Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Out of State Family

I haven’t posted for awhile… I have been busy, and I haven’t taken many pictures.  My aunt and uncle and another uncle came to visit from out of state.  My mom’s sister married my dad’s brother (it is legal, I promise… just think it through!) – they are Sherry and Bruce.  I used to see them every time I went to Kansas City to visit; they would come there or I would go to them.  We were pretty close.  BUT they moved to Colorado… and who wouldn’t… to live in a cabin in the mountains.  So, it has been awhile since I have seen them.  My uncle David (my dad’s brother) came, too.  He tends to visit here at least once a year, so I have had a chance to get to know him over the years as well.  They arrived on Monday and Tuesday and just left yesterday.  My girls and I were over visiting at my parents’ many mornings and joined the family gatherings this weekend.  It should have been a time of many pictures, but I was just enjoying the time – and I was tired (more on that later).  Family is good.  Well, my family is good; I know not everyone can say that.  It is good to connect again, to talk, to laugh, and to just be.  I don’t know when we will get out to Colorado.  (Jeremy and I have been talking about it, but it is a pretty major undertaking because we have two little ones, it is a long drive, and there are lots of people we would like to see.)  And I don’t know when Sherry and Bruce will return.  And David, we’ll look forward to seeing him again; my mom’s sour cream raisin pie brings him back! 

While they were here, I was juggling sick kids, a sick me, and job interviews.  It was really like a three ring circus that left me exhausted.  Both girls started with a cold, Ellie progressed to goop running out of both eyes.  The doctor though it looked like possible the tissue of the eye was getting infected.  Madison had it second.  I had a runny nose – no eye stuff.  Regardless, I felt run-down.

On top of this, I had applied for some teaching jobs for next year and was called in for an interview on Tuesday.  They called me back for a final interview on Thursday, and I had a job offer to consider that day!  What a whirlwind.  I felt honored to be wanted for the job.  The job was good – high school, mostly inclusion, a period to reteach students, good benefits, pay for all 10 years of teaching.  It was a good offer.  Jeremy and I decided though that our family could survive a few more years on his salary and keep me at home with the girls.  It has been a learning and growing experience to be home, but I feel like I am finding my groove, and I want to see what I can do with a few more years.  I have big plans on how to make my time at home more meaningful and less about surviving.  Pray for me as I try to actually do this.  I am excited about the time to be home, and trust that when I do go back to work God will open doors again. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Great Outdoors

I could probably title most of the blogs this right now.  Although I can get tired of pushing swings and watching trikes, the girls will not tire of any outdoor activities.  Here are a few things from the last week or so….

I needed to mow the yard, so I had the girls “clean” the “new” sandbox we got at the garage sales in Smithville.  It entertained them the entire time.  Then I pulled out the kiddie pool because they wanted more – and I wanted to have them in the shade.  It was awesome.  (I just did this again yesterday – sans the swimming suits and water because it was cooler – and the thrill of the pool persisted… who knew a pool without water could be cool too?)

DSCN4025     DSCN4026

Kites – Jeremy can’t get enough of these this summer.  I am learning to fly, but I am pretty sure that we need some lessons.  I think Madison isn’t quite old enough to really enjoy them, but she does like watching them when they are up in the air. 

2013-05-05 14.17.15   2013-05-05 14.17.18   2013-05-05 15.33.53   2013-05-05 15.35.45

Sand!!!  Ellie is really into sand.  Madison is too.  I think it is great, albeit a little dirty.  Here they are with a cleaner version – the sand table, not a sand box – at Grandma and Grandpa Yoh’s house.

2013-05-01 09.56.41    2013-05-01 10.13.26

Madison’s “friend” Poke-e-no at the Yoh’s!

2013-05-01 10.17.47

A few other (non-outdoor) pictures to tack on to this post…. At the Barn restaurant, Madison rode the tractor ride. 

2013-05-05 13.37.18

The girls read books in their little house today.

DSC_1685    DSC_1686

Madison received some new dress up clothes from Jeremy’s aunt Julie.  She was styling in her hat!


