Wednesday, September 28, 2011

24 Weeks

This weekend my parents came late Saturday afternoon til Sunday around 9am.  It was good to see them again, but I think Madison was the one who enjoyed it the most!  It was a beautiful night, so we headed to the park to play after supper.  After Madison went to bed, it was good to catch up.  It was my first weekend home since school started and it was much needed!  I feel more refreshed this week for school, and I think that makes a big difference. 

Today, I had my 24 week check up with a bonus ultrasound.  At 20 weeks, she couldn’t see the heart very well, so she wanted to see me again.  I didn’t have a problem with that.  I love the ultrasounds.  Here are some of the pictures (in 3-D) from the morning visit:

       DSC_3017       DSC_3012

       DSC_3013       DSC_3014


Oh, yes, here is my updated baby bump picture too.  On the left is at 20 weeks; the right is now.

              DSC_2919              DSC_3020 

As to not be neglected, here is big sister playing with mommy’s shoes.  It was cute, but even cuter to watch her walk in them! 

DSC_3010 Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almost a month’s worth

Despite the title, I don’t know how much I’ll actually post here.  It is 6:10 in the morning and I might get this done before heading off to school.  I feel like life has been pretty hectic – school, gone on the weekend, etc.  I have not gotten out of the building before 4pm on most days – I can leave at 3, and I should leave by then.  I just feel very overwhelmed trying to get everything done – paperwork, lesson plans, phone calls, meetings.  I am sure it will all balance out; I’m just looking forward to that day!  At any rate, here is a quick synopsis and picture update of the last few weeks:

School started on September 6th.  Here is a second day picture – me going to school and Madison off to the sitter.  She is going to Jamie’s house two days a week right now.  We thought it was important for her to learn to play with others, make crafts, and experience different things – plus she likes going, and it gives Jeremy a break :) 

              DSC_2959                  DSC_2958

On Saturday the 10th, Jeremy went to Holmes County to do a 100 mile bike ride there with Aaron Hershberger (a friend from my high school).  From the sounds of it, it started off well, then went downhill – leg cramps, chain falling off bike, and rain.  They got about 70-75 miles in before calling it quits.  It was still worth the experience of biking all those hills!  On Sunday the 11th, Jeremy celebrated his birthday….. and I completely forgot it.  Yep, I did it, and am admitting it.  We went to church, came home, were discussing some not so great lunch choices, when he subtly reminded me that the day held some significance…. I felt horrible.  I usually remember birthdays, and even send cards albiet sometimes a little late.  So, I had nothing to give him, but we went out for lunch and then I made apple coffee cake at his request.  Chalk up a few points for him!

On Monday the 12th, Jeremy and Madison headed to the Wayne County Fair.  From the sounds of it, it was a great day.  When I got home from work, I asked Madison about her day and she shouted “Animals!”.  Then she went on to list them or give them sounds.  Here are a few pictures from that day.

          DSC_2967        DSC_2962

          DSC_2963       DSC_2981


Last weekend, I went to Camp Friedenswald with a group of ladies from Salem (picture on left).  It was a good time.  My college roommate goes to Camp as well; so we had a little reunion with four Bluffton alum while there (picture on right).  Although it was relaxing while there, the fact I was gone the whole weekend and rode in a car 11 hours made it feel like a less relaxing time.  I headed to bed around 9pm that night, and feel almost recovered. 

       camp2         camp

So, that’s about it with the big things.  I have a 24 week check up next week.  I’ll let you know how baby Yoh #2 is progressing.  Here are two more pics (playing dress up and the apple pie Jeremy baked last night).

                     DSC_2997             DSC_3004

Friday, September 9, 2011

Troy and Amanda’s Wedding

We got to pick Jason up at the airport on Friday night.  It was nice to spend a little extra family time with him.  Madison, although initially scared of the “strange” man who hopped in the car, recovered and loved to impress him with all her many talents – playing the harmonica, running, laughing, playing at the park, and talking.  Here they are hanging out on the couch:  DSC_2921 Last weekend, we went to Jeremy’s cousin’s wedding.  It was at his aunt’s house, and it was beautiful.  With the exception of the heat (97F), it was perfect.  Madison did not make it through the ceremony – too chatty and antsy – but found space to walk in the reception area where I could still see/hear parts of the ceremony.  We walked around the yard to see all the flowers Diane had planted for use in the wedding.  These are my best Madison in the garden shots :)

       DSC_2926          DSC_2929

There was a nice spread of cheese, crackers, and fruit for picture time.  They served Old Carolina bbq for the meal.  The cake looked simplistic and beautiful.  Some moving around during this time kept Madison occupied.  She mostly liked to go over to the cooler filled with ice that had held bottled water.  She tried to climb in once, but most of the time and usually wanted eat and play in the ice.  As hot as it was, I had no problem with this.  We ended up going home after the meal – I was running out of energy and Madison was starting to break down.  The cool bath/shower was a welcome relief.  Jeremy stayed, ate cake, danced, and partied til the cows came home.

                DSC_2933                  DSC_2938 

       DSC_2935           DSC_2936

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School has arrived

My bonus two weeks of summer has ended. I am back with students today. Yesterday, I was at school from 9-5pm - disgusting! I did get most of my IEPs gathered, emails with names sent to teachers, and dates noted. I feel more nervous about this year - a lot of unknowns, more responsibility across all grade levels, more juggling of classes, teaching science again.... I have been praying for confidence, which I don't know if I've felt a need to do before - maybe my first year? At any rate, I'm off to brush my teeth and to see what the day holds.

(We did go to Jeremy's cousin's wedding this weekend. I have a few pictures to post about that, but it will wait to a later hour.)