Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank You, Sherry

My aunt Sherry sent us a little gift from Colorado the other day.  It was a small package, but contained two beautifully crocheted hats for the girls.  Madison wore hers all morning at church, so I think it is a hit!  They have gotten rave reviews.  So, thank you, Sherry, for thinking of us and sending some of your handiwork our way.  I miss you, by the way, and would love it if you did fly out to visit sometime :)  (The pictures are only as good as my old point and shoot camera – one of the first digital cameras…)

            DSCN3668               DSCN3670


A Day at the Park…

DSCN3675So, I woke up today and it looked to be a beautiful day.  I thought I would take the girls on a walk to the park since I just bought a double stroller – strollers are our major baby splurge.  Some people pay mega bucks for furniture and other things; we pay big money for strollers.  Hopefully, this one will be as good as the last.  It is a Baby Jogger City Mini Double.  At any rate, I called Tara to ask if her and Grace wanted to join us.  They did.  So, at 10am (right on time with my mental timeline), the kids were loaded in the car.  The car would not start.  All we got was a whirring sound.  No good.  Madison is in the back repeatedly asking about the park.  No can do.  See, we had to head to the store first to buy the car seat adapter for the stroller.  For some reason, I didn’t just get it at the same time I got the stroller; I think I was hoping I would find a better deal online.  I called AAA for a tow.  I called Tara to inform her about my predicament.  She offered to pick up the part at the store and then come walk with us.  Without this part, I also couldn’t later walk to pick up the car from the garage (easily accessible from the bike trail).  So, Tara (and AAA) was my hero today.  Madison was a good sport throughout the whole thing.  We walked around outside near the house while we waited.  We ended up getting to go to the park for a little bit, but it was cut short due to it almost being lunchtime.  Ellie (and me) had her first outdoor nursing experience since her 3 hour time period also lapsed during our wait.  It was a success and bought us some extra time at the park.  All and all, it was not so bad.  I am thankful for the beautiful weather to make it all a little more bearable.  The repair shop said they couldn’t find a specific problem, but a couple of things looked a little wore out; they recommended a tune-up.  So, we will walk back there this afternoon and pick the car up.  Hopefully, the problem will be fixed for quite awhile.  Here are a few pictures of our joyful start…

       DSCN3676       DSCN3677

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Update

It has been what seems like an eternity since I last blogged.  It is probably almost 2 full weeks at least.  A few things have happened since then, so here are the highlights….

Tara and Grace came over one Wednesday night for supper.  Well, actually, Tara - being the sweet person she is - brought us supper.  We had a great night playing.  Tara also gave the girls a bath – a nice break for me :)  Grace is petrified of the baby monitor.  The fear started last time she came to visit and she remembered the evil device this time around.  We tried to trick her by hiding it, but when Ellie cried the trick was ruined!  It is a bit funny, although I am sure it is not nice to laugh at the girl’s expense.

       DSC_3663        DSC_3662

Big Trip Home!  We went home President’s Day weekend for my “old” youth group’s annual gathering.  This was Ellie’s first big trip; coincidentally, it was also Madison’s first big trip.  All went well.  We left on Friday morning.  (Jeremy had logged overtime hours and had the '”day off.”)  We went to my parents’ house and Jeremy’s parents came over for supper.  It was a good evening.  Ellie had a little bit of a rough weekend sleeping wise, but that may have been expected since she was in a new place, plus, I was sleeping in the room with her and could hear ever noise… never helps!  Here are some pics from the night:

       DSC_3670                   DSC_3666

On Saturday, we went to see Great-Grandpa Bricker and any others that were around in Brickerville.  It was fun to see people again.  Ellie was a champ, but fussed some at Great-Grandpa.  We were just there for the morning through lunch.  I had forgotten how everything revolves around nursing when you want to travel.  You have to wait to leave until just after the little one has nursed so you don’t have to stop along the way.  It makes for interesting traveling as you can’t plan to much.  This is her great-aunt Marianne holding her and Great-Grandpa.  Madison found ways to entertain herself including having a tea party with the dolls and toys at the tiny table… so cute!

