Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pasta Night… Watch out!

We had pasta tonight.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves (…mostly)

This: DSC_1950

led to this:DSC_1949 

and a little of this:DSC_1948    

Of course, she needed a little “more” (note sign!)DSC_1953

before looking like this: DSC_1956 

and thinking, “Oh, no. What have I done?DSC_1961

Monday, January 24, 2011

Teeth and Steps

So, Madison is on tooth #6.  It just poked through on top this past weekend.  Very exciting.  She now has four on top and two on the bottom; all the better for eating!  She has been working really hard to walk in the past week, but has really kicked it up the last two days.  We took some video footage, but I don’t know how to upload it yet, and don’t want to take the time to figure it out right now.  Sunday, she did a pretty good job with about 3-4 steps between us.  Today – just one day later – she has let go of objects to move from one to the other.  She walked about 5 feet to get to a tower she wanted to knock down.  Amazing how they just pick this up.  She still has a long way to go to pure walking, but she is doing a GREAT job getting there!  Madison also enjoys reading books in the back of the car while we drive.  It makes me smile when I hear her back there talking up a storm when she has a book.  Maybe she’ll be a bookworm like me :)  Here are a few cute pics from Sunday:

 DSC_1940 DSC_1947

On a side note, I have just started (as of today) two online classes.  I need to be Highly Qualified to do my job and somehow these online classes will qualify me highly.  So, one class is about pedagogy (and don’t ask me what that really means because, frankly, I am not exactly sure….) and the other class is math.  Right now I am just overwhelmed by the thought of any deadlines; yuck.  I should be doing it right now.  In fact, that was my intent until the page wouldn’t load, so…. here I am blogging instead. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Day #1

I had my first snow day on Friday – yea!!!  Madison and I hung out doing “stuff”.  She may start walking soon; she is getting brave enough to let go and wobble a couple of steps before flinging herself into your waiting body (not always open arms because you are not always ready!).  She still enjoys playing in the bathroom sink, but has advanced to playing with my make-up box while sitting there.  She likes to take everything out, but also put things back in once, too!  We practice putting blush on because she likes the feel of the brush.  Here are a few bathroom pictures:

           Exploring the eyelash curler                            Handling the eyeliner pencil

    DSC_1928       DSC_1929

What’s down there? (her attention was drawn to there when I decided to clean the toilet while “playing in the bathroom”)

    DSC_1932               DSC_1933

Then, in the afternoon, we noticed a deer in our backyard while playing by the patio door.  I am not sure if it was injured.  Jeremy called Wildlife control to see what we should do.  They suggested that we put some apples or field corn out for it.  If it was injured it may just need a little food help while it healed.  If it wasn’t getting any better the next time we saw it, we could call ODNR, and they would come out.It stared at us for a long time, and then moved cautiously in another direction.  Madison was entranced, and we both thought it was pretty cool, too!  DSC_1937

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just needed to update...

I don't have major news and no pictures to add, but it has been a week, so it is time for a blog! The end of the first nine weeks ended last week with exams. So, only 18 weeks (plus some breaks) til the end; although this year is enjoyable... My parents called on Friday night and asked if we were free Saturday evening/Sunday morning. They were headed to see my niece play in her church league basketball game. She scored 18 points! Way to go, Sophie! They came here after visiting everyone there. I thought my mom was moving quite well for having had knee surgery only 2 weeks ago. Madison was VERY excited to see them and showed them all her new tricks. They came to church with us on Sunday and headed home at her nap time. Jeremy and I tried taking Madison to see the Watoto Children's Choir at our church that evening. She did really good when they were singing or dancing, but the in-between talking times pushed her over the edge; so, we came home early. Today, we just did the things you do when you have a day off - get oil changes, eat at Waffle House (Madison LOVED this!), go for a walk/the gym, and shop. I found a cute stuffed caterpillar rocking bug, some clothes, and a few books for Madison at Once Upon a Child. (Thanks, Tara, for the suggestion to go to the Gahanna store. I think your stuffed bug is a little better, but Madison still seems to like this one!) Now, we are enjoying the evening before heading back to work tomorrow. Have a good week, everyone!

