Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We headed to home on Saturday.  We were with my parents on Saturday until after her nap.  My mom has “rented” a bunny from some local people for a good number of years at Easter time.  Although she was a little unsure, she would occasionally venture over to peer through the cage by herself once and awhile.  She is getting really good at taking apart the velcro vegetables as well.  She also loved pushing this little Pooh Bear all around the driveway.  She couldn’t bear taking her eyes of that bear spinning circles in front of her.

    DSC_2334      DSC_2338 

           DSC_2339         DSC_2341

We headed to Jeremy’s parents at that point.  They graciously offered some grandparent time, so that we could go out for my birthday (late).  We went to Rockne’s in Massillon and then to see The King’s Speech.  That was at a theatre where we paid a total of $4.50 for BOTH tickets – awesome!  :) 

Sunday, we woke up for breakfast with Maynard and Gloria – omelets, sausage, and donuts.  Madison went back down for her little morning nap.  Then, we headed to Salem Mennonite for church.  She was dressed in an outfit that coordinated with her cousins that she got for Christmas.  The kids were super cute:

            DSC_2344       DSC_2345

    DSC_2354      DSC_2351

The Easter egg hunt for the little ones went well.  She had been in training with the sitter last week, so she knew exactly what to do.  Also, Landen is only 11-1/2 months old; so she had a few months on her competition:

      DSC_2360      DSC_2357 

After a super long nap (exhausted from the day’s activities) we headed to the Bricker gathering.  She was loved on – being the only baby has its advantages!  Grandma and Grandpa Yoh had an Easter basket all ready for her.  And a singing bunny – it sings “who put the hop in the hoppity-hoppity-hop” and claps its ears together.  Madison loved it – and we left the camera in the car :(  On the long drive home (stupid traffic), she learned how to turn the bunny on and off.  So funny … and a little annoying :)  It was a great gift.  It was good to reconnect with everyone there.  Madison touched Great-Grandpa Bricker’s hand and said “nice”  It was precious. 

Well, that’s it.  I am back at school; Jeremy is back at work; and Madison is back at the sitter’s.  She learned how to climb up the little plastic slide today, and how to go down stairs this weekend.  Yea!  Have a great week.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Long awaited…

It has a been a drought on my blog, but I am finally posting.  Two weekends ago, my family got together at Skyview Ranch in Holmes County.  It had been since Christmas since I had seen everyone.  Madison went with a little fever that didn’t go away until Monday just before we headed home.  Poor girl!  I think it is because she is getting more teeth, but who knows.  Madison always takes a little time to adjust to the volume of these gatherings, and when she is alone in the house, she can’t stop talking.  There were some goats that roamed the area; the little ones had a ball watching them and petting them.  There was lots of land – with lots of hills – to trek around, a little mini-golf course, tether ball (my mom kicked my butt.. twice!), basketball courts, and swings.  Here are some pictures.

         DSC_2204         DSC_2215

         DSC_2257     DSC_2234 

        DSC_2222          DSC_2279


Then, the week went on.  On Tuesday, Jeremy and I split a day at home with Madison who had a little fever again when she woke up.  She was fever-free in mid-morning, but slept like a hibernating bear that day!  So, there was just a lot of down time to relax for us!  This past Saturday, we headed back to Holmes County to surprise Jeremy’s dad who was getting an award from Ruritans.  During the late afternoon, my friend (Sandy) came to meet us for some Amish tourist activities – mainly, eating samples of cheese and bread – and dinner at Der Dutchman.  We made it to the the award banquet just in time for the award.  Here are some pictures of that time. 

Madison thought the little chef was a real man, I think!


Our associate pastor spoke at the banquet.  Maynard is seated after receiving the award.


All dolled up!

                   DSC_2291         DSC_2293 


           DSC_2302     DSC_2310

new bathing suit


Friday, April 8, 2011

Picture Post

I promised some pictures this time, and thankfully, Jeremy took some.  Jeremy had some long work days, so he had accrued 40 hours by Thursday.  Since they won’t let people work overtime, he had today off – and daddy time with Madison!  The other night, he made a mohawk with her shampoo.

          DSC_2145          DSC_2141

Today, he caught her playing dress up with some of his things :)

       DSC_2154          DSC_2173 

Some close photos:

                DSC_2183                  DSC_2181

Bible Time… this small Bible happened to be her favorite thing this afternoon; she even took it on our little walk with us.  She also is learning to fold her hands and pray at meals, too. 

                      DSC_2185            DSC_2188 

             DSC_2189            DSC_2191


Hope everyone has a great weekend

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing new

So, not much has happened in the past week ... at least none that I photographed. My parents came on Saturday for a short time. Jeremy and I went on a little lunch date to get out of the house. I went to work at school on spring break for a few hours to get ahead of the game. I went back to school Monday and the week is flying by. This is good and bad - good: because it is not torturous! bad: because I have an IEP due that I have been procrastinating with. I talked with the school psychologist today about it, and I'll finish writing it tomorrow. I have become a procrastinator... so not good. The problem is this: we don't have enough school hours to get things done, and I HATE with a passion doing school work at home. I feel like home should be this sacred place where I can get away from school so that I can enjoy the hours I am at school. So, that's that. We are taking supper to the Brokaw's tomorrow night - tacos. Anja just went back to work, and I think you sometimes need meals then as much as just after the baby is born. It will be fun to see their little girl again. Today Madison and I went out to enjoy the sunshine at the park. She got very excited when she saw the park from the car window. Jeremy is still at work (8:41pm). Crazy! Blah, blah, blah. I could continue to type about meaningless details of our life, but I'll let you all off the hook. I'll try to take some pictures and post them next time. Have a great rest of the week.