Friday, March 12, 2010

Mostly Rambling, with a bit of serious at the end

Not a lot of new news to report.  We went to meet Emily who will be taking care of Madison when I return to work.  She is a woman who goes to our church, and she and her husband helped out with youth group.  They have two kids and a dog who is great with kids.  I wanted to see where she lived and how far from the school she was.  It is about 20 minutes to her house in Reynoldsburg from our house and then about 10 minutes to the school.  I had no idea what information to tell her.  I have never left Madison for a whole day before - just snippets of time with grandparents.  It is a bit unnerving, but feels better than having to drop her off at a day care.  I still have three weeks to get used to the idea... so I'll just enjoy the time I have at home.

We went to the Breastfeeding Support Group on Wednesday.  Three new moms and babies were there - all younger than Madison.  It is amazing how small and fragile they looked.  Things change so quickly with babies.  It was fun to see new faces and hear their stories.  We also had our weekly weigh in.  She is 9 lbs 13 oz - up 5 oz from her doctor's appointment last Monday.  Way to go!

Diapers, diapers, diapers.  I am still using cloth and still liking it.  I had been using disposables at night thinking they would absorb better and we'd have less leaks.  My little girl sleeps tilted slightly to the side - we are not strict back sleepers.  And she was wetting through her pjs twice a night up the side.  My theory: disposables are made for back sleepers only.  I am now using a cloth with a fleece insert - very bulky.  But, we had not had a leak until this morning.  I think that was my fault because when I took the pjs off, I noticed there was a bit of cloth diaper hanging outside the cover.  Does this happen to others - late night leaks?  How do you deal with it?  At least I know she is not dehydrated!  Oh, and I ordered new diaper covers - thirsties brand that are fitted.  I really like them because they keep all moisture contained.  They are a step up in quality (and price) to the Dappi old-fashioned diaper pants.  I may splurge and order some more :)  At a rate of 48 diapers per week (this is about what we use), I am saving $36 a month ($9/pk of 50 x 4 wks).  I feel so thrifty!

Jeremy has found another job opening to apply for.  We have been praying that he is hired for a full-time, secure job for two years now.  During those two years, we have been blessed with temporary jobs and his willingness to work them.  This current job is probably good through the summer, but nothing is promised.  I would love for him to get a job that has good health insurance and decent pay.  I know that is a lot to ask, but it would allow us to consider letting me stay home next year.  Right now, we have great health insurance through my school, so that is the main reason I have to continue teaching.  That all being said, I just ask for continued prayer for us as we work through this whole job search thing.  Thanks.

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DeeDee said...

Erin & Jeremy,
We will/do coninue to pray for a full time permanent job for Jeremy. This grandma is missing Madison -- I NEED A PICTURE/VIDEO FIX. Waiting to hear if we will see her/you before we come to Columbus on the 24th.
Love to all