Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Month Checkup

Big day today - Madison went for her one month check up.  I asked the doctor a lot of mundane questions - is spitting up okay?  she sometimes screams bloody murder when sitting serenely... is there something wrong?  is this cradle cap (dry scalp) anything to be concerned about?  is there a way to lengthen her nighttime feedings?  I am sure the doctor thought these were the easiest questions ever.  So, the vitals:
  • starting weight: 6 lbs 12 oz   one month weight: 8 lbs 0 oz   percentile: 25%
  • starting length: 18 in (or 19 in)   one month length: 20 in   percentile: 25%
  • starting head circumference: 13.5 in   one month head circumference: 15 in   percentile: 50%
So - little peanut with a big head :)  While we were there, I carried her to the scale to be weighed.  Then, I carried her back.  This sounds simple, right?  Well, the catch is you do all this without her diaper on.  Yeah, you know what I am hinting at... on the way back from the scale, Madison must have felt really comfortable and started peeing all over me and the floor.  It was a lot of pee.... at least I know she is not dehydrated.  I will have to be doing wash.  Madison also received her Hep B shot (the second one).  It was a serious cry, but she did calm down fairly quickly.  The doctor thought Madison still looked a little jaundiced, so she sent us to Children's to get blood drawn.  So, we drove there and had to get another prick.  I just got a call from the doctor.  The bilirubin (jaundice indicator) level was a little higher than normal, but she was concerned enough to make any changes to what we are doing.  They said jaundice can hang on a little longer in breastfed babies.  We are just supposed to watch she doesn't get more yellow this week.... that is hard because I didn't think she was that yellow today.  At least she is still healthy.  Needless to say, it was an exhausting day.  Which probably explains why she is still soundly sleeping in her car seat.  (I think I will just let her sleep at night in her car seat; I may get more sleep that way!)  Oh, she is stirring - it is the magically 2 hour time period of needing to eat.  I'll sign off and see what happens.  Have a great Tuesday.

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DeeDee said...

Perfect little peanut -- God created her!! Can't wait to see her/you and Jeremy next week.