Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It’s Official…

I know many (or perhaps all of my many readers) already know, but I thought I would make it an official post today.  We are expecting Baby Yoh #2.  Yes, yes, it is true.  Madison will no longer get to reign as the main event at the house.  Since she likes to play with her baby doll more recently, I take that as a good sign.  Really, she has no idea, even though we talk about it.  We learned we were expecting shortly before Mother’s Day, but held off telling people until Memorial Day.  Our first ultrasound was June 9th.  Super fun – we got to see little limbs budding from our peanut. 


Our given due date: January 13, 2012; Madison will be just past 2 years old.  I have been growing my baby belly a little week by week, but had been able to hide it fairly well when I wanted to.  Now, not so much.  (I would have bared my belly like I did when I was pregnant with Madison, but it was so glaringly white, I just couldn’t do that to you.)

DSC_2919 I am officially 20 weeks (halfway!), and we had our second ultrasound.  My new OB has a 3D ultrasound option, which is the pictures they give you.  I am not all about the 3-D, but we had already said we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby.  We figured if we didn’t want the 3-D, they would think we were a step away from the stone age.  (Jeremy jokingly said, after we had left the office, that we should have just asked for a sketch of what they saw!)  At any rate, here is the best pic we got.  I actually think the 3-D made it harder to see the baby sometimes. 

DSC_2901 All things looked good at the ultrasound – no problems were noted.  The baby was breech, which made getting pictures of the heart a little difficult; so, I get to have bonus ultrasound at my next check up.  We are looking forward to meeting Baby Yoh, and I will keep you posted with pictures along the way.   Just one last pic of big sis:



I have no memory of what all happened since my last post.  I feel like time has passed by so quickly, and I can’t remember it.  I do remember that the week got a little busy – I went into school a couple times, we went to the park a number of times, and then we traveled home.  Friday we went to Jeremy’s parents’ house.  His aunt and uncle from Florida were in town, and we wanted to connect with them.  We took Madison to a neighbor’s pool for a swim before everyone arrived.  She has turned into a little fish – she loved it!  We even put her head underwater twice, which she didn’t love, but didn’t hate either. 

       5050        5060


We went to eat at Das Dutch – as a tribute to Amish country.  My parents joined us for that meal since the restaurant is so close to their house.  Madison strutted around with her little purse over her shoulder much of the night.                      IMG_4511

        IMG_4512       IMG_4515

Saturday, she played in the sand-water table.  She got very wet and sandy, but had a ball.  Plus it was a beautiful morning to sit outside and watch her play.  After lunch, we headed back to Columbus; she slept the whole way home – exhausted! 

       DSC_2883       DSC_2885

       DSC_2892       DSC_2890

My parents came up for the first time since my dad’s neck surgery.  It was good to have there here.  We took them to the park near us – in the shade with a stream to play in.  Madison quite enjoyed the time. 


        DSC_2896       DSC_2899

Sunday, it was off to church in the morning, then to Scrambler Marie’s for a tasty brunch, and home for a bit of playing before Madison went to bed, and they went home.  It was a good weekend with family. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Week

Sunday must have become my blogging day.  This week was fast and slow all at the same time.  It was busier than normal, and a good change of pace for us.  Tuesday and Wednesday I went into school to meet and plan with others.  It is good to have some scheduled time because it forces me to get there.  It has been hard to motivate myself this year because I can’t access much of the building or any of my things due to construction.  I think I work better once I am unpacked and settled somewhere.  This year, I don’t have time to wait that out.  I’ll have to figure out how to just start planning!  While I did that, Jeremy’s parents came down Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon.  They played in the pool on the deck with Madison, took us out for supper, read books, and went to the park.  It had been awhile since we had seen them, so it was nice they came down.

DSC_2871 On Thursday, Luke, Steph, Lilli, and Sam came to visit.  We went to the Olentangy Indian Caverns, Steak n Shake, Easton Fountains, and Casa de Yoh for tacos and bread pudding.  We hadn’t been to the caverns, so it was something new for us as well.  We all enjoyed it – even Madison!  After the cave tour, Sam and Lilli mined for gem stones in the running water with their screens.  Madison just threw rocks in the water.  Madison fell asleep on the way home; Jeremy stayed here with her while the rest of us went to Easton fountains.  It was fun to watch Sam and Lilli – and Luke! – play in the water. 


