Friday, February 15, 2013

Child Labor?

Madison begged all through breakfast to be able to mop.  She started sweeping the kitchen floor while Ellie and I finished our breakfast.  I didn’t want her to mop the kitchen floor because I had just done it, and I didn’t want a huge mess.  But I hadn’t had time to mop the small bathroom upstairs; so, I thought, why not?  I can entertain her for awhile AND get my floor clean AND not have to do the work.  It was a win-win situation.  I swept the floor, gave her a bucket with vinegar and water mix, and let her go.  She did it in style, too; note the earrings.


Ellie, meanwhile, busied herself with her sound machine that also shines a light.  Hopefully not too much damage was caused as the light penetrated her eyes.


Tonight for dessert, Madison chose a piece of chocolate over the red velvet cake; a girl after my own heart!  Ellie, on the other hand, chose the cake.  I gave her a small piece on her tray, and she fussed and pointed and fussed and signed please repeatedly for the whole cake.  I gave in.  She is spoiled.  Disclaimer: I put the small piece on the plate as well, and took the cake away when it started looking like a birthday cake, frosting smearing good time.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Yeah, I know, it was yesterday, but here is what we did.) 
Grandparents took Madison and Ellie for the day yesterday.  What wild and crazy things did I do?  Well, for starters, I went to Aldi’s, then I went to Wal-mart.  Yep, sure did go crazy.  When I got home, I started making my red velvet heart shaped cake for Jeremy.  It is a bit intense as far as cakes go – and it uses an incredible amount of red food coloring!  I had the steaks marinating and pricked the potatoes before settling down to watch Nashville which I had DVRed.  (On a side note, I always thought that DVRs were ridiculous, but then we got one when we got HDtv stations.  I think I am a bit addicted.  I can watch a show that starts at 10pm now – previously, I wouldn’t stay up.  Also, I have catalogued an inordinate amount of Hallmark movies with that thing.  And the bonus is that I can watch most of those when I am lifting weights in the morning, which is at least a little motivation for getting up.  Nuff said.)  My friend, Sandy, stopped over to drop off Valentine’s Day cards for the girls – super thoughtful of her at every holiday.  Then, she just stayed and chatted for awhile because the girls weren’t home yet. 
When Madison got here, I had her help decorate the cake, which she was super stoked about. 
DSC_1399    DSC_1400
Then, she put on a fancy red dress for our special meal.  (My intention was to get dressed up too, but I was just hoping the steaks would cook, and the potatoes would finish on time!)  She endured the meal to get to the super special cake surprise for daddy which she had let slip at least a few times in the last few days.  It was cute to watch her when she did it try to cover it up.  She carried the cake in and was so proud.  (Forgive the look of her hair.  She had pigtails in and decided enough was enough.)  Ellie enjoyed eating the cake.
DSC_1406     DSC_1408
Then, it was like Christmas all over.  I am not sure what type of tradition I am hoping to start, but I did have a little present (read: under $5) for each of them. 
Jeremy had already given me my present this morning before he left for work – no, it’s not that.  He had left a dozen red roses and chocolate on the table along with a card with his own words added inside!  It was very special. 
DSC_1419  DSC_1421
And that was our Valentine’s Day.  One last picture from today, but too cute to not put on a Valentine’s Day blog….

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here We Go Again…

No, not the White Snake song of the 80s/90s (although I loved that song).  I mean, Here we go with another catch up post.  I am not sure why my motivation has been lacking lately.  I thought I had a dry spell of pictures and/or activities, but I realize that is not the case.  So, I’ll be brief, but it may be a little long…

1)  We had the pleasure of having Hannah over to play.  Her mom was taking her younger sister to the doctor and I offered to have Hannah.  As with Landen, when there is more than one three year old in the house, it is sometimes easier.  So they played.  Hannah shed her winter clothes for the clothing of choice in our house for Madison – spring clothes (princess dresses, skirts, short-sleeves, a tank dress most recently, no socks, etc).  They danced, talked, played tea party, kitchen, grocery shopped, made cookies (same ones Madison and Landen made), and just entertained each other – and Ellie.  It was good. 


2)  Ellie is WALKING – really.  I have a great video of her walking all along toward Madison (and me) in the kitchen, but I cannot get the flip to connect on our new computer (USB connection piece  is not long enough… any suggestions).  She doesn’t walk a lot, and only walks if she sees you are ready to get her, but she is doing it without holding onto anything.  It is awesome!  Her first set of steps came on Super Bowl Sunday.

3)  Ellie is getting into things – and gets away with it, especially if I am cooking.  Take the small little cupboard containing all the dish towels and placemats.  She has unloaded that thing at least 3 times the other week.  (I think she has temporarily forgotten about it, and I am okay with that.) 

DSC_1382     DSC_1383

4)  I have girly girls.  The fact is that Madison has transformed into a girl who loves Barbies, dress up, dance class, and princesses, and I don’t exactly know what happened.  I played with my fair share of baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and stuffed animals, but this has come on unsolicited.  I bought her cars and balls and blocks before I bought her any dolls.  Is this just an innate girl thing?  I am not completely complaining, but I just have a hard time pretending with her sometimes. And in her footsteps, her sister will follow.  Ellie watches Madison’s every move – she is an avid writer, wants her tutu on too, bounces to the music, drags books over especially when Madison has been reading with me, and she laughs if Madison is laughing.  It is great to see.  Here they are today.  (Obviously, Ellie did not choose the dress.  I was trying to figure out if the Easter dress I got her will actually fit come Easter – it will be a close call!)

DSCN3987     DSCN3988

5)  Oh, one more thing… Jeremy and I went away for the weekend while my parents got to spend some extra special time with their grandbabies.  We went to Detroit (not such a bad destination for those questioning the location), saw some friends, visited the Henry Ford Museum (highly recommend it), and took in a concert.  But perhaps best of all, I slept in on Saturday AND Sunday.  It was awesome. 

I think I am caught up.  I will try to be more diligent.  I hope you are all having a great, enjoying the days of sunshine and warmer temperatures mixed with days of wind advisory and freezing temperatures.  Happy (early) Valentine’s Day as well.