Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ghosts and Aviators

Just thought I would post a few fun pictures of Madison from the last few days.  She loves carrying things in containers right now, too.  If one thing falls out, she is very diligent in retrieving it and putting it back in.  She also enjoys toting shoes around.  I am sure many things will be lost to her reorganization in the next year or so.  So, she walked in her cape/ghost costume for part of the night last night.  Around and around the house she went:

DSC_2023           DSC_2021

This morning I was sorting “too little” clothes and trying to see what was still “hiding” in her closet.  I found a hat that needed to be worn before it was too small and we tried on her monkey backpack/harness for the upcoming airplane flight.  Here is the result – Aviator (or Monkey Mama)

      DSC_2025        DSC_2027

     DSC_2030        DSC_2029 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Weekend, Busy Time

The weekend started with a visit from one of my after-college roommates and her family. Kendra, Eric, and Stanley came up from Kentucky to visit. I haven’t seen her since last May when I drove down to visit. Stanley was just a little peanut then, and Madison was just a start in my belly. Now, look at the munchkins! We hung out a bit on Friday night after they got in before heading to bed. On Saturday, we enjoyed some baked oatmeal for breakfast. We headed out to the park after Madison’s morning nap – all of us were needing a bit of fresh air! The kids took a decent afternoon nap (Madison was a little smoother than Stanley’s, but she was at home), while we enjoyed talking and laughing. After dinner, they packed up and headed to their next destination.

DSC_2001 DSC_1992

Jeremy and I busted it into high gear to get packed up for the next activity. On Sunday morning we headed to good ole Wayne County. Madison played some at my parents’ house before her nap. After a fantastic nap, we headed to my old youth group’s yearly gathering. It was, as always, good to reconnect with this group. We sent Madison home early to play with my parents and enjoy the chaos of others' kids!

Monday morning we hung out a little with my dad before heading back. These are some pictures from then (hence, no grandma...)

DSC_2011 DSC_2002

Madison was happy to be home on Monday. She was in a superb mood - and she never stopped walking! She is officially a toddler. Here is our young TV addict.... we don't watch a lot of TV, but it does catch her attention! Grandma and Grandpa Yoh bought this blue tunnel at IKEA the past weekend. She loves crawling through it... it is fun.

DSC_2019 DSC_2017

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Having Fun in the Kitchen

I was cooking supper the other night when Madison started breaking down.  So, I gave her a muffin tin to use WITH her blocks and she was entertained for another 15 minutes.  I then hid one animal cracker in each compartment under each block, so when my very hungry girl lifted one up, she found a surprise.  It was a sanity saver and I recommend it to any who have not tried it.

         DSC_1980           DSC_1983 

      DSC_1979          DSC_1978

Happy Valentine’s Day

I know this holiday has come and gone, but here is the post anyway.  On Sunday, Jeremy’s parents came to town and we went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Jeremy also surprised me with a dozen beautiful red roses:

       DSC_1977         DSC_1976 

I was a slacker and didn’t get him a card until Monday supper.  He had a nice card from me and a cute little card Madison “made” for him at the sitters.  It was a nice few days – even for a “generic” holiday. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Because

So, it has been a week with no blog. This is a blog just because it has been a week. What does that mean? It means I don't have pictures and have little to say, but at least your trip to this site provided a new post, right? Cute kid things....

  • Madison is still reading books in the car seat.
  • Yesterday morning when I gave Jeremy (Jeremy gave me?) a kiss before heading out,
  • Madison was watching. When we looked at her, she made a kiss noise. Hilarious - always imitating!
  • She now (as of last week) says "May-mi" for Jamie when we go to the sitters.
  • Every morning when I drop her off, she goes straight to Jamie, signs "Eat" repeatedly, and then looks at me and says "Bye" while waving.
  • She knows to put her blankie back in her crib before we come downstairs in the morning.
  • She is becoming a walker! She has walked all the way across the living room. AND instead of crawling from the bathtub to the door, she decided to try walking ... and almost made it. I don't think it'll be long.

This weekend was the big move. We decided to cover up our fireplace (temporarily) because it just blows cold air in, and put our TV in front of it. We decided to splurge on a new flat screen TV just because we'd thought about it for a few years. We took a trip to IKEA on Saturday with Jeremy's parents (we hadn't seen them for awhile, so we invited them to join us) to buy an entertainment center. It was a good trip; of course, it was a longer day than we had planned. That night we put together the entertainment center and rearranged the living room. Sunday, we moved some things to the basement, rearranged our room, and switched up Madison's room. It feels good - like a new house almost. If I think about it, I'll take pictures to post of all the changes. Now, the work week is underway, and we are just trying to keep afloat. Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day #3

Well, it happened - snow day #3. It is not so much that I don't enjoy my time off because I do; it is that I dread making the days (that might be coming) up. This is the make-up day schedule... if we have another snow day very soon, we'll make the day up on the 21st of Feb (President's Day), the next option is Saturday of that week, the next option is a Saturday in March, then finally, we make them up at the end of school. Who wants to go to work on Saturday? No one. What are the chance kids will come to school on Saturday? Slim. Oh, well. I think today was canceled due to power outages (not us, thankfully), slick sidewalks, and/or gusty winds. The roads are not bad. Madison and I even ventured out to the bank and Babies R Us. Okay, stay safe and have a good rest of the week everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day #2

So, it’s been awhile since my last blog.  Madison woke up from her nap on Wednesday at the sitter’s with a 101.3 temperature.  So, we played the who DSC_1969stays at home with Madison game for the rest of the week (me on Thursday, Jeremy on Friday).  She was finally fever free on Saturday, which was good because Luke, Steph, Sam, and Lilli came to visit!  It was good to have them all here.  Our deer from last week had come to bed down for the day, so they experienced our personal zoo here.  We basically just hung out, ate, and talked.  It was nice.  We ended with a trip to Chik-fil-a and its playland.  I am so glad they make time to come visit.  I know it is not easy to get away on the weekend. 


Today (Tuesday) the ice came rolling in and school went out the door – yea for the snow!day.  I am a little nervous (and so is Madison… see pic to right) because they say more freezing rain tonight, and I don’t want to burn my last snow day tomorrow, but we’ll see.  My car is still covered in a sheet of ice; maybe I’ll go take care of that much today.  Here is Madison in her very special shirt.  (I hope it is readable; I had to go outside to be able to get her to face me!)