Monday, December 16, 2013

The Live Nativity

Oak Grove Mennonite Church holds a live nativity walk-through.  We decided to go this year.  The girls loved it!  You start by registering, and then waiting for your guide to take you on the journey to find the baby Jesus.  We follow the star along the way.  We passed the angels singing, beggars begging, shepherds with sheep by a fire (really!), wise men, a marketplace to entertain the senses, lepers begging, King Herod (more on that in a minute), an innkeeper with no room, and finally, to baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a stable. 

The girls were entranced by every stop, watching the people, tasting the samples at the market.  It was incredible.  But then, we got to King Herod, who was, in real life, a very mean king.  Well, the actor portrayed him very well.  After we were introduced and our mission was announced (to find the new king), the King stood up, threw his giant book on the ground, and yelled at us!  The girls both, simultaneously, started crying and reachgin for someone to hold them!  We apologized to the king as we were leaving.  And we were reassuring the girls.  It was a good moment for a lesson about why Jesus came – how there were mean people and sin, and He came to save us.  We assured them we would find sweet, quiet baby Jesus soon.  Ellie just said through tears, “Jesus, Jesus.”  She knew, really knew, that everything would be okay if we just made it there. 


And it was. 

DSC_2744     DSC_2745

They were enraptured at the scene set before them. 


They soaked it up and wanted to get as close as possible, wading through the gifts for baby Jesus. 


They didn’t want to leave. 


It was beautiful.

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