Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

This weekend was great, but more for my mom than for me.  I mean it was special having a first mother's day, but not the same as if she were older and we were celebrating.  Jeremy did get me a card and Madison gave me one too, so that was a first.  My home church held the annual mother-daughter banquet and had a love roast for my mom.  My dad's last Sunday at Salem is on May 30th, and the church has shown their appreciation to him over the years, but this was a tribute to my mom and her contributions as well.  They invited my mom's sister and dad in to surprise her.  And it was a great surprise! On Saturday evening, my whole family came to my parents' for a celebration.  It, as always, was crazy loud.  It is a good loud though.  All the little ones play together pretty well right now - they are just kids, and they are inside, so it is loud.  Madison was a trooper, although you can see here what effect it has on her.  We took a picture of our guests.  The first is with my grandpa - a four generation pic.  I like this one best because my mom and I are both smiling away at the camera, but Madison and Great-Grandpa are focused on each other.  The other picture is my aunt Sherry and Madison.  Sherry is a baby lover just like my mom.  All her little grandbabies are grown past the baby stage, so she was able to enjoy the stage again after a break. 

We spent the weekend mostly at my parents' house since there were out of town guests, but we did go have lunch on Sunday with Jeremy's mom (dad, grandpa, aunt, and 2 cousins, as well).  It was, as someone remarked there, the quietest Bricker gathering in history.  There was plenty of conversation, but because there were so few less people than normal, it was a quieter level of conversation.  We had an enjoyable time together.

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DeeDee said...

Erin -
It was a great weekend!!!!! I love the picture of Great G-Pa J and Madison. I should send that one to Grandpa. Hope you have a good day tomorrow and can get some rest over the weekend. Give Madison a kiss and hug, and also Hi to Jeremy.