Monday, December 16, 2013

Let it Snow…

I guess one benefit of not blogging for a half of a month is that you can combine dates together to make a theme.  So, this post contains pictures from December 7th and from December 14th, but it is all snow related.

On the 7th, Lehman’s Hardware had their winter open house.  They do a really good job on open house days – a local band, Honeytown (see a little taste of it here), usually performs, there a lot of samples, face painting is a staple for kids, and so much more!  The girls love it.  We started off by icing cookies and eating them.  This was followed by face painting – Madison wanted a castle on her forehead (a first for the face paint artist!), and Ellie chose snowflakes.  The we strolled, said hi to friends, ate some samples, listened to the music, and checked in on the ice sculptor.  When we came home, the snow was irresistible.  There was a snowman to try and build – Jeremy was successful on a small scale.  I couldn’t make the snow stick for anything!

DSC_2731    DSC_2736DSC_2735     DSC_2737     DSC_2734

Then, we tried a pull-behind-mommy sled experience.  This was initially exciting, but as snow crept up Ellie’s back, and Madison’s hands began the slow freeze, it became a cry fest. 

DSC_2739     DSC_2741

We picked up where that day left off this past weekend.  This time, however, we put on our snow gear!  The snow had come down all day long, and we had watched it pile up outside.  Finally, after naps, we all donned warm base layers, snow pants, boots, coats, hats, gloves, and headed outside.  It was just right – not too cold and snow perfect for packing.  Ellie was not thrilled with the idea of being outside, but we just let her whine while we all enjoyed making our snowman family.  Just to put it in perspective, Jeremy’s snowman was life-size, if not a little taller!


Ellie eventually decided to join in the fun when I started throwing snow at her – of all things, right?  I only threw it at her legs, but she thought it was pretty funny.  Then, we rolled around some and made some snow angels.  It was a good hour or so of family fun and memories.

DSC_2769     DSC_2763DSC_2762

We topped the night off by inviting my brother (Ben) and his family over for supper.  I had made a crockpot of soup and had been wanting to have them over.  And, surprisingly, a call an hour before supper was all it took!  Madison and Ellie had fun running and laughing with Cale and Landen.  Ben, Steph, Jeremy, and I enjoyed the conversations we had above the din of the children. 

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