Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Park and More Fun

I took Madison on a walk the last two days because the weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t love sitting strapped down for too long, so 30 minutes is about as long as she’ll go.  I usually try to take her out and give her a little break at the park – to swing, slide (with me), etc.  Today, I let her crawl around.  She was instantly on target for the green plastic slide – I didn’t figure head first would be the best way to go, but I did manage to snap a quick picture before she made it to her destination. 

                  DSC_1216                     DSC_1222DSC_1223

Madison is working on some other big girl things, such as :     

DSC_1209standing by the dishwasher

eating real foodDSC_1212

DSC_1215showing “how big” she is and clapping

No other big news.  Jeremy has applied for a number of open positions in his field.  We’ll see where God takes us. 

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Emmy Lou said...

oh gosh, she is so beautiful!