Saturday, November 30, 2013


I have very few pictures from this holiday.  Although it is one of my favorite, I am usually too busy eating, talking, and relocating to take many pictures.  So, I will recount a few things…

The day started with the Thanksgiving Day Auction with Salem Mennonite Church.  I always enjoy seeing what people have put together.  And, I enjoy eating what they have made – as well as finding a few crafty items.  I scored some peanut brittle, a snack mix, and caramels; a stuffed bunny and a santa pillow.  My girls enjoyed shopping in the Harvest Store they have set up for the kids.  It gave them an opportunity to give money as well, and they found all the crafty things they like that I never have around. 

From there, we went to my mom’s house.  We were the last ones to arrive – again.  I made a brussel sprouts dish – again.  I think the two things correlate.  I need to take note that it ALWAYS takes longer to make the brussel sprouts than the recipe says.  It was a delicious meal, and a good afternoon.

We headed to the Bricker gathering after Ellie’s nap.  We caught the leftovers for supper.  We had fun playing some charade game that was on Kristen’s phone.  The girls wound up before we left and burned off some energy.  We made it home by about 8:30.  Good Times.

The next day, my brother (Nate) and his kids were still in town, so we gathered again.  At Luke’s house, he took turns giving rides in his side-by-side gator thing.  (Sorry, I don’t know the technical name for this thing.)  The kids piled in the back, and he maneuvered us all over in his woods.  It was a lot of fun.  These are the pictures I have…

DSC_2680     DSC_2683DSC_2696    DSC_2691DSC_2687    DSC_2692

We had lunch together at Dad’s house before heading our separate ways.  It was a good few days with family.

Friday, November 15, 2013

First Snow

We had our first snow on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  It was more than a dusting, but not worth a cancelled day of school.  Madison was excited in the morning when I told her there was snow.  She jumped up and down and immediately asked that we take her snow things to grandma and papa’s house.  I obliged  - even though we were already running behind, and I still needed to get her eye drops in her eye. (Yep, she started some type of viral/bacterial infection during the night before.)  It was, as I imagined, well worth it.  Ellie just got boots last weekend, which she loves!, and was excited because Madison was excited. 

When we got to Grandma and Papa’s, they began playing right away – no breakfast, no toys, hardly a hug.  I had to leave just as they were warming up – one of the downsides of a my job – but Papa took some pictures for Jeremy and I to enjoy the scene vicariously.

Ellie just thinking about it as Madison runs right in.

2013-11-12 07.25.02     2013-11-12 07.25.57

Ellie tests the waters

2013-11-12 07.26.06    2013-11-12 07.27.06

Madison gets the full body experience

2013-11-12 07.26.31     2013-11-12 07.27.40

Sharing a moment

2013-11-12 07.28.24

The fall, the snow in the face, the “I’m done with this stuff” cry

2013-11-12 07.29.04     2013-11-12 07.29.36

A snow man was not made this day, but a small snow mountain was built.

2013-11-12 07.35.29

Until next time…


I only have a few minutes before I need to finish getting ready to go to school, but I thought I would post some pictures.  Jeremy and I raked leaves the other night….. Well, Jeremy mostly raked leaves, but I tried to do my part while watching/playing with kids.  Madison and Ellie came outside to enjoy the piles as well.  Madison LOVED them; Ellie did too, but with not quite as much enthusiasm.

Madison’s running jump…

DSC_2655     DSC_2660

Ellie’s running jump…

DSC_2657    DSC_2658

The only posed shots I could capture….

DSC_2666    DSC_2670

Madison helping Jeremy with the leaves – super strong girl!

DSC_2677     DSC_2678

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Festivities

(I know that it is long past Halloween, but hey, better late than never.)

Our town had a small fall fest on the Saturday before Halloween.  We went to part of it, but ended up leaving because Jeremy’s cousin, Beth, from out-0f-state was visiting.  There were pumpkins to decorate…

DSC_2618     DSC_2620

hot dogs to roast… (Ellie did enjoy some of it, but when I would move away to take the picture, she had issues with the unfamiliar man near her.)

DSC_2623     DSC_2622

and a hayride, which we missed … mostly due to the fact it was late arriving because the tractor wouldn’t start.

We went and ate at the Das Dutch Kitchen.  The owner, a man from our church, seated us in the corner; he is a wise man.  The girls were wound up!

On Sunday, we participated in Trunk-or-Treat put on by a local church and businesses.  It was really fun.  We went for one last meal with Beth before she left.  And after naps at Grandma Yoh’s, we started getting ready.  Madison wanted to be a ballerina.  So, Grandma, who has had lots of practice doing a ballerina’s hair, graciously took charge of that.  Madison sat very still and fell in love with her bun!

DSC_2626     DSC_2628

DSC_2629     DSC_2630

When Ellie woke from her nap, we dressed her up in her turtle costume. 


The girls practiced their trick-or-treat skills at Grandma and PaPa’s house first.


DSC_2636     DSC_2641

Then, we headed to the trunk-or treat event.  There were TONS of cars in the parking lot.  Each car was decorated in a different theme.  I enjoyed this part; the girls were more focused on the candy.  Ellie, who is afraid of unknown people, had no trouble walking up and getting candy.  I think I need to work a little on stranger danger with her! 

DSC_2645     DSC_2646

They had a lot of fun at the event, and it was even good weather for it.   We ended the night by trick-or-treating at Grandma and Papa DeeDee’s house (where we also ended up eating a little more for supper).

DSC_2648     DSC_2650

That sums up that holiday.  I may not blog again until after Thanksgiving, although I would like to imagine it will be sooner.  Until next time…