Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Trip to Goshen

Madison and I left Jeremy alone to enjoy some bachelor days from Thursday through Saturday this past week to go visit my college roommate in Goshen.  I would not have gone on my own; my friend, Sandy, was the catalyst to the trip and was my travel buddy.  Madison did a great job traveling on the way out - only one 20 minute crying session when she just needed to go to bed.  She did a pretty good job the whole trip actually.  We stopped once to feed her - solids and a bottle.  The two don't really go hand-in-hand I learned because she is too full from the solids to have room for a good bottle.  It did hold her til we got to Rachel's though.  The picture to the left shows Sandy's first time holding Madison (she has a no tiny babies rule) and she was super helpful as I ran back and forth to KFC getting her bottle and food taken care of.  On Thursday we were treated to a fantastic meal of three different salads, finished off with vanilla ice cream, fresh raspberries, and whipped cream (the real stuff).  Rachel has a 2-1/2 year old boy, Josiah, and is expecting her second in August.  (See Rachel and Josiah on left, Josiah and Madison on the right.)  Josiah was a bit leery of the little baby, but warmed up a few times. 

On Friday, I left Madison with a woman from Rachel's church while we went out to eat at Kelly Jay's.  It was a delicious meal of various shared tapas (small meals).  Madison was able to get acquainted with their dog, Carter, as well.  She wasn't too sure of him when he growled (only when his ball was in his mouth), but was intrigued nonetheless. 

On Saturday, we hit Rachel's Bread (not owned by my friend) and the local farmer's market before heading home.  On the way home, Sandy and I saw this awesome limo with some animals on the top - apparently, you can rent this thing - anyone???  I had to stop on the way to Columbus by myself to feed Madison.  It was much more difficult than when I had Sandy.  Note to self: Always take a travel buddy! :)  It was a great weekend with friends. 

Jeremy, while we were gone, played tennis with his cousin, went golfing, helped a friend move (hurt his back in the process), and worked security at the Crew game.  I think he kinda enjoyed the break - I know I would!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, here are some bits and pieces from the last few weeks. 
    Jeremy's flowers are doing awesome this year.  I took this picture because I thought it was cool that in the middle of all the white blooms some pink ones showed up.  Neat. 

    I am finally having some time to do some pleasure reading (when naps go according to plan).  I finished a book called The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood.  I had read a different knitting book - Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs - and enjoyed it, but I think this one was better.  I am not a knitter, so I think it strange that I enjoy these books.  It actually makes me want to knit.  (I am sure, Emmy, that you are shaking your head after so many attempts during MVS!)  We'll see if I ever actually attempt it.

    Here is a random picture from the other day of Madison.  I think I was trying to get a picture of her teeth - it did not work, but it is a cute picture.
    Madison has started eating solids.  We had attempted it and then quit because she was having none of it.  I have learned that she does not like plain cereal, but loves pears and sweet potatoes mixed with cereal.  She also enjoys sucking the life out of a piece of watermelon!  So here she is after breakfast of pears and oatmeal this morning with her banana toothbrush.  Now that she has TWO teeth peeking through her gums, we need to brush those teeth!

    Finally, we were able to go home to celebrate Father's Day with both of our dads which was nice.  Jeremy got a card from Madison.  She "signed" it by chewing all over it - she loves eating paper!  We went to a gathering at Jeremy's grandpa's house.  It was good to see cousins and aunts and uncles again.  It has been since Easter since we've seen them.  Time flies!  Jeremy went golfing with his dad after the meal; I think it was an enjoyable time for both of them.  I went to my parents' house while he golfed.  Madison had very few naps of anything more than 45 minutes.  She came home and slept all night long and had a great morning nap. 

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    A few things

    Well, we were busy, busy, busy lately.  My parents came on Monday night to play with Madison (and see us).  Jeremy and I let them have some alone time, and we took off for a much needed date night.  We ate at a little Greek restaurant - just picked up some Gyros and hummus.  Then, we decided - after much debate - to head to the Clippers baseball game even though the weather was unpredictable.  We watched from the streetside "windows" that are built in the stadium still debating whether to really buy a ticket since it was sprinkling.  After about an inning some people came up and offered us free tickets.  We thought it was a sweet deal considering we could leave whenever and not be out any money, so we took the tickets.  Lucky us, we had seats right behind home plate about 10 rows up.  Fantastic!  We watched through the 6th inning and headed home. 

    Tuesday  morning my mom thought Madison felt hot, so we took her temperature - 101.5.  I called and made and appointment with the doctor.  Nothing could be seen to be causing the fever - no runny nose, no sore throat, no ear infection.  The doctor thought it might be a virus or they could check for a urinary tract infection if there was a family history.  (There is, I had them ALL the time when I was little.)  So, they catheterized her to collect a urine sample.  It showed some suspicious things, so we started her on amoxicillin that day.  I learned on Thursday that after lab work, it is a UTI, but it is resistant to amoxicillin.  So, we started her on a different medicine today.  Because she is so little they are wondering what is causing this.  So, we are scheduled for a ultrasound and another catheter test in about a week.  We'll see.  She has been surprisingly good for not feeling well.

