Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food and Teeth

Here is finally a picture of the two little teeth.  The one of her looking at me reveals a little bit of a snotty nose - not too bad, but I have learned she HATES to have her nose wiped.  I included this picture because I thought it might be a bit scary to just see a giant mouth!

On another note, Madison and traveled to Ashland yesterday to visit my friend Laura (and Adam, her husband).  She is one of the people responsible for getting me hooked on cloth diapers (thank you, Laura) and she wanted to get me hooked on making my own baby food as well.  (My friend, Rachel, in Goshen made her own food and was telling me about it when I was there as well.)  Laura had a very easy cookbook we used.  You make all the food in the microwave.  We made four kinds - sweet potato,apples, butternut squash, and peaches- all in about 2 hours and $9!  Here are the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor ---minus two additional containers.  It seems so easy; we'll see if I can keep it up.


Emmy Lou said...

Erin, I know the thriftiness in you can keep it up :) I have some friends that are super committed to making their own baby food - you probably already thought of this, but if you make a lot you can freeze it in ice cube trays, then put it in baggies and just pull out a cube or two when you need it!

DeeDee said...

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can keep it up! You know it's easy enough...I'm just dying to know how your food mill is working out. I'm pretty excited to get to start making food for Everett soon...I love making baby food! Laura