Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post about nothing

I haven't posted since Sunday, so I thought I would do so.  I don't really have much to say though, so read with only if you are bored :)  I played volleyball at 8:30 on Monday night while Jeremy held down the fort here at home.  He is learning the ropes of taking care of Madison, and he has the worst time of day to learn - nighttime!  He is a trooper though and I am ever grateful for his willingness to do this fatherly duty every Monday night.  It feels so good to go sweat and exercise AND play my favorite sport.  We have had good competition both weeks now; we have also lost all our games both weeks now.  Oh well, I am still having fun.  Tomorrow Madison and I are meeting Jill, Winston, and Digby (I think that is how you spell his name) at the zoo.  We haven't been to the zoo for awhile and it will be fun to go with others.  Plus, it is supposed to be another beautiful day.  We are heading home for the Easter weekend and looking forward to family time.  I think as much as I am looking forward to it, I am also dreading it a bit.  Not being with my family or Jeremy's family, just the fact that we will be throwing our routine out of whack right before I head back to school.  Hopefully, Madison will be able to get a few regular naps in and will continue to be a power sleeper (and any worry will be for nothing).  Cheri came to take care of Madison on Tuesday morning from 9-noon.  It was great because I headed into school.  I made all my copies for my first week back, so I am feeling more prepared.  Hopefully, I can stay a little ahead of the game for awhile.  We'll see... it all starts up again next Tuesday.  (This, by the way, is a huge prayer request because I am worried about being able to physically survive and not be too exhausted.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

12 Week + 3 days Picture

Here are the pictures I said I needed to post a few days ago.  I don't think they are the best we have of her, but they are the most recent.  The first two are her on her activity mat; this is by far one of her favorite playtime activities.  The last two are from today; I think those little slipper shoes are hilarious.  Enjoy.  (Oh, and the little lady has gone to bed at 7:30/8:00pm and not woken up til 5am the past two nights!  We have never done that long of a stretch two times in a row.  Nice.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

12 Weeks Old

I should have a picture, right?  I have been a slacker when it comes to taking pictures.  I will try to get one posted sometime... actually, I have to take it first.  Madison is now 12 weeks old - a big turning point for a baby.  We'll see how things change. Here is the week's update:

Monday - Rough night for all of us - not a single person went to bed before midnight.  I have no idea what Madison's deal was, but it took a long time to work it out.

Tuesday - Cherie came to watch Madison, and I am in my second chapter of biology notes; it is necessary to be ahead of the game.  My parents came in the evening, so Jeremy and I took off for a date night while they spoiled their granddaughter (and dealt with any possible nighttime escapades).  We ate at China Dynasty, treated ourselves with Graeter's ice cream, and browsed Half Price Books.  Madison slept for 8 straight hours; my parents should just live with us :)

Wednesday - My dad went to his pastor-peer conference; Jeremy went to work; my mom loved on Madison; and I ran around (grocery shopping, clothes shopping, baking).  My mom and I also went to the Breastfeeding Support Group.  There were 6 other mothers with their babies!  Madison was the oldest and weighed in at 10 lbs, 8 oz.  Good growth :)  This evening our friend, Anja, brought us a delicious supper - chicken enchiladas.  She and her husband, Mike, had planned on supper with us.  Mike was sick, so we enjoyed Anja's company; last week, we enjoyed Mike's. 

