Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, Monday

Today is the last Monday of the school year.  I have my students working on a project that will be their final exam presentation.  Surprisingly, with the exception of 3rd period, my students were diligently working today.  I was very impressed with them.  It is good because I don't really have to plan and have things prepared this week, but it is also exhausting because their computer skills are not exactly stellar, so there is a lot of running around.  It keeps me moving. 

Madison made it til 4am before wanting to eat - yea!  It was surprising because I felt like she hadn't even eaten as much as normal.  Maybe it was a little growth spurt that was happening or something.  She even nursed - sometimes, she just refuses and needs a bottle - so that made it a half hour wake up call before heading back to bed.  My favorite thing with her right now is going in after a nap or in the morning to get her.  She is usually waking up happy.  She turns over from her side sleeping position, opens her eyes slowly, and looks at you, then a great big smile comes, followed by a few toots, stretches, and kicks.  It is the blessing of my day! 

Have a great week!

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