Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deck the Halls

On Sunday night, we dragged out our GIANT tree, lights, and decorations to get in the festive mood for the next holiday.  Madison had fun looking at ornaments, finding the light up nose, and helping put on the bells on the tree.  It was fun to see her participate this year. 

         DSC_3209      DSC_3212

         DSC_3216       DSC_3213

I must not be in a mood to write because nothing is coming to mind.  So, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and have a great time preparing your households for the Christmas season.


We went home on Thursday morning for the Thanksgiving Day sale at my home church.  As always, it was good to connect with people again and buy – as Jeremy called them – some overpriced food.  We headed to my parents house for my family’s lunch feast.  It was enjoyable.  We were thankful for sunny day for some of the kids to get outside.  In the late afternoon, we headed to the other side’s leftover feast.  We hadn’t seen most of this side since a family wedding at the beginning of September.  So, the time was filled with catching up and laughter.  We did not manage to take any pictures.

Friday morning, the cousins enjoyed a little dress up before heading out to bash a giant pumpkin.  (I went to spend some hang out time with my friend, Sandy for a couple hours while Jeremy held down the fort.) The day was beautiful!  We ended the day with a little more fun playing together.

       DSC_3188      DSC_3208

       DSC_3199      DSC_3192

Saturday we stayed for the first half of the Buckeyes game before heading home. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Wedding and More

Last weekend, Jeremy, Madison, and I went to a wedding of a friend.  We had friends from Tennessee stay with us Thursday through Sunday.  It was fun to have company in the house, and people to catch up with.  Saturday was the wedding, and it was a beautiful ceremony.  Madison did a great job, and she was even complimented by those around us for her good behavior! :)  We came home for a little while in between the wedding in the reception.  For weeks, we had told Madison we were going to a wedding, and without fail, she would ask, “Dance?”  Yes, we are going to dance.  So, when we got to the reception, she headed directly to the dance floor to start the party early.  She ate a little at the meal and then starting breaking down about 7:45 – before the real dancing started, but at cake and ice cream time.  She and I shared a bowl of ice cream together, which managed to give her a second wind.  She ran to the dance floor and did not stop until we pulled her off the floor at 9:30!!!  She was a dancing machine.  Jeremy said seeing this made him worry about all the years that are to come, especially the teenage ones!  Here are some of the pictures from the night (family pictures, bubbles, ice cream, dancing, bride and groom:

                DSC_3152                  DSC_3151

                DSC_3149                   DSC_3163

                     DSC_3156                                     DSC_3155    

The week went by in a busy manner.  One highlight was Grandma and Grandpa Yoh came on Wednesday and Thursday.  They provided supper on DSC_3166Wednesday which is always a great thing.  Madison showed off her dance moves after bath time in her beautiful tutu she had received as a birthday gift last year.  It was a lot of fun.  Thursday, Madison was able to stay home from the sitter’s and hang out with them.  They had a lot of fun playing.  This is Madison and Grandma showing some dance moves:

We took advantage of the sunshine this morning to head to the zoo.  It was not nearly as cold as we anticipated, and the zoo was nearly deserted – it was fantastic!  She wanted to see the bears first, so we watched the polar bears swimming in their pool and moving around right by window.  We saw the brown bears sleeping in their caves.  The wolves were running, the cougar was pacing, and the bobcat was out, too.  The manatee building was where we stayed the longest – not because she loved the manatees, but because she was having fun with these two boys in the pretend speedboat.  It was cute.  She walked the ledges to get to her next animal – the penguin.  The penguins were nesting, so we only peeked at them through the window.  Her favorite part was yelling as she walked through the connecting tunnel.  It was a good day to get out of the house.  She took a loooong nap before we headed to grocery store.  Bed time came later than normal, but she was a happy sleeper when it came.

       DSC_3174      DSC_3172 

       DSC_3173       DSC_3180

         DSC_3182                  DSC_3185

I have a check up this week before Thanksgiving to see how things are progressing.  I always take these for granted because the news is always good.  We have friends that are expecting their second girl about two weeks after us.  They just found out their ultrasound revealed a heart abnormality that will require open heart surgery in the first week after the little girl is born.  Please keep them in your prayers as they turn their fears over to God.  I imagine it is not easy.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving enjoying food, family, fellowship, and the gifts God has given each of us. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Daddy’s Girl

Here is a snapshot of what we’ve been doing.  Last weekend when I posted, it was beautiful outside.  I alluded that Madison had helped Jeremy with a few things.  There were some pictures to go with that.  She helped with leaf blowing (it was “heaby”) and wanted to help change the air filter in my car:

             DSC_3140               DSC_3143

At the fall party at my brother’s house, she loved the hot wheels.  I saw a small one at Once Upon a Child and decided to get it.  Her legs aren’t quite long enough to get power behind the pedals, so it ends up being more of a scoot toy still.  I think next summer, she’ll love it.  She was riding it around the house and decided she needed her helmet on – just like daddy does when he rides his bike.  Last night she found Jeremy’s goggles laying out.  (He started swim lessons in case he ever has time to train for a triathlon.)  We had talked about him swimming at the pool, and she wanted them on – just like daddy.

        DSC_3139           DSC_3144

Last update… I had a 30 week check up on Wednesday.  All my blood work looked good from last appointment (no diabetes and no anemia).  My blood pressure was good; the baby was growing.  The only “bad” news for me was that the baby is breech – again.  I am hoping s/he finds room to turn again in there before too long.  If not, I know the routine, since Madison decided that she didn’t like to stand on her head either.  We’ll see.  Here is my belly bump shot; the one on the right is now, the left is 4 weeks ago.  I think my pictures from Madison were better because it was always the same outfit and pose … you could tell how I was growing more clearly.  Either way, I’ll let you know, I’m getting bigger :)

                   DSC_3020                     DSC_3146

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Making Room

We decided to start preparing for the next little Yoh finally. Jeremy found a nice convertible crib on Craig's list for $50 that will work for Madison for at least awhile. We spent this morning moving the changing table into our room and putting up the crib and moving around furniture in Madison's room. It looks nice in her room - not as crowded as I thought it would be. Our room will look better once I put everything in its place, but not as crowded as I thought it would be either. I guess there is always room for one more!

Madison did a great job as we spent time upstairs all morning. She wanted to stay in her pajamas all morning. She also wore her new swimsuit too, but only hanging around her neck, not actually on her whole body. It was pretty funny. She helped Jeremy screw the crib together, got into my spools of thread (that I never use), sat in the laundry baskets, colored, and amused herself. It was pretty impressive how well she entertained herself.

Jeremy is out getting my oil changed and my car a much needed wash - during the OSU game! I am not sure why because I told him he could wait, but I'm not arguing either! I need to get to the grocery store yet today and probably take Madison to the park - the sun is shining and I haven't even made it out my front door... some days are like that. This is our second laid back weekend, and I am enjoying it. Last weekend was nice, but I felt antsy - like I should be doing something instead of just relaxing. This weekend, I am okay just hanging out. I need to do a little school work (grades are due on Tuesday), but otherwise.... nothing. Have a great weekend everyone!