Thursday - Madison and I went to see my friend, Tara, and her dogs this afternoon.  She is due mid-April, but her little girl could arrive any day.  It was good to get out of the house even on this rainy, dreary day.  Now, Jeremy is home and we have no other plans for this evening.  Relax, Eat, and hope for a good night's sleep.  Have a great Friday

Monday, March 22, 2010

Surprise Visit

We had a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa Yoh.  Well, it was not a complete surprise; they called before they left their house to make sure we were up to it.  It was a tiring night, but Jeremy had taken over duties for me after church so that I could sleep for an hour.  It is amazing what an hour can do.  They made it here about 2:15 and enjoyed about 30 minutes of Madison's awake time before she was too tired to be enjoyable :)  We talked for a bit longer before heading back.  They hadn't seen Madison for almost a month and said it was a nice day for a drive.  It was good to see them. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Stuff

So, Madison seems to have had a little difficulty with the time change... fighting going to sleep from 8:30 - 10:15pm.  It is super annoying because you lose your whole evening relaxing time.  BUT on to the good stuff:
  • On Tuesday, Madison and I traveled to Ashland to see my parents (and those of Nate's kids that were home).  It was a short trip, but good.  We also went to visit Laura, Adam, Teagan, and their new arrival, Everett.  He is super cute and not much smaller than Madison!  It was good to spend a little time with them.  Tuesday night we went to the small group potluck - delicious food and good fellowship.
  • On Wednesday, Jeremy's aunt Marianne came to love on Madison.  It was so nice of her to drive down.  She had offered to do this back in February so that I could get out and do something on my own.  So, I did.  I went shopping.  I am not quite back to my pre-pregnancy pant size, and with school quickly approaching, I needed to find some dress pants.  I was dreading this because usually finding pants is a week long experience.  I found a pair at Old Navy and two more pair at Target!  I couldn't believe it.  I am either less picky or they are making longer pants than they used to.  I also took an hour long nap, which was awesome because I had been tired since Sunday.  Marianne played with Madison from about 10-4:30, and was much appreciated.  (Thank you, Marianne!)
  • Last night, Jeremy went on a long bike ride with his friend Mike.  Then, he joined us for supper.  So good to hand out with friends.
  • Today, we went to pick up my car that had had an oil change (and some other stuff.... you can never take your car to the mechanic and just get an oil change, can you???  At least he checks for things and keeps my car safe.)  This was about a mile walk, we lengthened it a bit and walked for 50 minutes.  It is so beautiful out there!  I hear tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice.  
  • Today, Madison slept for 2-1/2 hours in the morning... I opened the blinds to help her remember it wasn't nighttime!  Wow!  
  • Tonight, Brent (another of Jeremy's old roommies) is coming for supper.  Hopefully, it will be a good night with Madison so that I can enjoy the company too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

All Night Long

Just a quick post to say Madison slept from 10:26 (after crying off and on from 8:30) til 7:30am.  Yes, that is ALL NIGHT LONG.  Yes, that is a solid 9 hours of sleep for me.  That has not happened for a looooong time.  It was beautiful.  I don't know what was different. Maybe she has hit the 10lb mark and is now a big girl and can do it.  Maybe we just got lucky.  Either way, I will take it, revel in it, and hope to see it happen again soon.  Hope everyone has a great evening... and a good night's sleep.
(FYI: No, that's not Madison with a full head of hair draped over my arm... just a nice picture from the internet.)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Out

We ventured out yesterday.  I mean, we went further than Columbus.  All my brothers and their families were gathering at Nate's house in Ashland.  We were invited to join.  Madison had had two great days here at home - going down for naps and bed quite peacefully - and it made me nervous to leave the confines of the house and ruin that streak.  But, I thought, you can stay cooped up forever, right?  So, we left about 12:30 - she in her hoodie gifted to her from her great-aunt Beth... so cute.  (I know she looks a bit skeptical, but she was tired and that was pretty ideal for the road trip.)
We arrived in Ashland in time for her to eat.  However, she was far too interested in what all was going on around her to really concentrate.  That is how the rest of the day went for her - too distracted to eat and a bit out of sorts for napping as well (although she did, thankfully, get one nap in).  We bbq hamburgers and ate some very good (and very rich) desserts.  We watched as the cousins paraded their finest clothes around for us to see (notice that Sam is very compliant and lets his girl cousins dress him up).  They also bounced balls, played with trucks, and said hi to Madison.  We adults discussed parenting techniques and marriage frustrations.  I told Jeremy that I realized my family is very open with all our "stuff."  We don't cut each other down or fight in front of each other, but we talk about what is happening and work to learn from one another.  It was good and amazing that we could carry on these discussions with so many little ones running around.  We got home about 9pm.  Madison ate (really well) and went fairly calmly down to sleep - only woke up once last night.