The Indians

Jason, Jeremy’s brother, is getting married in about a month.  He flew in for a quick trip last weekend.  It was once thought it would be his big bachelor party, but it morphed into a trip to the Indians game with two three-year-olds and a bbq at Brickerville.  I think it was still a good time. 

The Indians game participants included Grandpa Yoh, Jason, Jeremy, Madison, Adam (I think this was Jason’s friend’s name), and Olivia. 

2013-05-04 11.41.58

Jason was able to sport a pretty princess backpack in honor of his departure from bachelorhood.  And Madison had a great daddy-daughter date.

2013-05-04 10.42.31    2013-05-04 10.43.48

It was a great game with the Indians winning.  I am not sure how much they actually saw because they spent most of the game out of the heat and in the play area.  There is an area to watch from though, so Jeremy assured me they saw enough to satisfy the live game experience.

 2013-05-04 14.25.48

The girls also had their pictures taken with a couple popular characters – Mickey Mouse and Slider. 

2013-05-04 11.06.06    2013-05-04 11.09.07

As for the bbq… a not-so-willing-to-socialize Ellie and I joined in the festivities.  It was good food and good conversations.  There was even a learning activity straight off of pinterest – how to get free from a zip tie if you are ever kidnapped.  It seemed to be successful if all the conditions were right – which I am sure won’t be the case if someone kidnaps you; however, it did provide quite a bit of entertainment. 

Jeremy helped tuck the kids in bed and headed back out for a campfire and camping.  It was a good day.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Community Days

A local business, P. Graham Dunn, was having community/family fun days this weekend.  Because we are always up for things – particularly free things – we went.  The girls loved it, especially the train ride!  Madison started the day by going by herself, while Ellie watched from the sidelines.  It was a great ride, it went all the way down the long drive… can you even see it in this picture???DSC_1668

DSC_1631     DSC_1633DSC_1632

Then, Ellie joined Madison in the car, but that meant they had to share the steering wheel. 


Then, Madison went again by herself.  (See what I mean about it being the best part of the day?)  Ellie watched this one from the sidelines as well.

DSC_1645    DSC_1643

So, the last ride they each had their own car.  Ellie was not as elated as Madison with the last ride, but I think she was just hungry and tired.


There was also the bounce house – a hit with both the girls,


Face painting (Madison chose a purple flower for herself and a pink one for Ellie) and crafts (Madison enjoyed gluing foam creatures together, and Ellie really got after her coloring picture!),

DSC_1664    DSC_1663

DSC_1655   DSC_1661

balloon artists (Madison chose a ladybug, and Elle “chose” a flower),


camel petting (no pic of this, but we did it), and snacks – cotton candy, popcorn, and sno-cones.  Ellie particularly enjoyed the popcorn; Madison preferred the sno-cone.

DSC_1647     DSC_1649DSC_1665

It was a great way to spend a morning.  On top of all that, there were some beautiful tulips right by the building.



Outdoor Toys

Yesterday I brought up the little coupe car to see if Ellie could “pedal” it.  She can push it backward, but hasn’t quite figured out moving it forward.  While that it is fun to watch, it is much more entertaining to see her climb in the car.  She manages to step completely on top of the seat before sitting down.  In some ways, this is highly effective considering if the car starts rolling, she’ll just roll with it!  (I had a video to post of this, but it is not uploading, so you’ll just have to picture it…or come visit.)  Overall, she really likes it, and it kept her busy for quite some time.

DSCN4038    DSCN4039

Madison amazing me with how fast she is picking up new skills.  One day she was trying to ride her tricycle and could hardly pedal without needing pushes; the next time, she is cruising all the way to the end of the sidewalk – uphill, no less!  It is so cool, and she is so proud!  It, too has kept her busy. 


It also means that we are outside ALL THE TIME.  Am I complaining?  Not really.  There are just so many things that you can do outside, and my swing pushing endurance is lacking.  But I would rather be outside with two happy kids, than inside with two whiny ones.  So, if you ever drive by our house and it is a nice day, you’ll know where to find us… unless we went to the park for a change of scenery!