Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas #1

Last weekend my family celebrated Christmas.  Since everyone got married, having Christmas on Christmas day became a little rushed and hectic.  So, now we have Christmas the weekend before – for a whole day and sometimes longer.  There is always a plentitude of food – my mom is an excellent cook, and especially a fantastic bread baker; my sister-in-laws are also fantastic cooks, some of them specializing in candy treats.  Beyond that, it is loud – filled with laughter, kids shouting, people talking, and paper ripping.  I love it, and I am exhausted at all the same time.  So, here a few little pictures and highlights of that time….

Madison started “walking” with this awesome shopping cart, and sharing? with her cousin, Landen.

            DSC_1644            DSC_1663 

Family Photos

          DSC_1657           P1030739

Trying to get pics in the matching pjs…. you take what you can get! 

                 P1030792            DSC_1698

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