    On top of this, she is getting her first tooth!  Yep, I saw little white buds a few days ago.  Then, on Thursday, one tooth broke through.  It explains why she has been sticking her tongue out - not because it is some cool trick, but because it felt different in there.  I think she has been fussier because of this more than the UTI.  We'll see when the other tooth pops out.  I'll work to get a picture, but it may be hard since whenever her mouth is open right now, her tongue is also out. 

    I thought I'd end with a picture of her after bathtime in her duck robe.  (No, we don't always put this on, but isn't she the cutest thing ever in it!)  She adores her daddy! :)

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Photo Update (with a few words)

    So, not much to say, but we have taken some pictures of various activities in the Yoh family.  Madison with no clue that her little duck is sitting on her head - I know her arms are too short to reach it, but she made no attempt even after looking in the mirror.  And she loves to take care of our junk mail.  I think her saliva could destroy any piece of paper in 2 seconds flat!

    Jeremy's strawberry pie... yes, he made it himself.  And, yes, it was delicious!  I ventured home on Sunday with Madison by myself.  Jeremy wanted to get a few projects started/completed around the house, so he stayed here.  My brother, Luke, was speaking at church, so I wanted to be a part of that.  I heard most of the message, but it is a lot of work listening and juggling a kid during church; hence, the awesomeness of nurseries!  (Which, by the way, I used for the first time last Sunday at Westerville Christian.  It was great!)  Things that happened at my parents' house...  Madison meeting the caterpiller eye to eye at my parent's house.  Super sleepy, not wanting to take a nap, would rather hang out with Grandpa:

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Walking and Friends

    So, Madison is adjusting.  Her morning nap the last few days has been 2-1/2 hours to 3 hours long!!!  We are still working on the afternoon nap.  She has also been sleeping til 8am every morning, and only one night this week did she get up.  Awesome!  Eating-wise... I quit with the solids for awhile.  She didn't like more than 3-5 bites and it was just a waste.  She is chugging 8 oz when she wakes up in the morning, and then it decreases to 7 oz, then 6 oz , and 6 oz.  I say she is getting what she needs.  Plus, ironically, she didn't seem to be sleeping as well once we introduced solids - I know, it goes against what everyone says, but it sure seemed to correlate. 

    Madison and I met Tara and Grace at the Park of Roses yesterday for some hang out time.  Both little girls did an great job while Tara and I talked and walked and walked and walked.  Neither of us realized how long/far we had walked til we decided to stop.  We looked at the clock and we had been out walking from about 1:20ish - 3ish!  Tara said we easily did 4 miles.  Good for both of us.  I guess it doesn't feel like work when you are enjoying your time.  Here is the one picture op we took with the girls:

    Last night Jeremy and I went to meet the potential sitter for Madison next year.  She showed us where she has the daycare set up in her house and gave us a contract and references.  I have to co-workers that take their kids there and absolutely love her.  She seems like she would do a great job. 

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010


    I think these past few days and the upcoming days are going to be a major time of adjustment for me and Madison (and Jeremy).  She is not used to being home with me all day and being on a different schedule.  Yesterday she was crying or needing held for half the day (literally, I think).  She didn't take a very good morning nap and missed her afternoon nap to a doctor's appointment.  Thankfully, she slept all night long - probably sheer exhaustion!  Today, the morning nap was short again and she took f-o-r-ever to go down for her afternoon nap - at least an hour of crying intermittently and convincing her sucker of a mom she needed held.  Then, she finally dozed off for the past hour.  I am hoping she does better as the weeks progress and she finds her rhythm.  On a good note, she can be fun and super cute.  Here is tummy time this morning

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Weekend Highlights

    Jeremy had the chance this week to go to bits and pieces of the Memorial golf tournament.  He scored some tickets from a friend of ours for Tuesday (Jack Nickalaus's clinic) and Wednesday (Skins round) and Saturday (the actual tournament).   So, here is just a glimpse of some of the fame he (almost) brushed shoulders with - Jack and Phil on the left, Tiger on the right:

    What else happened this week?  Well, Madison was super Miss Crankypants on Saturday, wanting to be held all day long.  Jeremy, after returning from the Memorial, helped keep her content by.... reading books and holding her in the Baby Bjorn:

    Then, on Sunday, on the way home from Louisville, Grandma and Grandpa Yoh stopped by to play and pose.  Thankfully, the little muchkin (after a major blow-out at church) was in a much better mood!

    Today, I am officially on summer vacation (Friday was my last day).  A teacher friend and I decided to sign up for a step aerobics class from 6-7am on Mondays and Wednesdays this summer.  So, I got up super early, came home ate breakfast and showered, and then woke Madison at 8am!  If the summer continues with her later wake up time, it will be a beautiful thing.  I hope everyone has a great week.

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Weekend Highlights

    Madison's Baby Dedication at Salem Mennonite:

    My parents celebrated their last Sunday of ministry at Salem after 21 years.  The church put together a beautiful good-bye for them.  Sharing in the big tent was memorable.  Madison enjoying the afternoon with my friend's little Lady :)

    Playing with the cousins: