Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Fun

The past few days have been good.  After the pumpkin farm, we managed a few more events.  I had a doctor’s appointment; everything looks good, and the baby is head down – yea!!  Friday morning Madison woke up crying for some reason.  Although that wasn’t good, it was nice to have an extra 10 minutes of snuggle time with her in the morning.  On Friday night, she worked really hard at setting up Jeremy’s collection of plastic cups while we did supper clean up.  It was cute. 

      DSC_3105        DSC_3106

Then, on Saturday, we went walking with Tara and Grace.  It had been a few weeks, so it was good to see them.  The morning started out a bit chilly, but it wasn’t too cold to play at the park after the walk.  After her nap, we walked around outside – just enjoying the fall weather.  Today, we went to church.  She had the whole nursery (well, the toddler room) to herself during first service while Jeremy and I helped with other things.  She had a fantastic tea party and entertained the adults in charge.  She is such a little lady!  She dressed in her Buckeye dress in honor of their win over Wisconsin last night.  She and the other big Buckeye fan in the house took their picture together! 


Late afternoon was trunk or treat at our church.  We got there later than we wanted because I was out shopping at Once Upon a Child.  While she and Jeremy waited for me to returned, they played dress up.  I am sure there is not a more flattering pair of glasses she could wear :)

             DSC_3116           DSC_3115

We got to the church around 4:45 and did a few things – went down the slide, bounced in the bounce house, and rode the train.   The train was very fast, and she held on very tight, but she was the youngest one on there and she stayed the whole ride!  She saw a few kids from small group she knew (see the monkey and the tooth fairy).  She tried trick-or-treating for the first time – she didn’t say much except “thank you” and “bye-bye”, but did enjoy a sucker in the end.

      DSC_3119      DSC_3123

      DSC_3125      DSC_3126

        DSC_3133             DSC_3134

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fun

This weekend we headed to my brother’s place for the annual fall party.  Last year, Madison was moving (kinda) and we dressed her in a cow suit.  This year, she was all over and dressed as a normal kid.  She had a lot of fun hiking in the woods, riding the hot wheels, pushing the little lawn mower, and playing chase with her cousin, Landen.  It was a little easier for us, too, because we could observe her rather than have to be right there beside her.  So, I enjoyed catching up with some people who were there.  Here are a few pictures from the night….

            DSC_3052           DSC_3056

DSC_3066 Yesterday we decided it was our last nice night for awhile.  So, we headed to Pigeon Roost Farm for some fun.  We had heard a lot of good things about it, and wanted to experience it ourselves.  Our only regret is that we got there so late.  There were goats, turkeys, rabbits, and camels to look at.  There were all kinds of slides, tunnels, swings, toys, games, and things for kids to do.  Here are a few pictures of the night.  Madison had a lot of fun and could have stayed a lot later; maybe next year we can make an afternoon of it!

               DSC_3068                 DSC_3082

      DSC_3070       DSC_3075

      DSC_3080       DSC_3095


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to Work

Jeremy went back to work on Monday, and we jumped into it with both feet!  There was a project that they brought him on for that needed done fairly quickly and required going to Cincinnati .  So, he was gone on Tuesday thru late Wednesday night.  Madison and I went to the park and did some things together those nights.  It went well.  On Thursday, he came home because I had parent-teacher conferences, so he was in charge of Madison that night.  On Friday, he had to drive back down there, but was back by supper time.  It made the week go fast having all those things to juggle. 

On Saturday, we headed to see family.  We spent the morning playing with Cale, Landen, and Ben.  Steph made it home from work in time to join us for lunch.  Madison had a blast running up and down the hallway with the two boys.  We then went to my parents’ house for nap time and a delicious supper; mom tried a new recipe on us, and it was very successful!  Finally, we went to surprise Maynard at his 60th birthday celebration!  We were able to enjoy some ice cream cake, conversation, and seeing family.  Ken and Lois had driven in for the party as well.  Here are a few pictures…

       DSC_3042       DSC_3041

       DSC_3047        DSC_3044

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I made it through last week.  Thank you to all who were praying for the energy I needed.  Good news came last week for our family as well.  Jeremy was offered a job with a company here in Columbus only a few minutes from our house!  He starts on Monday.  This is great for us.  I will say that I will miss all the ways he helped here at home while he didn’t have a job – cleaning, cooking, shopping, and sharing special daddy time with Madison.  It has been neat to watch their relationship grow.  On Friday he said it was a perfect day – sunshine, a glorious time walking the trails with Madison at a local metropark, finished with a long nap.  I am glad he ended with such a good memory, instead of one of those rainy-stuck-in-the-house days.  It will be another transition for us, but I hope it will be a good one.  Here is an evening hang out picture:


My parents came on Friday night to watch Madison so Jeremy and I could go out.  We had planned on going to a marriage class for the next 6 weeks at church, but it was canceled.  So, we asked them to come this week anyway, and we went out to eat and then to a movie (Courageous).  After the movie (around 9:30pm) we were trying to decide what to do, and only came up with going to a coffee shop.  The local uptown one closed at 10pm and Starbucks closed at 10:30.  We went to Starbucks.  I don’t think I could have made it much past 10:30 anyway!  It was good to reconnect. 

Saturday, Jeremy worked on fixing the community mailboxes while mom, dad, Madison, and I went to the park.  Here are a few fun pictures, including looking at a caterpillar on the ground.

          DSC_3026            DSC_3027

          DSC_3029       DSC_3036

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Week Approaches

We had a beautiful - sunny at least and not too cold - yesterday. It was a good break from the rain and cold. I am fine with colder temps; I am not as okay with them when they are paired with rain. Madison and I went to the park Sunday after her nap for about an hour. It was a much needed break from the house for both of us. Jeremy stayed home for football and apple pie baking in honor of our Sunday evening guests - Brent (Jeremy's former roommate) and his fiance, Amy. It was nice to meet her and catch up with Brent again, although it did make for a little later night than usual... I am sure our young, without children guests would not agree that 10pm is late :)

This week looms before me and I am not excited - IEP on Monday, dentist and book club on Tuesday, IEP on Wednesday, nothing Thursday!!!, marriage class on Friday. Yikes. I will make it, and I will be extremely grateful for the 2 hours of laying on the couch after Madison goes to bed. I hope everyone has a great week.