Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Out

We ventured out yesterday.  I mean, we went further than Columbus.  All my brothers and their families were gathering at Nate's house in Ashland.  We were invited to join.  Madison had had two great days here at home - going down for naps and bed quite peacefully - and it made me nervous to leave the confines of the house and ruin that streak.  But, I thought, you can stay cooped up forever, right?  So, we left about 12:30 - she in her hoodie gifted to her from her great-aunt Beth... so cute.  (I know she looks a bit skeptical, but she was tired and that was pretty ideal for the road trip.)
We arrived in Ashland in time for her to eat.  However, she was far too interested in what all was going on around her to really concentrate.  That is how the rest of the day went for her - too distracted to eat and a bit out of sorts for napping as well (although she did, thankfully, get one nap in).  We bbq hamburgers and ate some very good (and very rich) desserts.  We watched as the cousins paraded their finest clothes around for us to see (notice that Sam is very compliant and lets his girl cousins dress him up).  They also bounced balls, played with trucks, and said hi to Madison.  We adults discussed parenting techniques and marriage frustrations.  I told Jeremy that I realized my family is very open with all our "stuff."  We don't cut each other down or fight in front of each other, but we talk about what is happening and work to learn from one another.  It was good and amazing that we could carry on these discussions with so many little ones running around.  We got home about 9pm.  Madison ate (really well) and went fairly calmly down to sleep - only woke up once last night.

We are off schedule from the time change; she woke up at 7:40, but that was really 8:40, so that meant we couldn't get to church unless we went right in the middle of her nap.  So, we are here; Jeremy went to help run the Awakening (youth service).  I am going to try to find a podcast of a church service to watch or listen to instead.  Have a great day, Everyone.

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jY said...

If you ever need a pod cast again... I LOVE this church's pod casts, they are in Lisa's town in TX!