Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catch Up

It has been a week since I last posted.  I am not sure what exactly has happened – just an exhausting week, I guess.  I had an IEP meeting on Thursday, followed by volleyball that night.  It is fun going to volleyball.  I remember when I started playing again in April, 4 months after Madison was born.  I would leave Jeremy with her and she would cry non-stop the whole time.  I would come home nervous about how it went and he would be frustrated that it didn’t go smoothly.  Tense times.  Now, I leave her; she gets some extra daddy time, and all is well.  I come home to Jeremy saying, “She is such a good baby!”  He is right, but he has also learned some things over the past months as well.  She is just a lot of fun.  She smiles and plays more independently.  She dances and sings (off key and with no similarity to the actual music, but she makes noise when she knows someone is singing!)  She gets excited when I turn the CD player on.  She LOVES being around people. We went to El Vaquero last night, and she couldn’t get enough people-watching.  She is a good eater too – lasagna, lentils, rice, hamburger, all kinds of fruits and most veggies, pancakes, scrambled eggs… you put it in front of her she’ll eat it.  (Although she may give you a disgusted face with weird textures or foods – cottage cheese and yogurt have produced some good ones!)  Today, Madison went with me to a baby shower of a friend who is due a day before Madison’s birthday.  Madison was well behaved and even tried to steal the show once by crawling to the middle of the circle, laying on her side, and waving a perfect beauty pageant wave.  I had my camera, but missed that shot.  Here are a few casual pics of Madison and the mom-to-be.

                     DSC_1270                DSC_1271


Otherwise, I have two meetings coming up next week and am a little stressed since I haven’t really started work on them yet.  Maybe I’ll find some time tomorrow to start on them.  I have a five day week coming up , but the next week is a three day student week and four day teacher week (in-service).  That will be a good break.  Have a great Sunday everyone, and I’ll try to post more frequently this week, but I’m not promising anything :)

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