Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, this will be short. It is, once again, early morning - 6:15 to be exact. I am not sure what happened to this week, but I feel like I haven't sat down since I hit the bed. The first 2 months after Madison was born was extremely difficult - emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. This is a different kind of hard. I went back to work once, but it wasn't this draining. I like what I am doing at work better than last year in a lot of ways, so it is not that work is more draining. I have a more active girl when I come home now. And it is trying to find the rhythm in the start of school too. So, to all you working moms out there (and stay at home moms, because, honestly, that was an energy buster, too, in a different way) - kudos and blessings. It is a different kind of life that you would never trade, but have visions of being swept away from for a little while.... Have a great end to your week.

Oh, yes, Madison is now army crawling - so we will have to take seriously this childproofing thing this weekend. It is fun to watch her work and learn and grow. I'll try to get a picture sometime soon.

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Maynard & Gloria said...

Yes Mom and Dad,

time for child proofing. Madison is on the go!!!

Enjoy every stage she goes through in her development, they are truly precious moments.

Maybe after the fair, we can help you be swept away for a little bit.


Grandpa and Grandma Yoh