Monday, January 18, 2010

Pee and Poop

Pee and poop ... only parents of infants talk about and blog about pee and poop.  I am not going to bore you with how many and what kind it looks like, but I will post a funny story. I gave her her first bath without Grandma Ediger on Friday.  She screamed pretty much the entire time, but did a little better once submerged in the sink water.  I think it just must be cold - I wouldn't want to take a bath on a sponge either.  At the end, she was crying, so I thought I would comfort her a bit.  So, I wrapped her up in a lightweight towel and held her close to "shhhh" in her ear.  All of a sudden, I felt warmth on my belly.  I quickly set her back down and unwrapped the towel.  Not only had I been peed on, there was a good dose of poo in there too!  I cleaned us both up, sprayed the clothes with Dreft spray, and let them soak.  I think all of it came out, but what a way to end a bathing experience.  She also pretty much sets off a little fountain every time she gets her diaper changed.  Jeremy and I have both been wet on and tooted/pooped on during changing time.  Oh, the joys of parenting! :) 


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, aren't these fun little experiences something to laugh about? I had some doozie of stories about Teagan when she was newborn that are better told in person! Enjoy each little moment! :) Laura

Christi said...

that is how noah greeted me in this world- after he was born the put him on my chest and he just felt very relieved- fun times. they can be so cute though and cuddly- it balances out- right :)