We are off schedule from the time change; she woke up at 7:40, but that was really 8:40, so that meant we couldn't get to church unless we went right in the middle of her nap.  So, we are here; Jeremy went to help run the Awakening (youth service).  I am going to try to find a podcast of a church service to watch or listen to instead.  Have a great day, Everyone.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Walking and Friends

A friend from my hometown came to visit today.  Well, truth be told, she was in my younger brothers' class and we weren't really friends, but more like acquaintances.  But today, I think we were more like friends.  (FYI to those that know her... it is Tara.)  She and her husband live here in Columbus and are expecting their first in April (on my birthday, actually).  So, she came over to check out my cloth diapers and to talk and hang out.  It was great.  We took Madison for a walk on the bike trail for about an hour.  We are both a little slower than we were in our prime, but it was a nice (almost warm) day and oh so enjoyable.  We talked about the hard times of the first few weeks of baby and the last few weeks of pregnancy.  I told her to call if she needs anything in the first few weeks/months.  Like us, both her family and her in-laws are about 2 hours away.  So, even though Madison will still be little, I would like to help her out however I can.  Well, my mom commented that she needed a picture fix, so here is a pic.  Walking must be absolutely exhausting for Madison :)  I have made the mistake before of attempting to move her from car seat to crib when she has fallen asleep; she usually does not keep sleeping.  So, today, she will be getting a quality nap in the living room in her car seat. 

Mostly Rambling, with a bit of serious at the end

Not a lot of new news to report.  We went to meet Emily who will be taking care of Madison when I return to work.  She is a woman who goes to our church, and she and her husband helped out with youth group.  They have two kids and a dog who is great with kids.  I wanted to see where she lived and how far from the school she was.  It is about 20 minutes to her house in Reynoldsburg from our house and then about 10 minutes to the school.  I had no idea what information to tell her.  I have never left Madison for a whole day before - just snippets of time with grandparents.  It is a bit unnerving, but feels better than having to drop her off at a day care.  I still have three weeks to get used to the idea... so I'll just enjoy the time I have at home.

We went to the Breastfeeding Support Group on Wednesday.  Three new moms and babies were there - all younger than Madison.  It is amazing how small and fragile they looked.  Things change so quickly with babies.  It was fun to see new faces and hear their stories.  We also had our weekly weigh in.  She is 9 lbs 13 oz - up 5 oz from her doctor's appointment last Monday.  Way to go!

Diapers, diapers, diapers.  I am still using cloth and still liking it.  I had been using disposables at night thinking they would absorb better and we'd have less leaks.  My little girl sleeps tilted slightly to the side - we are not strict back sleepers.  And she was wetting through her pjs twice a night up the side.  My theory: disposables are made for back sleepers only.  I am now using a cloth with a fleece insert - very bulky.  But, we had not had a leak until this morning.  I think that was my fault because when I took the pjs off, I noticed there was a bit of cloth diaper hanging outside the cover.  Does this happen to others - late night leaks?  How do you deal with it?  At least I know she is not dehydrated!  Oh, and I ordered new diaper covers - thirsties brand that are fitted.  I really like them because they keep all moisture contained.  They are a step up in quality (and price) to the Dappi old-fashioned diaper pants.  I may splurge and order some more :)  At a rate of 48 diapers per week (this is about what we use), I am saving $36 a month ($9/pk of 50 x 4 wks).  I feel so thrifty!

