Saturday, October 30, 2010


My mom made it safely to Oklahoma. Hopefully, my dad is surviving at home. Luke is apparently number 1 son in charge :) Mom called today to let me know that Grandpa had a good past 24 hours. He is now able to eat, is off the morphine for headaches, and is going to be starting physical therapy on Monday. What a great report!

I went to the eye doctor today - super exciting, I know. I always get a little nervous. Most people get nervous when they go to the dentist, but I have good teeth - one tiny cavity. My eyes, on the other hand, are a whole different story. They are bad. I got glasses in 2nd grade and wear contacts all the time now. Without them (or glasses), I cannot see much. So, I fear that my eyes will continue to get worse, my retina will show increased thinning (and then tear!), or any other mishap. Today, I received a good report. My right eye had less astigmatism; my left was the same except the axis had changed (whatever that really means....) So, I will continue another year thankful for my sight. Madison played with Andrea who volunteered to watch her for a few hours; thank you, Andrea. Oh yeah, I asked when infants are supposed to have their first check-up and my doctor said before their first birthday is ideal. The place I go gives complimentary first year check-ups. So, Madison is scheduled for her first eye appointment on Monday. It will be interesting to see what they do :)

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.

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