Monday, January 10, 2011


We tend to start Madison eating before we sit down or as we are sitting down to eat.  She usually wants to dive right in and patience is not her strong suit.  Once we sit down, we say, “Madison, we’re going to pray to Jesus.  Can you fold your hands?”  And then, she does this….

DSC_1925 I think she puts her hands on her head because we (poor etiquette people we are..) have our elbows on the table and our heads bowed near them, which probably looks as though we are holding our heads in our hands.  Maybe she’ll learn.  By doing this, she does a nice job of coating her hair with some food gel to get the perfect style:

DSC_1926 And that’s really all the news I have.  I have been working on a photo book on Shutterfly in place of a baby book or scrapbook for Madison.  It covers her first year, and arrived in the mail today.  I am very happy with how it turned out (with the exception of some really dumb errors on my part).  She sat and looked through the whole book twice with me.  I think she likes to see everyone she knows!  Stay safe as the snow falls tomorrow everyone.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Having Fun

Just a few shots from today…

Carrying my lunch bag as a purse for about 15 minutes

     DSC_1921        DSC_1922

Playing dress-up

     DSC_1923        DSC_1924

The past two days when I left Madison at the sitters, I almost left in tears – which I have never done.  Why?  Because she now goes to Jamie and waves bye-bye and says “Bye”  It makes me feel sad that she is just so casually letting me leave her.  The consolation: She is SUPER excited to see me everyday.  There are just things that are happening that make you realize that she isn’t going to be a “baby” for long – waving, using words, going up the stairs on her own to bed and to get her diaper changed (no more need to carry her up, just down).  It will be fun to see how she continues to change; I am just realizing I might miss some things as well.  (I think I am uber nostalgic the last two blogs or so… is that what happens when your kid turns one?)   

New Baby (not ours)

Jeremy and I were able to get to the hospital last night to see our friends baby that was born on Tuesday very early in the morning.  They had a little girl, Sasha Joy, who was almost 8 lbs.  She is a precious little girl with long fingers and toes; those probably only look long because Madison’s are little things :)  I sat and held her – the first tiny baby since Madison – and didn’t want to leave.  Things change after you have your own.  I remember holding all my precious nieces and nephews in the hospital and loving them, but not understanding the excitement of holding such a tiny thing.  Now, I understand.  I could stare forever at the features that settle on the face, the way the fingers curl and uncurl, and the little, uncontrolled movements.  It is a miracle.  It is hard to really get it before your own kid (or it was for me).  It’s even hard to comprehend it when it is your first (can’t speak to a second or third) because you are exhausted and overwhelmed and hoping to survive; you don’t have the emotional capacity to wonder at the miracle of God.  For those of you wondering, it does make me want to get pregnant right away; I enjoyed being pregnant.  Then, I think, “oh, they are not so easy when you bring them home; they become a little ball of movement later; and I already have one I am trying to handle right now.”  And so, I decided, once again, I am not quite ready.  I’ll just make sure to go visit the little ones that so many that I know will soon be having.  Have a great end of the week, and don’t forget to marvel at all the little (and big) miracles God has given us.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Year Check-up

We went to the doctor yesterday for Madison's 12 month appointment. Looks like she is in good shape; she even did a good job with shots - just a short spurt of crying. Also, she is officially a "big" girl today. She is no longer taking a bottle or formula. Although there are a few feelings of sadness since she doesn't cuddle yet with me while she drinks her cup of milk, we are doing the happy dance that we don't have to 1) wash bottles all the time, and 2) pay serious money for formula every 2 weeks or so. Woot, Woot! So, here is the update...

When it all began….




Birth weight: 6 lbs 12 oz

Birth length: 18 in

Birth Head Circumference: 13-1/2 in



You’ve come a long way, baby….




One year weight: 19 lbs 9 oz (gained 12 lbs 13 oz)

One year length: 29-1/2 in (grew 11-1/2 in)

One year head circumference: 19-1/2 in (6 in smarter!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wild Lights and Birth day

On Thursday night, Jeremy suggested we go see the Wild Lights at the Zoo.  We enjoy going and thought Madison might like seeing all the pretty lights too.  We think she enjoyed it; she definitely enjoyed the cafeteria experience – she is a people watcher! 