Jeremy has found another job opening to apply for.  We have been praying that he is hired for a full-time, secure job for two years now.  During those two years, we have been blessed with temporary jobs and his willingness to work them.  This current job is probably good through the summer, but nothing is promised.  I would love for him to get a job that has good health insurance and decent pay.  I know that is a lot to ask, but it would allow us to consider letting me stay home next year.  Right now, we have great health insurance through my school, so that is the main reason I have to continue teaching.  That all being said, I just ask for continued prayer for us as we work through this whole job search thing.  Thanks.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

School on the horizon

Today I ventured down to the basement with my biology book to start prep work for school.  One of our small group friends has agreed to come two mornings a week and be in charge of Madison while I work on school stuff.  Technically, I should just use her long morning nap to work without needing any help.  But the thing is that I really don't want to do school stuff.   So, if someone comes to help specifically so I can work on school stuff, it forces me to work.  I was able to get a half of a chapter worth of notes done.  If I can get notes done for at least the first few chapters, I am pretty sure I can whip out lesson plans fairly quickly.  I only have 4 weeks before I have to return and that is not exciting to me at all.  Oh well.

Also, I have a decided that I have a new-found cookie craving.  It is fine since I am breastfeeding (calories don't count then, right???), but eventually I won't be.  I don't want to start too many bad habits.  It would help if I wasn't baking cookies.  I don't like store bought cookies, so if I didn't keep homemade cookies on hand I would not have a problem.  The good news is that it has been gorgeous outside lately and we have been walking!!!  Yea for the sunshine.

I wanted to post a picture of our little thumbsucker.  We think she might be left handed because she always goes for the left-hand's thumb.  Who knows?  We're both right-handed.  I went in to get her up this morning.  I figure if she is sucking her thumb she must be getting hungry, right?  Anyway, here she is:

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Strike

So, Saturday afternoon Madison went on strike.  I have no idea what her demands were or what prompted this strike, but she was adamant about striking.  After a great morning, a good nap, and a happy wake up at 1:15, she refused to nurse.  It was not a mild refusal.  It was an all out screaming and crying and turning away from me refusal.  I tried feeding her every hour for the next two hours.  She would have nothing to do with my food supply.  However, she was happy to take the same thing she refused by bottle.  She did this for the next feeding even though I attempted to trick her with a different eating position - she was not easily duped.  At 3am, however, she woke up, not thinking entirely clearly, and nursed just fine.  Then, halfway through that feeding, she remembered she was on strike and refused to nurse on the other side.  In the morning, she decided that she would nurse BUT only if she was mostly sitting up - none of that cradling for this big girl.  By the 2 o'clock feeding, Madison called the strike to an end.  I thought I had won, but really what is winning when it means that she is making up for missed feeding during the strike and therefore eating every 2 hours during the day and every half hour before really going to bed for the night.  Whatever, it is over and that is what is important.  Have any of you mothers out there experience this?  It was more frustrating than I let on in this blog, but at this point, I just have to chuckle about it :)  Have a great Monday.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We had family sports night, as my mom called it, last night.  Jeremy let me play volleyball for the first two games while he and Madison hung out on the sidelines.  He played the next two.  I hung with Madison, who had the most disgusting diaper ever!  I think it is because she was sitting in the car seat and when she dirtied the diaper it went straight up the front - yuck!  I played one more game before we left a little early to get the little tyke fed and put to bed.  There are no injuries to report.  I am less agile and more out of shape (and I can't serve overhand) than before.  I did get some nice hits in - off the net, no major jumping skills available for hits on the net.  Jeremy did a nice job as well.  From what I saw, he had a few good hits and a dig or two. (He probably did better than this, but I didn't see much as I was preoccupied.) 

Also, I think we have a thumbsucker on our hands.  Yes, she is super talented with her eye, hand, mouth coordination and has managed to get her 1/2 inch thumb into her mouth on a fairly regular basis.  I must say that it is nice when I lay her in her crib that she can suck on that for a few minutes and drift peacefully off to sleep.  Hopefully, she won't become the toddler that walks around day and night never removing it from her mouth.  And if she does, oh well, there could be worse things. 

