Sunday, October 20, 2013


I have no pictures.  Not one.  But I wanted to record this memory somewhere. 

Madison had her very first sleepover.  Not one where all the cousins get together for a family fun time., but just her and Megan.  It was a success. 

After the art center date (see post below), Megan came over for a sleepover.  They started off by playing dress up, then Barbies, then kitchen/house.  Sometime they fit supper in there.  Then, we squeezed in bath time. 

They shared the queen-sized bed in Madison room.  I put pillows down the middle and piled on the blankets.  I only had to go in there one time to warn them that it was bed time, not play time. 

At 7:01am, they emerged to go to the bathroom, then raced back in the room to play Barbies.  I looked at Jeremy and said we should just rent a kid in the mornings to play Barbies, and then we could sleep longer!  They inhaled some Kix and continued playing – house, this time.  We managed to get dressed for church somewhere in the middle of all that playing. 

At church, Madison and Megan and Ellie sat with Grandma, and Jeremy and I were childless parents.  I could actually focus on an entire sermon!  The girls headed to Sunday school together to finish the morning off.

Then, everyone in my family (except Jen who was running in the Columbus half marathon and Nate who was volunteering) went to my parents for pancake lunch.  I imagine we consumed a pancake recipe quintupled (is that how you say five times??), 36 scrambled eggs, and a couple pounds of bacon and smoked sausage each.  It was good, crazy, and quite experience. 

Madison cried when we had to say good-bye.  Perhaps we will have to try the sleepover again….

Mansfield Art Center

I had gifted Sandy a trip to the Mansfield Art Center to see the Lego exhibit.  We finally made the time to go this past Saturday.  Madison had asked to go, and Sandy had graciously said it would be fun to have her along.  We planned to eat at an Indian restaurnat in Mansfield, but when we arrived, we figured out that they are not open for Saturday lunch.  (Really, who is NOT open for Saturday lunch??)  So, we headed to Olive Garden instead.  Madison was very happy about the big girls date and getting to eat in a restaurant.  The art show was really unique and very cool.  The artist, Nathan Sawaya, gave up his job as a lawyer to “play with toys.”  His creations are truly amazing!  There was a photographer who worked with him and took pictures with the lego pieces as a part of a otherwise normal shot.  Those were creative as well.  Here are a few of his creations:

DSC_2602  DSC_2604  DSC_2606DSC_2605   DSC_2608   DSC_2603DSC_2609   DSC_2607

Also, in the center they had an interactive area for kids to create with legos.  Madison worked on 1) observing those around her and 2) building a tall tower with small blocks.  I am not sure which one she spent more time doing. 

DSC_2612     DSC_2613

We ended the date by going to Meijer – oh, how I have missed you, Meijer.  (Some people long for Targets; I have a sweet spot for Meijer.)  Madison enjoys Meijer, too, because she gets to ride her favorite horse, Sandy, for 1 penny.  You just can’t beat that!


Fall Fun

(Sorry for the silence, I am working on surviving…)

Madison had a small pumpkin from her preschool field trip to Ramseyer Farm.  I had promised that we could make a jack-o-lantern out of it.  So, one BEAUTIFUL day recently we took it out to the driveway.  I cut the top off.  Then the girls dug in with their spoons to scrape the edges clean. 

DSC_2568     DSC_2571

I managed to fit a small bucktooth smile and two triangle eyes on it.  Still needing to get a candle to light it up for her. 

One Friday, I took off school to gather with friends; something I wouldn’t have done as a teacher with a full time contract, but felt a little justified in doing as a sub.  Kendra was back in the area from Mississippi, and I hadn’t seen her in quite awhile.  I carpooled out with Barbie and Rachel (other friends from college) and Barbie’s three kids. 

DSC_2578    DSC_2579

It was good to get together, let our kids play, and catch up amidst the chaos.  I am glad I took the chance to go.

Jeremy started a new job this past week.  His other job was good, but the hours were longer than expected.  The hours were also sporadic – sometimes it seemed that there was tons of work, and at other times, there were lulls.  Additionally, he had a lot of field work that involved long distances of walking. While this sounds okay/do-able now, it was hard to picture this being a good place for him when he was 50.  So, he looked around and found a different job in the same field.  He works from home, so that has been nice this week.  When we get home, he is here to say hi even if he has to keep working.  We’ll see how it all pans out as he gets a feel for the job, but it sounds like the hours will be a little better with more flexibility.  He went to Columbus for a two day training; we girls partied with a picnic and movie at the house on one nights and a princess tea party the next night.

DSC_2586     DSC_2587


DSC_2593      DSC_2594DSC_2596     DSC_2598


This is what I have photographed… I am sure I am missing something.  Without a photo to trigger my memory, I forget things :(