Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Week

It has been pretty mellow since our last post. I got out of the house this weekend to go watch a movie (Something Borrowed) at the dollar theater. I used to go in the summer in the middle of the afternoon quite a bit to see movies for a buck, but it is not as easy to do with a toddler. It was a good break from the daily routine. Jeremy and Madison went on a short bike ride on Sunday - both came back sweaty. We enjoyed a cooler (maybe just less humid??) walk yesterday which was wonderful! We are planning on going to storytime and the zoo yet this week.

Madison is becoming such a ball of fun. She seems to be picking up more words and using them all the time. She now points to herself and says "Madison". It is cute. She can sit down and take her shoes off, and she goes to find them when it is time to go - so helpful. She is also playing babies more with her two dolls. She carries them around, kisses them, and has figured out she can undress them (with a little help). Yesterday on our walk, she wanted to take her stuffed doggie. That was the first time she wanted to do that, and I thought, "You are becoming a little girl." She still has her moments, like when I asked her to hold my hand in the parking lot when shopping (usually not a big deal), and she said "NO". I picked her up and carried her, which she didn't particularly enjoy. Or when we are wanting to get moving a little faster and she moves so ... much... slower.... I can't hardly stand it. I think she knows what she is doing though :) Overall, she is pretty sweet, and I am very proud of who she is becoming.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Events Weekend

This past weekend was crazy – and we even skipped out on one of the events!  We met the Bricker clan at Mohican State Park for a family gathering.  We stayed at the lodge which was so nice!  We had a picnic supper on Friday night.  Before the food was ready some of the cousins played a friendly game of keep away with Madison…. she thought it was fun – looked like a form of torture to me! 

        DSC_2680        DSC_2681

On Saturday, we managed to get some of the troops moving for a morning hike.  (The rest were enjoying a little extra sleep; it was the weekend, and they have no small munchkin to wake them up!)  Madison rode in the backpack carrier for the first time and did a great job.  She enjoyed touching the cold water falling from the treacherous Lion’s Falls!  Jeremy played horse-y to keep her entertained while she was riding; she thought that was fun.

        DSC_2688         DSC_2704

         DSC_2685        DSC_2695

 DSC_2701We had a lunch break before a group went kayaking on apparently the busiest day of the entire season.  They said it was so packed on the river it wasn’t that much fun.  I stayed back while Madison (and I) napped for a couple hours.  We had lunch with some relatives from the Yoh side [Don, Beth (Jeremy’s cousin), Tori, and Reid and Ken and Lois – Jeremy’s aunt and uncle] at Pizza Hut before turning in for the night.  Well, I turned in for the night; the others watched a fireworks show over the lake.  On Sunday, we played in the pool outside.  It was a good sized kiddie pool.  Madison would (kinda) brave walking in it, but wouldn’t sit.  She is still learning to enjoy water in large amounts. 

        DSC_2717       DSC_2714 

              DSC_2715                 DSC_2720

We headed to Dalton for nap time, while everyone else headed to another family reunion.  After nap time, we went to Arturo and Jen’s open house for those who couldn’t make it to the wedding earlier this summer.  It was another chance to hang out with family.  We left around 6:30 to make it home for bed time.  Whew!  I am sure you could feel the whirlwind – and hopefully, the fun – we experienced.  Hope you are all surviving this disgustingly hot and humid week.  We look forward to a break in the heat wave; it is hard to motivate yourself to go outside and play when the weather is like this.  Stay cool!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Lazy Blogger

So, I’ll just admit it – I have had time in the last 5 days or so to blog, I just haven’t.  We have actually done quite a bit.  For July 4th, Madison and I headed to the Rohr’s for their party.  Because we were staying longer than Sunday, Jeremy didn’t join us; work just ruins summer fun!  Madison enjoyed the pool in a floating inner tube someone had.  Chuck had a very fun train he powered the kids around the yard in.  Madison sat with her cousin, Sophie, for the ride.

