Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Samaritan

Last night, I went to the grocery store while Jeremy had some quality daddy time with Madison.  I got all the groceries loaded in my trunk and headed home.  When I got home, Madison was hungry, so I fed her.  Then we were hungry, so we enjoyed our last meal that was brought to us from friends from church - delicious lasagna.  That evening, I put Madison to bed around 8:45 or so and thought, I might just go to bed; I hadn't felt well on Saturday night so I was pretty run down.  I started to gather my things - my little bag that travels up and down the stairs with me, my cell phone.... my cell phone.... I couldn't find my cell phone because it was in my purse and I couldn't find my purse.  The last time I had seen my purse was at Kroger.  I ran out to the car, totally freaking out.  I looked in the front seat, the back seat, and the trunk.  No purse to be found.  I came back in in a complete tizzy.  Jeremy suggested I call Kroger.  I said, Yeah, right, I am pretty sure I left it in the cart outside; who wouldn't take that?  I had A LOT of money in my purse not to mention credit cards and such.  I called Kroger and asked if someone had turned in a purse.  They asked what it looked like.  I described it.  They said they had it.  Jeremy went to pick it up.  And you know what, everything was still in there.  (Well, I am pretty sure... all the big bills were there, so I assume the little bills are there too.)  This is all to say, there are some good people out there still whether it was a bagger from Kroger or some random person.  I feel so lucky... or rather watched over by God :)


Anonymous said...

This type of incident restores some confidence in human nature and divine providence.

You are blessed.

Grandpa Yoh

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to Megans wallet when we were in Florida a couple years ago. She left it sitting on a shelf at Target. I didn't realize it was lost until we got back to the condo. Called and someone turned it in. I couldn't believe it!!!! (she only had $40.00 in it but I was so happy to get it back!) :)