Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Fun

The other morning we were playing during Ellie’s morning nap.  Madison had taken her four little chairs and lined them up in the kitchen.  She sat in the Thomas the Train chair and talked about the “boy” who would sit in the seat behind her – a pretty, pink Minnie Mouse chair.  I am not sure what makes her think the “boy” would choose this chair, but every time she told me the story it was the same chair :) 

           DSC_3690                 DSC_3693 

It is fun to watch her play and be imaginative again.  Her little sickness she had altered her into a child that I almost didn’t recognize – whining, crying, needy, sitting on the couch.  I was hoping she would snap out of it – that it wasn’t a preview of the terrible twos that are so talked about.  She still wakes up hard from naps (which is different than before), but we are working on that.  We talk about how she can play with toys in her bed when she wakes up and sing.  When mommy or daddy hears her, they will get her.  This backfired on me the other day when she played BEFORE sleeping for almost 1-1/2 hours.  She finally decided it was time to sleep when she had thrown everything out of the crib.  She was not unhappy in there, just entertaining herself. 

On Tuesday, we had visitors.  My long-time friend came to visit.  She does not drive to Columbus – hates the fast and crazy interstate around cities; so, she brought her driver and her sons.  The roll count – Sandy (adult), Denise (adult), almost 3 year old boy, 6 month old boy, Me (adult), 2 year old girl, 2 month old girl.  We met at the zoo for an adventure that can only go as smoothly as two infants and two toddlers can make it.  We saw sleeping polar bears where Ellie gagged down as much as she could of the cold bottle I gave her.  (I went and got boiling water from Tim Horton’s to heat the remaining ounces.)  Denise ran to the car to get more for her little one to eat.  And Sandy took the toddlers on the tour of bears and Asia.  I met her at Asia before where Ellie saw the lions… kinda:

                           DSC_3694                        DSC_3695

We had a picnic lunch and rode the carousel before heading home. 

               DSC_3697                DSC_3696

Madison snuck in a nap before coming down to play with her new friend.  Sandy and I took care of the four kids while Denise headed off to visit a friend – still not sure how she was the lucky one who escaped! :)  It was a good, exhausting day. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunshine and Parks

So, it has been kinda hectic – hence the reason there have not been any posts for awhile.  We left last weekend in a whirlwind to go home.  Jeremy’s Grandpa’s birthday party was happening on Sunday; plus, Jennifer and Jason had flown into town for a few days.  They hadn’t seen Ellie yet, so we wanted them to meet.  We ended up leaving on Thursday instead of Friday, so that made for a lot of rushing around.  Also, on Thursday my dad had back surgery.  It was nice to be able to go see him in the hospital on Friday.  Grandma and Grandpa Yoh watched the girls while I went to visit.  It was nice to just sit and talk with him without the distraction of kids.  In addition to everything else going on, we did some house hunting on Saturday and Sunday.  It is hard to find a house that fits all your needs.  The good thing is that we decided to rent instead of buy.  So, that takes some of the pressure off. 

                DSCN3723                  DSCN3721

DSCN3719The weather was beautiful this weekend, which made for some fun outside.  Steph, Lilli, and Sam came over to play Friday night.  Lilli and Ellie are in the picture to the right.  Then, Madison and I went to play with Landen and Cale (and Ben and Steph) on Saturday morning.  Sunday was the party.  It was a good day, but we rushed the family time because Madison picked up some virus and was not doing so well; it lasted until Wednesday.  I got a mild version of it, too, but I think that Ellie stayed fairly healthy through it all. 

Oh, yeah, and within all that crazy-ness, we decided it would be a good idea if I took a few more weeks off of school – yea!  I had taken Ellie to the sitter on Tuesday and decided I just wasn’t ready to let her go on a daily basis.  And she wasn’t quite ready.  It was a little sooner than I had taken Madison, and I think babies deserve at least 3 months home with mom.  I think she will be older, more routine, and a better sleeper.  And that will make me feel better when I leave her in the morning.  Plus, we are transitioning to the bottle, and this is making for better nights sleeping…. 2 all nighters in a row this week!  I can’t wait until this is the norm :)

Since my last post, we have tried to get out and enjoy the weather – stroller walks and trips to the park.  We even made it out to play in the water.  Can you believe we played in water in March???  Crazy.  I would like some of this cooler (60s and 70s) weather to stick around a little before we get slammed with summer though.  Random park pictures:

         DSCN3702             DSCN3700

One Wednesday we met Tara and Grace at the park for a stroller walk, followed by playing at the playground and a picnic.  It was a lot of fun.  The park was busy with people because the weather was perfect for a day out.  Here are the best shots I could get with my camera (I just got my fast camera back and I can’t wait to use it again!)

 DSCN3712  DSCN3714  DSCN3717

Here are some pictures from our water trip.  Jeremy picked a flower for the girls, which Ellie is posing with.