     DSC_1883     DSC_1878    

     DSC_1890     DSC_1884  

We took a few pictures of her on her actual birth day – smiling and climbing.  We hung out as a family til about 1:15pm.  Then, Jeremy and I went out while his parents took care of Madison.  We ate at P.F. Chang’s, decorated a birthday pottery plate for Madison at Color Your World, indulged in some ice cream from Graeters, and ventured our first movie in the theater since last December.  We saw True Grit which I was not super excited to see – not a western fan and not a fan of Cohen brothers movies.  HOWEVER, it was good, and I would recommend it. 

           DSC_1912                  DSC_1913  

It is now 2011 and we’ll see how year 2 goes as an expanded family.  For those of you anxiously awaiting our annual Christmas letter, it will be on its way this week.  Yes, it is a Christmas card and Christmas is done and gone, but the wise men are technically still on their way, so I think we have til January 6 :)  Also, continue scrolling down – I posted a couple different times tonight… just catching up!  One last picture: 


Birthday Party

Madison’s birthday falls right among all the festivities of the Christmas/New Year’s season.  As she gets older, she may or may not like that; we’ll see.  We decided to have her party the day after Christmas – relatives were still in town, people were still off work, etc.  Here is the party timeline…

Pre-party bottle with Grandpa Ediger and a model shot of her party outfit

        DSC_1769       DSC_1770

There were probably around 20 people at Jeremy’s parents house.  We started with gift opening…. a tutu from Texas :)   a kitty and book  a real life babydoll   (and other gifts not pictured)

     DSC_1784     DSC_1808 


Then we ate.  We had a menu of shredded chicken sandwiches, relishes with dip, apples and caramel dip, chips and pretzels, and two cakes (white with vanilla frosting and chocolate with cream cheese frosting) specially decorated by my mom and me.  Madison also took the chance to take a picture with her Great-Grandpa. 

     DSC_1779     DSC_1813  

Then, it was on to the main event: The Cake (and people taking pics of the event)

     DSC_1775     DSC_1776

     DSC_1817      DSC_1826

      DSC_1835      DSC_1866 

               DSC_1870           DSC_1872

And that was the party.  Jeremy stayed in town through Monday afternoon.  I stayed until Wednesday morning with Madison.  I was able to get a leisurely lunch in with Sandy on Monday.  Then Monday night, my mom treated a “surprise” crowd to waffles, white sauce, Dutch honey, and ham.  (For those that know nothing of many of those things… I am sorry – white sauce and Dutch honey are a bit of heaven!)  Sandy came for dinner that night, and my college roommie and her family were passing through town (staying with Sandy that night) also came for the meal.  It was nice. 

Christmas #2 and #3


It has been quite awhile since my last blog; break is always busier than you think.  On Christmas Eve, Jeremy, Madison, and I celebrated Christmas together.  Madison had fun helping open some gifts for us as well as a few of her own.  Afterwards, Madison and I traveled home in one car.  Jeremy picked up his sister and brother who happened to be flying in to Columbus, and followed about an hour behind us. 

     DSC_1704      DSC_1705

     DSC_1717      DSC_1730

We celebrated Christmas with Jeremy’s immediate and extended family on Christmas day.  Madison made it through a few presents before needing to head to bed.  The rest of us opened part of the gifts, and then dispersed since the next gathering was quickly approaching and there was food to make, showers to take, relatives to pick up at the airport, and more.  After another nap, we headed to the Bricker family gathering.  It was lots of food, lots of people, lots of noise, and lots of fun.  Madison did pretty good, but got tired of all the cuddly-love she was given.  She was hot and wanted her freedom to move!  Note the cute ruffle socks in her stocking and the no-pants look after she got hot.  It was a good time.

     DSC_1736     DSC_1744

     DSC_1749     DSC_1753

          DSC_1754         DSC_1758