       DSC_2645       DSC_2649

Then, on Monday, my mom took everyone to Rolling Ridge Ranch.  It was 8 adults and 9 kids on a wagon pulled by Rex and Rick, horses.  We were given food pellets to pass out to the animals as they approached for a snack.  And, boy, were there animals!  We fed llamas, deer, ostrich, beefalo, zebra, long-horn cattle, and more.  Sophie even got to drive the team of horses for awhile!  The kids loved it, and we adults had a great time as well.  Afterwards, there were goats to pet, ducklings to hold, peacocks and monkeys to look at, and roosters to chase.  It was actually a great morning weather-wise and a lot of fun.

                DSC_2662                         DSC_2665

      DSC_2668       DSC_2655

      DSC_2657       DSC_2663

Monday night I took Madison to her Grandma and Grandpa Yoh’s for a couple day stay while I went with Sandy to Mennonite Convention in Pittsburgh for DSC_2678a few days.  I stayed with Sandy Monday night, and we left Tuesday morning.  Tuesday, we enjoyed some seminars, a cooking show, adult worship, and youth worship.  In the evening we went to a Bluffton Alumni event.  We were able to get our picture taken with J. Denny Beaver – a newly updated beaver suit for those who are from my era.   We spent the night with a college acquaintance, Erlina and her husband.  Wednesday, we headed back for some more seminars and lunch with some friends.  After our last session - “Teaching children using the Martyr’s Mirror” … if you know if the book The Martyr’s Mirror, you will understand the intrigue of this session – we headed out.  We ate dinner at Rockne’s in Massilon ; I love their Firestone Chicken Salad and pita!.  I reunited with Madison that evening, and debriefed at my parents house.  We left the next morning.

Since then, we joined friends for some Chinese food and fun at the park, went to the park (pretty much every day), played in the fountains at Easton, and took some naps (some shorter than others).  We are back to the daily grind.  There is a lot of “mommys” which just means she needs something – not that she knows my name.  There is also suddenly a lot of whining when you are not sitting right beside her playing.  If anyone has any tips on how to fix that, let me know.  Truth is, sometimes you have to cook supper, wash dishes, pick up the house… you know, adult responsibilities.  We are working on it.  No other big plans – story time tomorrow, maybe the zoo this week since it is supposed to cool off, another park or two.  We’ll see.  Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, July 1, 2011

COSI and The Beach

We had two very exciting days.  Yesterday we met Tara and Grace at COSI.  We had not been, but I had a friend recommend it.  COSI is a science center (for those not from here) that you usually associate with kids a little older; there are lots of hands on activities for them.  They also have a whole section of a floor dedicated for little people – preschool and under.  It is great!  There is a mock clinic, kitchen, ambulance, playground, houses, and other things to experiment with.  Madison and Grace loved it!  Here are a few pics:

      DSC_2630      DSC_2631

They also have a water area.  There is a water table where infants can sit in seats and feel water.  Then there is a water table where toddlers can splash and play with different containers and watch things move in the current.  Needless to say, the girls were soaked and content.  (Tara had suggested a change of clothes, so we were prepared!)

      DSC_2634      DSC_2636 

      DSC_2635      DSC_2637

Madison slept on the way home, woke up for lunch (bummer), and then I put her back down after an hour; she took an 1-1/2 hour nap after that.  We got in our tiny pool on the deck in the afternoon.  Yes, I put on my suit this time, too.  Let me just say, I pretty much take up the entire pool.  She liked having me sit in there though, so that’s where I was for most of the hour we were outside.  It is really nice on the deck in late afternoon because it is all shaded – perfect!

Today, we were invited to the Alum Creek State Park to go swimming with the Haltermans.  They couldn’t get there til around noon, so we headed up a little earlier.  I knew we would have to leave to come home for a nap and wanted her to have some time to play.  So, we packed the beach bag and cooler, put on our suits, slathered on the sunscreen, and headed out.  She marched toward the water like a pro and stopped when the water touched her toes.  I think she was unsure of the sand/water texture.  She eventually got more comfortable, but never went in farther than her knees.  I carried her out farther, but she just clung really tightly to me.  She dug in the sand with her shovel and bucket for a good 45 minutes before it was lunch time.  Here are a few pictures:

      DSC_2639      DSC_2641

      DSC_2643      DSC_2644   

She fell asleep on the way home – again – but this time, she had eaten, and I could just carry her up to bed.  We’ll see how long she sleeps; I hear sun, sand, and the waves wear little ones out!  :)