                  DSC_3677                         DSC_3675

       DSC_3679        DSC_3680

That same afternoon we went to the youth group gathering.  It was so nice to see people and reconnect a little bit.  I actually left and got there without kids or husband.  He brought them after Madison woke up.  It gave me some adult time to chat.  There are now a lot of little ones running around the house and disrupting all conversations.  It is quite entertaining!  I think there are 9 kids total (unless I miscounted).  Madison even got to help give one of them a bottle :)

       DSC_3685        DSC_3683

Zoo Day at the church… Madison and I met Tara and Grace (and lots of other people) at our church last Monday for a day when the Columbus Zoo brought animals to visit.  They brought seven different animals and talked about them.  It was a good time.  I would love to show you pictures, but I dropped the bag with the camera and broke the shutter which is, I have learned, an expensive repair.  Now we have no working camera and need to decide whether to repair (and not have a camera for weeks) or replace (which is more expensive).  To see pictures of this day and a little more from supper on Wednesday with Grace and Tara, you can go to Tara’s blog at

So, I’ll sign off and maybe get another post in later about little stories and tidbits that have been on my mind… this was just the nuts and bolts.  Saying good-bye from all of us, including the #10 grandkid for my parents.  Have a great week.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Some Random Pictures

So, I have tried to take pictures occasionally; I just don’t always get them posted.  Jeremy and Madison enjoyed the snow (what little we have had) this past weekend.  She came in all rosy cheeked and happy.  The joy of snow!

  DSC_3647    DSC_3648    DSC_3649

Madison does a great job being a big sister.  I cannot believe how well she does with Ellie.  She is always super gentle with little kisses on the top of the head.  She wants to see her in the morning and then just touches Ellie’s toes and hands.  She laughs when Ellie touches her with her hands.  And she works to entertain Ellie.  (She also stands really close while Ellie nurses, talks really loud, shakes the changing table while watching Ellie get her diaper changed, and bumped her on the head once while jumping on the couch!)  Here she is singing in her microphone one day…

      DSC_3644          DSC_3645 

We have had a good start to the week, and have something to look forward to – playing with Grace (and Tara) on Wednesday!  Hope everyone has a great week… and a good valentine’s day.  (Speaking of which…. I need to give props to my husband for the beautiful roses and card with a sweet note inside.  He is amazing – and thoughtful.  I love you, Jeremy!)

One Month Old

I can’t believe how fast a month goes.  It happened much quicker with this one than it did with the first one.  I think it was all more overwhelming emotionally with Madison – just a clueless feeling that pervaded my whole being.  At least this time I know that I can’t know everything and am more apt to roll with the punches.  That being said, I do freak out occasionally when Ellie doesn’t do what she is “supposed” to.  Madison went to the sitter today, so that Ellie and I could go to two different doctor’s appointments – one for her hip ultrasound (breech babies get to do this) and the one month check up.  So, she is much different than Madison.  Madison was in the 25th percentile FOREVER for her weight and height; not until she was a year old did she rank in the 50th percentile.  Ellie is already in the 90th percentile in all categories.  I think that this is not bad – I think the extra pounds has given me a couple extra hours at night that I didn’t have with Madison.  It also makes her feel more sturdy and less breakable… helps to build the confidence :)

So here are the stats:

  • Weight: 8lbs 9oz at birth.…10lbs 10oz at one month (2lbs 1 oz weight gain)
  • Length: 20-1/2in at birth…. 22in at one month (1-1/2 in growth)
  • Head: 15in at birth……….. 15-1/2in at one month (1/2 smarter)

She also started with cloth diapers today.  I started Madison at one month old, and she was smaller.  It is way different putting them on such a little muchkin than putting them on Madison, but I am getting the hang of it again.  Babies give you LOTS of diapering practice.  I just picked today to make the switch because why not and because I am tired of buying diapers every week at the grocery store!  So expensive!  A few pictures from today while doing tummy time.  Well, one is just a body shot with her big diaper so you can see her whole body.  I think the bottom right picture just shows some mischief to come (sorry it is a little blurry). 