               DSCN3730               DSCN3734

           DSCN3740              DSCN3736

I made chocolate pudding the other night.  Madison experienced it for the first time.  Every bite involved the words, “Yummy, Yummy.”  I think she liked it :)

                 DSCN3743              DSCN3746

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 month Check Up

I can’t believe it has been 2 months already.  The time has flown by – especially when I realize that I have to go back to teaching next week.  Ellie and I went to her 2 month check up on Tuesday.  Jeremy and I were taking bets on whether she would be a 13 pounder yet or not.  She was not, but she did hold her position in the 90% range.  She is pretty smiley still, but holds them in when Madison is talking/singing/yelling too loudly; then, we get the puzzled look from her.  I am sure she will get used to her sister’s antics and find them funny in a few months!  She also likes to talk (coo or vocalize… I don’t have an actual talking baby on my hands!).  She is most animated when she is one-on-one with you.  Madison is still being a good big sister, just sometimes a little too helpful – shoving binkies in her mouth, wiping her mouth with the burp cloth, or squeezing her hand.  Her intentions are good (with the exception of throwing objects at her a few times).  Ellie is making the switch to bottles.  I just don’t think I can keep up with it all when I head back to work.  Last night I gave her her first nighttime bottle, and lo and behold she slept from 9:30 – 6:40…. I should have started that a long time ago!  We’ll see if it is as magical tonight or if that was a one time thing.  It would be great if she learned good sleeping habits before next week.  Oh, the little things we hope for…  So, two months old:

Here is the stats:

  • Weight: 10lbs 10oz at one month… 12lbs 12.5oz at two months (2lbs 2.5 oz weight gain)
  • Length: 22in at one month… 23.5in (1-1/2 in growth)
  • Head: 15-1/2in at one month… 16-1/4in (3/4in smarter)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Adventure

So, I decided to just do it…. take both girls out somewhere besides the park for the first time.  I met my friend, Danielle, and her two little girls at the zoo today.  You can’t help but get outside when it is upper 50s (even with the wind).  It was fantastic.  Not only did I get to take the girls out, I also got a walk in, and some adult conversation.  We saw the polar bears swimming – one even jumped in and splashed in the water.  We saw the biggest elephant in the States, the baby elephant, a running rhino, chasing monkeys, and a lounging leopard.  (Note the alliteration in that last sentence.  Yep, I am trying to brush up on my school skills before I need to return.)  I discovered the zoo has two nursing stations – one was in use, the other was available.  It extended our time at the zoo by about half hours before we had to head home for lunch and a nap.  I can’t say how good I feel – fresh air, adult interaction, happy girls, and now napping girls … which is where I am headed in 5 minutes.  Here are a few pictures.  It was Ellie’s first time to go to the zoo; I got one of her with the leopard.  She spent the first half of the time tucked away, ate, and looked around for the last part.  We fit in just fine with two double strollers – a production some places, but just the norm at the zoo.  (Danielle took her oldest to the bathroom while I watched the others.)  And of course the cutest picture of all – Madison hanging out with the gorilla.  (I am sooo glad my camera caught that smile!)

        DSCN3680       DSCN3681

        DSCN3678       DSCN3683

SuperMom Disclaimer

Moments into typing the last entry, Ellie started crying.  8 o’clock … time to eat again.  I fed her, put her down, and hoped for the best as I ran back down to finish the blog.  I had to run up two more times, finally took her out of bed at 9 o’clock, and fed her again at 9:15pm.  Thankfully, she was down for the night…. well 4 hours – up at 1am and again at 5am.  I am pretty sure she just eats til she is satisfied, but not full at night.  This is a problem because she gets up more frequently.  (Note to self:  Ask pediatrician to fix this “problem” next week at the 2 month check up.)  All in all, it was not a perfect night, but it wasn’t too bad either.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Mom

Yep, that is what I feel like for this brief moment in time.  I don’t know how long it will last, but I am going to revel in this moment.  Most nights I feel like I can’t do this mothering thing and all that it entails.  I am exhausted, and frankly, sometimes mad that my littlest needs to eat four times in four hours between 7 and 11pm.  But tonight – at this precise moment – I feel good… like maybe I can do it.  It is 8:00, and this is what I know:

  • voted – check
  • played at park (nursed Ellie while there… not sure about public breastfeeding, but sometimes it is worth it)– check
  • ate lime chicken tacos from the crockpot (really fast before Ellie had to eat again) – check
  • cleaned up kitchen – check
  • gave two girls a bath – check
  • got two girls ready for bed – check

The best part… Ellie went to bed first, which meant that I could snuggle Madison and read her stories during her snack time.  I love it. 

She was looking at her hands tonight.  She identified the pinkie, as she has done before.  Then, was going over the other fingers, which she has done before.  When we talked about her ring finger, this was the conversation

    • Madison: “Oh, where’s my ring?” 
    • Me: “I don’t know. Where is it?”
    • Madison: “I left it at that boy’s house”
    • Me: “You did?”
    • Madison: “I’ll get it.  Maybe later.”

Her memory is good, but she expanded it.  She likes to look at my wedding ring.  I tell her that is what her daddy gave me to tell me he will love me forever, and that one day she might meet a boy that will give her a ring to and love her forever.  This was her interpretation – she left it at his house :)  I love it!

Here are a few pictures from the last week: walking her baby in our neighborhood, hair pretties on Ellie, Madison’s dance party outfit (from behind), Ellie peeking out from the car seat (which always makes me smile)

                DSCF1001                 DSCF1020   

                  DSCF1022                DSCF1029