Walks and sunshine are wonderful things.  I have really enjoyed being able to get out of the house for 20-40 minutes and walk with her.  It is good for both of us.  Jeremy's cousin, Greg, came to hang out last night.  The first non-immediate family to visit.  Congrats, Greg!  We gave him the prize of some homemade chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal scotchies.  Every college student needs something homemade once and awhile.  It was good to see him, and he even entertained Madison for awhile!  Well, that's it for now.  Have a great Sunday and good start to the work week.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine

Wow!  What an amazing day yesterday was.  It looks like today will be as good or better.  Madison and I went out to enjoy the sunshine by a long walk yesterday.  She got decked out in her jeans and long-sleeved tee.  Check out the photo; I think she looks like such a big girl - old... what baby wears long-sleeved tees anyway.   As adorable as she looked, I didn't like the tee because I had to keep pulling it down.  That's the beauty of the onesie. 

I talked to one of my friends today and my dad.  My dad said my voice sound a bit brighter than it had for awhile; my friend told me the blog was sounding a little more upbeat.  That made me think two things: 1) I may really be turning the corner (last night's crying episode by Madison did not reduce me to tears) and 2) The blog may have been a downer to be reading in the past weeks; thanks for hanging in there with me.... you were probably held in suspense, waiting to see if I survived.  I did for the short-term; I fear it may get a bit rough when I return to school.... keep reading to find out!

What's on the plate for today?  Madison will get a bath; she wet through her pajamas twice last night.  A short walk to enjoy the sunshine.  A couple naps for Madison, and maybe one for me.  A game (or two, or three...) of volleyball tonight.  Pick meals for supper next week; it is much easier to cook something when you know what the options are and that you have the ingredients on hand.  Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend.  Enjoy March.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Starving and Annoying (oh, and a lot of love)

I think those are words that have been going through Madison's head in regards to me.  Let me explain.... I have told you already about trying to put her on a three hour schedule and postponing her feedings.  Yep, silly me... the girl really wanted and needed to eat.  The last three days have proven that.  I am thinking it was a growth spurt, but maybe she just likes to eat every 2 to 2-1/2 hours.  So, we have been eating more - but we have also been sleeping more ... and I like that!  And annoying.  So, I take her up to bed for naps the last week or so.  I try to make it a nice time - swaddle her, sit in the rocker, listen to her scream in my ear for 10 minutes, try not to lay her down crying because that is just sad.  Whatever.  Today, I took her up, swaddled her quickly, kissed her head, and laid her in bed - eyes wide open, whimpering.  You know what?  She cried for maybe a minute the first nap at 8am and slept til 10:15am.  This second nap at 11:50am, she whimpered for, oh, I don't know, 5 minutes.  I felt bad that her arms were flailing and tried to go tuck them in tighter - when she saw me, she cried harder!  So, I quickly left.  She was asleep in about a minute.  So, I think my presence when she is tired is simply annoying.  She wants to be left to fall asleep without someone touching her or talking to her or looking at her.  I can't say I blame her; those things aren't compatible with me sleeping either.  We'll see how long she sleeps this time.  And love, I know she still loves me because every time I talk and she is being held by someone else, she looks around to try to find me.  Yep, that's how babies show love.

FYI: This next section talks about breastfeeding.  If you are a guy and this bothers you, please skip it.  Don't know how many guy readers I actually have out there, but I thought I should warn you.
Oh, we went to the breastfeeding support group this morning (got there a little late because she slept so long).  She was hungry though, so I quickly weighed her before she nursed (with all her clothes on) - 10 lbs, 3.7 oz.  Then, she ate (only on one side) greedily for almost 15 minutes.  Then I weighed her again - extremely dirty diaper and all - 10 lbs 6.3 oz.  So, she ate 3.6 oz.  I think she is getting enough.  I will say that last night she ate at 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm, 8:45pm, and 10pm.  I am not sure she was hungry at the last feeding, but I didn't want to starve her.  All I kept thinking well we sat there nursing was, "Every chug could be 5 more minutes of sleep tonight.  It will be worth it."  And you know what, she slept til 2:15am and 6:50am - fantastic!  I think my little lady is growing up.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 Month Check Up