       DSC_3650         DSC_3654

       DSC_3651        DSC_3655

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smiles and Bath Fun

It has been awhile since I posted.  I think it gets harder the more tired you are and the less free time you have.  I will continue to post though, so don’t give up on checking!  Jeremy had another three days away from home.  My parents were able to come on Monday night and Tuesday to give me a change of pace.  I didn’t need them like I did that second week back from the hospital, but they were valuable to us nonetheless.  It gave me a chance to run a few errands on Monday night.  Then, Tuesday, I cleaned the bathroom, folded some clothes, and relaxed a little.  There is something relaxing about not being the sole person responsible. 

I tried to take a few pictures to document Ellie’s growth – poor second children get the short end of the stick!  While I was photographing, she was a bit tired and weary of her sister who was crawling around her.

                  DSC_3622             DSC_3625

Before Jeremy left for work, he bought Madison a bath time baby so she could give her baby a bath while Ellie got a bath.  I gave it to her the day Grandma and Grandpa were here.  She loved it! 

                  DSC_3634           DSC_3637

My dad says he can take credit for Ellie’s first smile, and I’ll give it to him.  We have seen her give a smile, but I don’t know if it was in response to anything consistently.  I think dad got the first smile because he had time to just sit with her :)  Here it is:

DSC_3639Finally, a little tummy time…. she usually will just lay with her head on the floor.  Unlike Madison though, she seems fairly content to be in that position.  I put her on the boppy for a little support.  She seemed to enjoy that for awhile. 

DSC_3643Overall things are good.  One night is very different from the next.  Good nights I think I may be able to manage this baby stage.  Bad nights, my thoughts wonder if she’ll ever get on a schedule.  Her one month check up is Monday; growth statistics to come :)  Have a great end to the week.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

When Daddy is Gone….

….the girls will play!  Jeremy had to be out of town from Monday through Wednesday evening for work.  I decided to stay here instead of heading to one of the grandparents’ houses.  I figured at some point, you just learn to do it.  It went fairly well.  It is tiring to be a single parent (and single parents everywhere, I say, “Keep it up!”).  The hardest part is trying to give Madison the time she deserves.  Ellie was nursing every 2 hours during the day on at least one if not two of those days.  It leaves little down town for playing with Madison.  I decided to send Madison to the sitter on Tuesday.  I felt incredibly guilty when I dropped her off – like, what kind of mother just puts her kid in daycare when she is off work?  However, I needed a break to try to catch up on some sleep, and Madison needed someone to just play with her for a day.  I think it is a win-win situation, but not a daily necessity. 

  • On Monday, Tara and Grace came to play for a few hours in the morning.  Madison wanted to be a good big sister and hold Ellie too.

                     DSC_3612                  DSC_3608

  • Tuesday, Madison went to daycare.  After I picked her up we went to the park; it was a nice day, and it felt good to get out of the house.  Tuesday evening our neighbors who have a little boy about Madison’s age invited us over for supper.  So, we spent some time playing there. 

       DSC_3607        DSC_3605


  • On Wednesday, we painted (whoa… I need paint tips from those with 2 year olds – brushes? hands? type of paint?), blew bubbles, and walked to the park.  I wore Ellie in a carrier and pushed Madison in the stroller.  This worked, but I am thinking we definitely need a double stroller!  Jeremy made it home just in time to give Madison a bath – thank goodness!

         DSC_3613         DSC_3614

         DSC_3620         DSC_3619

         DSC_3618        DSC_3616          

It is not just me that misses Jeremy when he is gone.  While I was rocking Ellie in the girls’ room, Jeremy was getting Madison’s pjs on in our room.  I heard her say, “I miss you, daddy.  Hugs?”  He said, “You want to give me a hug?”  And he picked her up, and I didn’t hear anything for quite awhile, until I hear her say, “Kiss.”  She gave him a kiss, and then they were back to putting on pajamas.  I am pretty sure that I was not the only one who had tears in their eyes.  It was the sweetest thing to hear.