Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick update

I really have nothing to say, but for those of you checking this more than once a week – which is my normal posting trend recently – I thought I’dDSCN5150-300x225 reward you!  So, here it is… Tuesday we went to small group, and Madison is now the child distraction.  We are trying to decide what to do about attending because we are distracted by her and others are too (although they have never complained, we have been in their shoes…)  We enjoy going – the friends, the connection to a large church, the learning, etc.  So, we’ll see.  Thursday, Jeremy played softball, Texas Hold’em style.  I have never heard of this or seen it, but it is like speed softball.  You get one chance – a strike = you’re out, a ball = you walk, a hit = watch and see.  It keeps it fast, and it basically means everyone swings.  Jeremy had some nice hits (and was hit with the ball once when going to a base – ouch!).  Madison and I watched the game for awhile, went to swing, and watched for a little longer before returning home.  We have family renting out a room from Hotel de Yoh this weekend.  It is the annual Country Living Fair where Jeremy’s aunt sets up a booth and sells her goods.  See her product here – they are really cool!  This is her “booth” to the right.  So, her helpers (Jeremy’s mom and aunt) will be staying here after working all day.  It is a yearly tradition that is fun.

A Madison update: I felt a tooth coming in on the top.  We have been suspecting one is breaking through, and it finally happened.  We’ll see when you can actually see it, and when the other one will emerge.  We’ll get a pic when you can actually notice something.   Have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Wednesday night, Jeremy had a great idea to take Madison to her first Columbus Clippers baseball game.  It was a gorgeous night.  We stayed til about 7:45pm and came home.  She had fun crawling on the blanket and just being outside.

DSC_1178 DSC_1183


This weekend I went to Women’s Retreat at one of our church camps to hang out with friends, relax, and renew.  It was a great weekend.  I don’t have pics because I didn’t bring my camera, but we put on face masks, sang with gusto around the campfire, worshipped, and laughed – really laughed.  It was a good time. 

While I was gone, Jeremy and his parents were in charge of Madison.  I did not even worry once about her!  She was well cared for and spoiled to pieces!  Jeremy worked the OSU football game – right in front of the band… yes, I hear all the jealousy out there!  He got a break and his parents got some alone time.  Here are some pics from their time 

Playing at the parkIMG_1273IMG_1276

Looking at family picsIMG_1317 

IMG_1287 Going after Lulu

Photo session success IMG_1299

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Almost a week’s worth…

So, I did give you fair warning that it might be awhile til the next blog.  It has finally arrived for those of you eagerly anticipating it!  On Thursday, my parents came down to Columbus.  Jeremy found a great deal on some great seats for my mom and I to go to the George Strait/Reba McEntire concert.  He worked the concert – down on the floor, near the stage.  Mom and I enjoyed the show.  I particularly enjoyed the surprise appearance (to me) of Barbara Jean from the Reba show.  I think she is absolutely hilarious, and she was!  My dad had some special Grandpa time with Madison – playing, giving her a bottle, and putting her to bed – while we all went to the concert.  I think he enjoyed it.  Here are some photos:


 DSC_1111 DSC_1110

My parents took Madison home on Friday to play until we came home on Saturday.  So, Jeremy and I went to the Melting Pot to celebrate his birthday.  It was so nice to sit for 2 hours, talk, relax, and not feel pressure to get home or be distracted by a little one who is so cute we can’t keep our eyes off her :)  On Saturday, Jeremy got up bright and early and started a biking journey with Mike and Josh.  They biked from our house to my parents – approx 110 miles.  They had a hard journey and made it just before the rain hit!  I left the house and went to visit my brother’s family.  It has been awhile since I saw them, and I thought it would be good to stop in. My niece said (to her mom, not me) she was glad I came, but wished I would have brought Madison.  Cousins are apparently taking priority over aunts now…..  At my parents, Madison LOVED swinging.  I wish we had a swing – correction, room for a swing – at our house.  At any rate, here are some pics…


         DSC_1128        DSC_1129

Finally, we went to hang out with Jeremy’s family because (well, why not?) his brother, sister and her fiance were in town.  It was good to see everyone.  We went to the Wayne County Fair – Madison’s first fair.  She was a trooper – eating, seeing animals, riding the stroller.    DSC_1149 DSC_1150


Thanks for reading/looking.  We’ll see if I can get another post in before the weekend.  Have a good one.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Week

I feel like I have no time to blog anymore; sorry for the lapses and lack of pictures when I do blog. At any rate, here it is. I stayed home from school yesterday due to a doctor's appointment for Madison. It was a hectic Tuesday trying to get sub plans ready (the first sub of the year is always the most work), but it was worth it. She was fun, even though she was a bit irritable at times. I think she is teething (but I have thought that for awhile). She had a great morning nap - 2 hours! It was out of character and I didn't know what to do with myself. So, I just enjoyed the time on the couch. It's been a long time since I just sat. She had some lunch and we headed to go to the appt. We didn't learn a lot of new info about her reflux, just that it isn't that bad and needs to be tested again next year. We did learn that she is now 18 lbs (with a cloth diaper on). I knew she was packing it on - a little more than a pound in the past month. She took an hour nap when we got home. I made cookies (healthy ones - whole wheat with applesauce and oatmeal chocolate chip... surprisingly good!) and supper while she was napping. We went on a walk and played in the grass in the park on the way home. It was a beautiful day, and more like it are to come!

We have a busy rest of the week and weekend coming up, so if there is no update til Sunday or Monday that is why. Send Jeremy birthday wishes as he grows another year older and wiser this weekend.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

On the Move

This weekend has been good.  I managed to get into school on Saturday morning and get some work done.  Jeremy enjoyed some daddy time.  He is super cute with Madison, especially since she is moving and really interested in everything.  Tonight Jeremy got away to golf.  It is good to share parenting responsibilities and each take breaks. 

Madison is definitely moving – not on all fours yet, but enough to have red elbows and knees at the end of the day.  She’s unstoppable!  Here is her moving progression – spy it, reach for it, out of reach, start moving, get it, eat it.  I had to vacuum tonight because I have no idea what she kept eating off our floor!  I guess it will help keep the house clean.  Here are a few pictures.

 DSC_1078 DSC_1082 

        DSC_1083                     DSC_1085

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, this will be short. It is, once again, early morning - 6:15 to be exact. I am not sure what happened to this week, but I feel like I haven't sat down since I hit the bed. The first 2 months after Madison was born was extremely difficult - emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. This is a different kind of hard. I went back to work once, but it wasn't this draining. I like what I am doing at work better than last year in a lot of ways, so it is not that work is more draining. I have a more active girl when I come home now. And it is trying to find the rhythm in the start of school too. So, to all you working moms out there (and stay at home moms, because, honestly, that was an energy buster, too, in a different way) - kudos and blessings. It is a different kind of life that you would never trade, but have visions of being swept away from for a little while.... Have a great end to your week.

Oh, yes, Madison is now army crawling - so we will have to take seriously this childproofing thing this weekend. It is fun to watch her work and learn and grow. I'll try to get a picture sometime soon.