here.  The top left is of Jeremy holding her in her going home outfit on Monday (1/4/10). She actually traveled very well in her car seat on that a snowy day.  The top right is her going to the doctor out fit on Wednesday (1/6/10).  She didn't cry at all that day, not even on the cold scale.  She left the hospital weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz, and at the doctor, she was up to 6 lbs, 10 oz - two ounces shy of her birth weight.... really packing on the ounces our little Madison.  The bottom left is just an incredibly good close up of her face.  Madison has stolen our hearts.  We could sit and watch her squirm and make noises for hours (if I could stay awake to do it!).  Our neighbor boy who is a fourth grader came over to peer at her.  He told Jeremy, "Man, you are so lucky, you can just sit and stare at her all day."  What a great observation!  The bottom right is the outfit her daddy bought for her when I sent him shopping for the newborn size pjs.  I think he did a great job :)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and Jeremy. I can't wait to meet "Little Madison". As soon as you are up for it, (and I have the chance) I will gladly come down and hold her so you can get some sleep or whatever else you would like to do. She is adorable!!!!

p.s. I think she looks like Jeremy when he was a baby. :)


Great-aunt Julie

Great-aunt Julie

Christi said...

Please eventhough you feel like your the only one that doesn't know what your doing you really aren't. I had a hard time figuring out nursing with both my kids- Noah was like a shark and attacked me causing improper latching that would leave me cracked and bruised while Mariah was a timid little cat- that would just like to snack and play- not really get the full buffet. I had to go to a lactation consultant several times- if you can get that support seek it- it's a little strange but SO valuable.

You have been in my thoughts and prayers and just remember that she won't be filling out a checklist before she goes to kindergarten saying what he parents did in her first years of life- do the best you can. :) love ya lady- Oh I know you don't think you have time to read a book but you really should get spilled milk- it's stories about breastfeeding it helps you to not feel so alone- atleast i liked it- there a good fun short stories- and the good thing is you are ussuall in a better situation that them :)

akime said...

Don't be too discouraged. Adam and I were terrified bringing Teagan home from the hospital, and knew how to do nothing - she wouldn't eat the entire first night home and I didn't sleep (neither did Adam). I cried and cried the next morning and Adam called a lactation consulatant. Seek help if you need it! Glad Jeremy's a big help. Adam couldn't figure out what to "do" either...and has since told me that little babies "scare" him! It does get easier, I promise. Just enjoy the time you can snuggle with her and stare at her - everything else is just details! I wanted to call, but wasn't sure when a good time was. If you need some moral support, call me. Really. Laura

great aunt Marianne said...

Be assured, you and your experiences so far, and your emotions are NORMAL! You and Madison will get a routine going, and you will feel more confident. So much of parenting...and mean long about taking a deep breath and being patient! I am so happy for you all. I readily volunteer to be a rocker! Highly qualified. Madison is so beautiful!

Kendra George said...

Just remember many mommies have gone before you in flying by the seat of your pants...I'm sure you are doing awesome because you are doing the best you know how to do -- which is how the rest of us are doing it! SHE IS SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL, Erin!! You have a definite keeper!! We love you guys, and I'll be calling again, know I am thinking and praying for you guys...time will give you confidence (and then something new will happen) I remember my sister told me just when you think you are getting it, it changes. I have found that is true throughout this whole year of Stanley's life. It's all good tho, i know you are doing awesome! just talk it through, and keep plugging away!