Last night was awesome.  I went to book club; Jeremy did a fantastic job with her.  I came home to quiet as she laid on his lap and looked him over after having drank almost 4 oz from a bottle.  She quietly and peacefully went to bed at 8:45 without anymore to eat.  I did not hear a wake-up call until 2am!!!!  Then, not again til 6:50am after which we got up for the day.  Amazing.  I'll take those nights as a blessing when they come.

Today we went to the peditrician for the 2 month check-up.  I had lots of questions written down that she had no answer to - because there is no set-in-stone answer... it is live and learn.  I am living and learning to relax. :)  So, we had our weigh in and our shots.  The two shots and the drink (for rotavirus) went better than I thought.  It is very sad to see your baby's eyes pop open in pain as the shot is administered, but I think she cried just as hard and long for the shot as she did when I removed the band-aids.  It really wasn't too bad; she cries more than that at the end of a bath.  So, here are the vital stats:

Starting Weight: 6 lbs, 12 oz                    Starting Length: 18 in  
Weight last month: 8 lbs, 0 oz                  Length last month: 20 in
Weight this month: 9 lbs, 9 oz                  Length this month: 22 in
Starting Head size: 13-1/2 in                           
Head size last month: 15 in
Head size this month: 15-1/2 in

In a nutshell... she is growing, thriving, and doing well.  I need to give up all the worrying about most everything.  I propose to start that today; we'll see how I do!  She has a funny little bump on her head near her soft spot that looks pretty benign, but the doctor wanted to schedule an ultrasound just to check what it is.  We went in for an ultrasound last week to make sure her hips were fine after being breech; all checked out normal.  (That is routine for breech babies, by the way.)  So, we'll hope for the same good news.  She is taking a 2 hour nap right now.... wow!!!  She did wake up crying after 45 minutes and I went up (it was not time to nurse - not even close!).  I picked her up and she cried louder.  I walked around the house once and she appeared to have fallen back asleep.  I laid her down, and she started crying again.  This time, I just shushed in her ear til she calmed down.  She has now been asleep for 35 more minutes since then.  I am hoping we have broken the 45 minute curse.

Wow, can I ramble!  I think it is because I have no one to talk to here, so when I type on this blog, I feel like I'm talking.  Forgive me if you think I am long-winded.  Remember, I am not there in person and you are welcome to just quit reading - I'll never know! :)

I hope everyone has a great week.  This week has started well for us; maybe we are making some headway.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Day

Yesterday went well - a lot more nursing than normal ... a girl's gotta eat, right?  Today, we are eating every two hours.  As a reward, she is taking 45 min to 1 hour nap in there as well.  It seems like a lot of sleeping and a lot of eating!  We walked today, too, for part of a nap.  We walked on the only clear, not to bumpy street around - ours.  So, we lapped it 10 times; on google maps, I think that is about 2-1/2 miles (45 minutes) worth of walking.  It is actually a pretty good street to walk on because there is enough of a hill you have to actually work a little bit when you go up it.  I am pretty sure I didn't breathe hard in my pre-pregnancy life, but I am now.  Eventually, I'll come around :) I am going to try to play volleyball on Friday - we'll see how that goes.  I am pretty excited about it actually.  Tonight, I get to go to book club; Jeremy will enjoy Madison by himself.  I haven't read the book, but I will enjoy the company of others.  Maybe I'll get the book read by next month's gathering.  I thought I'd post a pic of Madison in the hat that Claire (an MVSer with us in Colorado) knit and sent a week or two ago.  It is so cute, although I am not sure the picture shows that!  Enjoy... the girl's squeaking... my 45 minutes are up!