On Friday, we decided to go to Alum Creek State Park beach.  Last time only Madison and I went; this time, Jeremy got to go with us!  It was a nice day.  We had borrowed a canopy tent from friends at church.  It was nice to have some shade while eating lunch.  Madison had fun playing in the sand.  She even was really brave in the water – walking out holding our hands until it was up to her chest!  That was a lot of progress from the last time.  She fell asleep on the way home, but woke up when I carried her upstairs.  She talked and sang and played in her bed for a good 30 minutes.  We were thinking she would fall asleep (isn’t that what the beach and sun is supposed to do – make kids tired?); however, she did not fall asleep.  So, we kept right on playing!

        DSC_2877        DSC_2879

                 DSC_2880                   DSC_2882

The rest of the weekend has been pretty quiet.  Jeremy went for a bike ride, and Madison and I went for a walk on Saturday morning.  A quick trip to the store on Saturday night.  Church on Sunday.  Then, Madison and I went to a park near us to play tonight.  She did better on the steps, tunnels, and slides.  We also went down to the little creek to throw stones – super fun!  And that is that.  Tomorrow, Madison has her big doctor’s appointment to check how her urinary reflux is doing.  She has been on meds since about six months old.  She has to have a catheter tomorrow, which worries me.  She didn’t even like the doctor saying hi to her at her 18 month check up.  Please keep us in prayer around 8:30am. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer fun

I must be on a picture kick because this post will be some of the random summer fun pictures we have taken this past week.  This was from a little while ago, but she is helping me water plants outside after swimming.

     DSC_2730       DSC_2729

We went to the zoo on Thursday with most of Columbus; it was a beautiful day!  Madison liked the goats, but really only wanted to touch them with the comb.

      DSC_2849      DSC_2851

      DSC_2852      DSC_2853

That night we had corn on the cob, and she wanted to try eating like us.  So, here are some shots.  She loves saying “cheese” when she sees the camera.  My sister-in-law always said this looked like a “Chucky” face – a horror film character for those who know it.  It is terrifyingly cute!

       DSC_2856      DSC_2858

        DSC_2860       DSC_2861

On Friday, we had a great time with Andy and Mandy and their daughter, Addie.  Jeremy had been friends with them before I met him; they were serving as missionaries abroad the last few years.  I had only met them one other time, but was so relaxed with them.  It was a great feeling.  Madison helped me put pepperonis on the pizza for supper that night.  She loves to help out.  She helped me put cans in the cupboard today and yogurts in the fridge after grocery shopping today.  It is fun to watch her learn these things; it requires a reminder to myself to take life a little slower!

DSC_2863 She went to church this morning in her fancy outfit – all the way to her shoes.  Her Grandma Yoh gave it to her awhile ago, but we just got her in it this Sunday.  She wanted to carry a little purse to church with it, too.  Grandma Ediger had given her a little money purse for her Sunday school tithe, and she has asked for it all the time.  I felt like I had such a little lady on my hands!

                     DSC_2865                                         DSC_2866

       DSC_2867        DSC_2868

So, that’s that.  In other news, I have a few work days coming up at school this week.  The following week, I am giving myself mandatory work days.  Our school year doesn’t start until Sept. 7th with kids, so I have been procrastinating a little more than normal.  I am a bit stressed about what it will bring.  We are in a whole different structure – four small academies (aka schools) within our high school.  So, I will be in charge of my academies students with special needs across grades 9-11.   This is a major shift from just supporting the 9th graders.  I will also teach one period of science again this year.  I am not super excited about this, but it will be good to keep up my lead teaching skills :)  Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather we have been blessed with.  Have a great week.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Boston Trip: Madison’s Perspective

Okay, so she didn’t really take a trip to Boston, but it was a vacation for her nonetheless.  Since we took her to Jeremy’s parents last time I left town, we took her to my parents this time.  We dropped her off on Wednesday evening and picked her up on Sunday around lunch.  It was longer than we’d ever left her before.  I reminded my mom to take pictures of their time together.  On Thursday, they went to the Kidron auction and looks at all the animals.  Madison LOVES animals, but it very hesitant to touch them.  Mom said she had a great time.  They did a lot of swinging, playing in the sandbox, going for short stroller walks, playing in the sprinkler, and sliding down the fast slide; many of these happened everyday.

       P1040275        P1040267

             P1040295                      P1040288

       P1040304              P1040312

               P1040306                     P1040302

               P1040453                         P1040452

On Saturday, her cousin Landen came over to play.  This was good because she doesn’t get to spend as much time as I would like her to with her cousins – especially in one-on-one!  Here is some of the excitement from that day.

        P1040368        P1040375

        P1040382       P1040388

        P1040406       P1040436

She also spent some time getting a pedicure – just like Grandma! 

       P1040438       P1040444

Overall, she had a great time, and although her welcome home reaction to us proves differently, I think she hardly missed us!  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for giving her a great vacation.